Heidi Ley

Heidi Ley completed her education at Hartnell in Salinas, California, where she studied American history. Later, she accomplished courses at IT Technical and became certified in database programming. Ms. Ley innovatively adapted her proficiency in cataloging and data recognition to systematic researching, consequently honing her keenness in filtering the often hazy historical records. She has been retained by various known authors and organizations as an independent examiner and developer of storyline briefs, a process that lessens a writer’s arduous task to craft the plot and theme of a progressing manuscript. Ms. Ley’s latest project, A Rip in History, a five-year endeavor, delves into never-before-told facts and particulars about several homicides that happened in the 1960's. As of the past decade, Ms. Ley has been a dedicated scholar of matters and topics attached to The Sixties and Middle eastern history. Ms. Ley is currently an influential board member of a research organization based in Nevada.  

    Author: Heidi Ley