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27 Mar '17


I am a 30 year professional graphic designer/photographer/. I have over 25 years as a researcher and approx. 15 years as a videographer. About 2 years ago I formed a private group on FB called "In The Field" for "active observers" who are pursuing this phenomena known as UFOs or UAP.




A few years ago, I began a group on Facebook called In The Field with the sole purpose of finding like-minded people who were filming and capturing the actual UFO phenomenon. The group is now filled with many well known researchers, image experts and people who spend many hours behind cameras in hopes of a good clear capture. As the years have gone by this goal has split into capturing legitimate UFOs on video or photographs and exposing the many fake videos or photos on the Internet. Doing the work that we do, we must stay very aware of the numerous ways to hoax this phenomena and who the most popular hoaxers are. It is essential…

My expertise and background is in digital imaging, graphics and photography, so over the years I have applied these skills to examining photos and video of UFOs. I have a set of procedures and methods that I use to methodically examine and deconstruct this material. There are also many clues that I have trained myself to look for as well. At least once a day photos or video will come across my computer screen or are sent to me that I am highly suspicious of and I feel compelled to look into them.

A few weeks ago I happened to be in one of the other groups that I belong to called UK Disclosure browsing through some articles and photos. A person by the name of Mikey Nice posted a photograph taken with a cell phone that showed blue beams of light in a circular shape coming through the fog hovering above an apartment building. The image was striking and many people had shared it and commented that it was amazing. I disagreed and the person went on to become hostile, saying that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I downloaded the photo and pulled it up in Photoshop to run it through filters and examine it more closely. I came to the conclusion that it was taken through a window and the blue lights were a reflection on the glass caught by the camera, but as you will see I was wrong and I learned very valuable information from this.

UK UFO Disclosure Banner

I stated in the UK group my theory about this photograph and because this person who posted it said they took some photographs of it lifting off I asked him to post the others. The response came back fast and swift saying that it was a legitimate photograph, but he did not address the multiple photos aspect. This is a telltale sign of a hoaxer; story discrepancies.

View of water tower behind house

I went to bed that night still thinking hard and long about this photograph and how I could show undoubtedly that it was a fake. The next night I posted the photograph in my own group (In The Field) explaining why I thought it was a fake and how it came to be while asking for some of my members thoughts and opinions. As a few of us began to discuss it, one of the members (Chris Tian Rainey) said “It looks like a house in the UK,” which was my first clue. Some moments after that another member (Morgan Winstone) stated that he thought he knew what it was and said he’d be back. In a few moments he came back and posted a photograph of a large round tower with blue lights around the trim called the Everton water tower in Liverpool England. This was the clue that I needed!

I quickly jumped on Google Earth, located the water tower in England and dropped down to street level so I could cruise the streets and find out where it was shot. It took me a few minutes to find the exact spot, but once I found it and lined up the water tower I realized that’s exactly what it was and the building matched perfectly. My reflection theory had been incorrect and I came to that conclusion because this window reflection hoaxing method is very common, so this information was eye opening. Not only did I learn something new, but I now had a new hoaxing method to add to the growing list.

Everton Water Tower Behind House

I quickly got busy creating a graphic with a side-by-side comparison and other photos showing that this is undeniably what it was, a water tower, but when I returned to the group to post my conclusion the photo and thread had been deleted. I then proceeded to post my graphic anyway to show any interested parties exactly what was depicted in the (Mikey Nice) photograph. A short time later someone commented and I went back to see what they had to say and unfortunately my photo was deleted by one of the administrators of this UK group. I was amazed that they would do this when you could clearly see that I was showing a truthful conclusion.

I then addressed the administrators in a post and asked why my post was deleted. A few people commented stating that I better be careful because sometimes they heavily censored the posts in the group, but within moments that post was also deleted and I was removed from the group.

Water Tower UFO Image

It seems that sometimes people don’t like the truth and would rather believe in something that is not accurate. This has become a very big problem in the UFO community and continues to muddy the waters and confuse people or throw people off the trail of the actual phenomena. My advice to anyone who decides to study or research in this area is to be vigilant, stay aware, and don’t put all your apples in one basket….oh yeah, and know your water towers…

Google Map View of Water Tower

Written By: Scott Browne IN THE FIELD


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Scott Browne

I am a 30 year professional graphic designer/photographer/. I have over 25 years as a researcher and approx. 15 years as a videographer. About 2 years ago I formed a private group on FB called "In The Field" for "active observers" who are pursuing this phenomena known as UFOs or UAP.

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