NASA Video of 3 UFOs

The NASA live feed video from the International Space Station was interrupted shortly after 3 fast moving objects were noticed leaving the earth at great speed, as they headed out to space.

Of course, conspiracy theorists and some YouTube video makers were challenging and pointing fingers at NASA saying they deliberately stopped the live streaming video because of this event. They also claimed this was absolute proof that we are not alone and are being visited by extraterrestrials. After two days of observing and reviewing some of these statements and videos claiming this is proof that aliens exist, as well as, NASA information, it was time to create this article. My concern is the apparent source of one of the videos. And, yes, many are now claiming disclosure is definitely not too distant in the future.

Well, that may be so, but there is concern that in the rush to make all this news, some other factors may have been overlooked? One of the most important things that comes to mind of late is that we had quite a coronal mass ejection (CME) that washed over earth this past week from the sun. This is different than a solar flare. There have been Internet and satellite relays that have been affected, albeit, temporarily. To be fair to NASA in this case of possible ‘bugs’ in the hardware and software, worldwide, should be considered. They did have more than one live feed failure. Now, on the objective side, with the present technology we have improving and upgrading now, daily, could this not really be an observation of actual space-faring craft leaving earth for space? This author’s opinion, from experience is, perhaps. The objects behaved in no way like any natural phenomena, hence, possible spacecraft.

Please click on the link below to view this video of NASA tracking an object leaving earth at great speed courtesy of the Mirror, London, United Kingdom:

Please click on the link below of the 3 objects leaving earth to space at great speed, also courtesy of the Mirror:

Please note the disparity of the two videos. What now, is the observation? Is it possible, noting from the different trajectories of one of the ‘objects’ of three in question, could it not have been missiles launched into space by some country(s) from earth? 

It is no secret that the International Space Station (ISS) has had numerous UFO sightings over the years and so many have been explained away as debris floating inside the space station in front of the video to debris outside the station that has been left as space debris (from previous launches) or something that was emitted from the station structure, whether accidental or not. Now, we may have actual proof of intelligently-driven space craft leaving the earth to some unknown destination? And, it may not be that far away?

The recent polls taken from around the world over the last few years have shown that more than 50% of people believe we are being visited, have been visited, and will be visited, again. This percentage is increasing, yearly. It may now be approaching over 60% of those polled, which is a significant majority. Is there the possibility of real disclosure in the near future?

What do you think?

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The abductions of us “Humans” from “Them” is so varied in their time spans and execution that one could make a graph, resembling a family heritage.

The abduction tree branches spread out in lots of directions. Some simply see something and realize they have missing time, and never give it another thought. These people are the little branch on the tree, for they will resume with their normal life, and never acknowledge what happened. Nor will they have nightmares and an anxiety filled, distressing life thereafter. Sort of; “Ho Hum, life goes on!” It must be nice!

The tree trunk goes up and there is a branch for the ones that realized what happened, and the slow recovering of memories, either alone or through regressive hypnosis.

And just to touch on that subject for a second, regressive hypnosis is, in my thinking, for Masochists. It is for me, unfathomable why anyone would want to remember any more than the natural recurrence of memories. Many will argue that they are desperately in need to know the whole situation in which they found themselves in. But are they really happier afterward? I seriously doubt it. I would never want it!

The trunk of the knowledgeable splits and another little branch goes out, for there are some lucky ones sitting on it that would do it again, anytime or anyplace. These people have had pleasurable experiences and encounters with “them” with supposedly caring, exceptional handling. And I reiterate, it must be nice!

The trunk continues upward for the unlucky rest. They return emotionally overflowing with pain, insecurity, confusion and worst of all, shame. Medical procedures are performed during a state of physicalAlien-Medical paralysis and throughout all the contacts, the absence of pain killers. Reading this, one would think that they are so medically and technologically advanced that pain and suffering would be alleviated! Perhaps they utilize some form of anesthesia on their own kind, but we are apparently laboratory animals, to be experimented on with total disregard to our pain. Even we humans anesthetize the lower forms of life when helping them! In our own laboratories here, I’m not so sure. So, there are two types of “them”. Some are caring, and the others are not! In both species, it seems to be the case from documented events.

Sexual experiments are made. Women proclaim they either were impregnated, a fetus was removed, or both. Are they being utilized like In Vitro Fertilization? And what do they gain from having two human strangers conduct sex before them? Like the film “Planet of the Apes”, let them mate and we observe! Affidavit’s from some even contain the fact of the sexual act between human and captor. They also tell of seeing and sometimes holding Hybrid babies.

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So it would seem they prepare themselves for a spectacular event, question is, for them or the both of us.

What I personally find hilarious, is an advanced race of beings capturing us and trying to erase our memories, only to overlook the subtle innuendos. A woman awakes with a shirt she doesn’t own, one awakes driving in the wrong direction, or even putting one back home, where they weren’t at point of contact.

These I believe to be random spur of the moment abductions, for their execution of return is faulty. Sometimes, one is simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

And in the end, they forgot to buckle your seat belt again.

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A man walks outside the headquarters of bank of Greece during a demonstation against government's austerity measures in central Athens on April 27, 2010. Greece's central bank warned the country's wilting economy was in danger of shrivelling even more than expected as Prime Minister George Papandreou appealed for time to conquer the debt crisis. AFP PHOTO/ ARIS MESSINIS


Greece has just received a ‘financial’ slap from the European Union. And, according to many, justly so. Greece has been in a monetary crisis for quite some time now, and they have been receiving funds from the European Union Group to keep their country from falling apart. Even for countries, when the national debt is larger than the national income it is a technical and real state of bankruptcy.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Greece” location=”Athens” zoom=”10″ height=250]

This has happened before, but the other countries managed to tighten their belts and pulling together to reduce the debt, got their markets back on track with the rest of the EU. Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, all of them managed to accomplish this.

So what is so different with Greece? First of all, they have refused to listen to suggestions from other countries, the same ones that try to find a way with their own fiscal situation and at the same time, loaning money to Greece. Implement a new tax reform to finally get a few cents from all the billionaires that haven’t already fled to England or transferred everything to the Cayman Islands or Luxembourg? No. Raise the normal taxes on goods and services? No. For every suggestion on how to get the country in order, they raise hell in their parliament and come back with a “Nobody tells us what we need to do” attitude. Angela Merkel, our Chancellor in Germany made some suggestions last year, with the result that the general population started demonstrating against the Germans. They had placards comparing her to Hitler, and the word Nazi was on the lips of many of the protesters. I made once the comment at work that they should try that with a money shark!

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So they kept getting more loan extensions amounting (alone for Germany) to billions, yes billions of Euros to keep their government employees and politicians paid, and all the while accomplishing absolutely nothing. New excuses, new promises, new governmental leaderships, and still nothing was accomplished. The Greeks who live here in Germany are just as perplexed as we do, for they feel that Greece is committing political suicide. Very slowly but surely, this is happening.

So, let me explain in layman’s terms how Greece got slapped. The Euro Group finally said yesterday that the money stops on the 30th of June. Period. No more loan extensions (they have already received three or four extensions on the loan, no money transfers out of Greece, nothing! They are sick of being put off with political tactics and the broken record sound of fleeting promises that they will get it all in order. One of the Euro-Politicians called the Greek President a `Gambler’, albeit this time around, they called his bluff! On the news, they showed the long waiting lines for the ATM’s, where the average citizen tried to withdraw as much cash money as possible. For nobody believes that the banks will swing their doors open on Monday. And why should they? They need the security that the bank managers will still receive their just dues!

So, keeping in tune with their now standardized tactics of perpetually keeping the investors (The rest of the European countries) at bay, the usually very outspoken extroverted President `suddenly’ says that he can’t make the decision all by himself! They have to present it to the `People’ for a vote, which will take at least a week. Problem is, the Greek Government hasn’t even a concept of how to radically improve their economy, so a vote of and by the people will not take place within the week. Seriously, do they think the average person living on minimum wages is going to vote YES for raising taxes, while the billionaires get off tax free? (So you see, it’s not only the American politicians, which have such an attitude?)

If the Euro Group stays on course with it’s plan of action, watch Greece go down the drain by Friday. Their will be repercussions from all sides. The educated Greeks will understand that you simply cannot keep borrowing, never to pay back the loan. The lesser educated population will take it as an affront against them. That is when the vicious economical circle circus will start, e.g. Germans will stop going to Greece for vacation with the Greeks furious at Germans. The majority of Germans have had a distaste for the situation for a long time, (against the Euro Group and Greece) and the fear that to compensate for the loss of our financial loans, a new tax will be implemented. (The Adonis Tax?) So the tourism will suffer, as well as, the people who work at hotels and restaurants. Perhaps, they may even be losing jobs when the tourists avoid Greece, which will refuel the hatred even more.

No matter what happens, it is a lose-lose situation for all concerned. I’ll still continue to visit the Greek restaurants, because they’re just like me. They understand the situation, work hard, and also pay taxes here.

And if Greece needs any more money from me, I’ll buy my work colleague a coffee tomorrow!

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    It started out as a joke, and then words were spoken which should not have been said. What at first began as a normal lunch break turned into a fiasco of slandering, prejudices and newly born racism.

    Person A said that Yugoslavia isn’t so far away because person B’s wife comes to work on a bicycle. B answers; “We’re from Croatia, there is no Yugoslavia anymore!” A says in return; “ Yugo, Kroete, (purposely using the German word for Toad), they’re all rats with a different name!”

    So it ended up that two colleagues walked away from each other, each filled with anger and bitterness. The same two people who laugh, talk and seriously get along with each other on a daily basis at work. The irony is that Person A is an Italian, ergo also a foreigner in Germany!

    I touched on the subject of racism before, but it can never be mentioned often enough. Not as long as it’s still lurking somewhere on the sideline waiting to spring forward and fuel new aggression, we shouldn’t leave it alone! Why do people need to utilize racist remarks in their daily conversations, as though they have nothing else to chat about? It stems from their insecurity complex. A psychological sickness in which they wish to be on the pedestal at all times, at the cost of belittlement against others. Whereby they prove that they themselves are the mentally unstable ones. Racism is not ingrained into our DNA, it is taught to us from our parents, other adults in responsibility positions, and even the children we grew up with. And with racism comes its little brother, Bullying. Seems that the two come hand in hand. Most people who start racist bullying veer off to bully others when their favorite person is currently not available. Their hair is too long, they’re Hobos, don’t really matter who it is at the moment. As long as they have their satisfaction.

    So as one can see, it doesn’t have to be a police officer accused of racism, or one of the many other examples found on the Internet. It’s right here at our doorstep, and to ignore it is silent participation.

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    Living over here in Germany, I missed the reason that the Confederate flag is suddenly getting bashed! And, for what reason? As children we played Yankees and Rebels in the woods, and it was super cool to be the one to carry the flag of the south. Remember that this was in the ’60’s in southern Michigan. The Confederate flag of the south wasn’t something you picked up at the store before going home! I don’t remember who had it but isn’t it strange that after playing Southerners with the flag, I’m not a racial bigot? Please! What does a flag which represents a part of our past and current culture in the south have to do with racism? Absolutely nothing! So why are they being banned by Amazon and Co., where at the same time I can purchase one of the “Allah Akbar” ISIS flags? The Government is already getting mixed into the charades while others are starting to attack the CAR from “The Dukes of Hazard!” We live in the 21st Century!! But this is turning out to be like burning witches at the stake!

And what they are doing is being racist, against the Confederate Flag!

PS: And don’t even start on the American Flag!!

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