It was on April 5, 1909, when the discovery of Egyptian artifacts and mummies found in the Grand Canyon were released to the public. G.E. Kinkaid, an explorer, and S.A. Jordan, who worked for the Smithsonian Institute described their experience and findings to the world. The artifacts are by far the Grand Canyon’s largest enigma. In a recent article this event is described as follows:

The latest progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest discovery in the United States, but one of

the most valuable in the world.”


In 1908, Kinkaid had been mining for minerals nearby the Colorado River. At the time, he was traveling by boat when he came upon a cavern in a canyon wall. He noticed stains of different colors running out from the entrance, which to him looked man-made. Curiosity made him paddle to it. Then, he saw chisel markings in the rock and knew he had to investigate this further, but with lighting and the right equipment and tools. He immediately made calls requesting someone of authority in the archaeological world. That’s when Jordan enters the exploration. Since this seemed like such a great find, the Smithsonian funded the project in whole.

The news release articulates on every piece of the event, even the location of the caves main access; 5 miles North of Grand Canyon Village on the South rim. It’s approximately 3.5 miles long by 2 miles wide with a sub-peak land-form. Descriptions of hieroglyphs were given in detail, as well as finding armor, copper instruments, pottery and figurines made out of twine. The tunnel system seemed to stretch for miles. In addition, they talked about an incredible large statue that sat in the main underground passage of the cavern. It’s claimed to look Asian but has Egyptian symbols on the base.

Deeper into the passages is a room that held Egyptian looking mummies stacked three high. Each had been leaning on a tier, or shelf of its own with a small copper cup and other like items near the feet.orion6_crypt

Per almost all reports in books and online, Kinkaid and Jordan gathered as much as they could load on their boat and sent it all to the Smithsonian Institute. Some accounts say half of their findings went to the Institute and no one knows what happened to the rest. Most importantly, if any items were sent to the Smithsonian, to date, they have not released a time-date stamp on the relics, released photo’s nor explained the discovery. Most who have studied and written about this “Mystery” feel the Smithsonian Institute is keeping the lid on this find for a lot of reasons.

To this day, researchers continue to go to amazing lengths creating 3-D models of the statue and tunnel system, create maps to the cave, and of course, try to solve the mystery of: When and why were the Egyptian’s here?

orion6_KinkaidCaveOne author states “there was a second exploration but the cave had been blasted and destroyed so no one could enter again.”

Interestingly, a few researchers point out how topographical maps show how the canyon’s greater formations are named after Egyptian temples and gods. For example: Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple and Isis Temple. Is this evidence the ancients were at the Grand Canyon?

All stories about this phenomena stems from one newspaper article from the Arizona Gazette. One would think this unbelievable event would spread to many other newspapers throughout ….. everywhere; this changes history.

Out of about a dozen other printing agencies that existed in Arizona at that time, two other offices did pick up the story; the Jerome Mining News. It was a very small independent agency which only reprinted the Gazette’s story, and the other pick-up was Flagstaff’s Coconino Sun which added the headline: “Looks Like a Mulhattan.”

*      *      *      *      *

In 1909, Yellow Journalism was in full bloom. It’s also known as Yellow Press; a type of journalism that created eye-catching headlines and either extremely exaggerated a story or fabricated an entire tale. In a way, it was an honor for any newspaper press to receive such an odd “joke” because it gave people back then something to talk about.

One well known hoaxer in Yellow Press was Joe Mulhattan. For over thirty years he tricked newspapers into publishing fake stories. His outlandish tales were usually about fantastic discoveries of ancient treasures and lost civilizations. In 1880, he was recorded as one of the greatest hoaxers in American history.

As well, Arizona was in its golden age of mining and nearly ever day the newspapers were shouting about new mining discoveries. Many of the articles were found to be swindles, designed to attract the big money investors in the East.

March 29, one week before the Egyptian Cave article in 1909, the Arizona Gazette’s main rival, the Arizona Republican, ran a story titled “A Little Essay about Mines and Faking.“

This author feels it’s safe to say “no”, the Egyptian’s were not in the Grand Canyon nor was an immense underground system filled with mysteries of our ancient history.

And, the larger formations of the Grand Canyon were named by Clarence Edward Dutton, a geologist who worked for the U.S. Geologist Survey. He simply loved Egyptian names.

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Observation Study and the Cinema

Observation Study and the Cinema

We all have hobbies and observation activities; one of mine  from my earliest remembrances, has been studying the habits and mannerisms of people while going to the movies. When it comes to going to the theater to see a movie, I may have an old soul, or maybe most likely, I am just a creature of habit.  I know I can sit at home and watch the movie once it is on Netflix, or accidentally on purpose watch it on a P2P (point-to-point) site, but I like the old fashioned feel of going out to a place to sit and watch a movie.  As a kid, we did not have many air conditioners in our little row house in Brooklyn, so I would go to a movie theater 10 blocks away, pay for my movie ticket and sit in the theater all day and enjoy the cold temperature the theater always provided.

As a child of the streets, as it were, I spent  a lot of time just walking the wonderful and gritty storefronts of  Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, way into the night and because none of us had any real money from the neighborhood, we all just sort of walked everywhere.  With this daily repetition in place, habits such as people watching and the ability to anticipate interactions just naturally it seemed start to germinate. This ability to become aware of patterns of repetition among people has been a measured talent that in some ways has served me well in my life.

I bring up these two points to set the backdrop, for some thing that I have noticed the last few times I have been to the movies and waited in line at the concession stand  for my own personal kryptonite,  movie theater popcorn. For fun and for knowledge, the next time you are standing in line for a purchase at a place like a movie theater, for your own edification, don’t look at your phone or digress to a distraction, instead with out judgement or comical set up, just observe. What you may find may be illuminating not just to how our current society may be, but actually  how we as individuals may be. Remember, when doing this you are not looking to cast judgement. As any one who has set up a scholarly experiment, you are just monitoring results. What you find may be of great interest if not as the great C.S Lewis has mentioned and wrote in the past, I am paraphrasing, “If it need not help you, throw away the information and  look at it no  more.”

I will share some insights and examples, as to what I have monitored during my last few experiences. I have used the staging of the movie theater concession stand because it sets a baseline of statistical certainty meaning the prices at the concession stand, selection of items and turn over time (time to receive requested orders) are some what consistent. The data if I could use that term, was generated from three different movie theaters located around the Fresno, California area. A concession stand works well because the various movie goers come willingly to the stand, and the type of movie they are destined to see, that may augment the superficial data collected will not be skewed by the possible demographics of the movie choice. It may be important to mention, I picked two weekday and one weekend to attend a movie to make sure that I had a cross stitch of variables covered regarding the demographics of who may go to a move on a certain day of the week.

Now, here are the reflections and what may be insights one may ascertain from this very brief observational study.  One example to start off with was interesting. On an early Friday evening at one of the movie theaters I was in, a line developed not of a overwhelming size but one in which it was apparent that  a person was not able to just walk up and buy an item without waiting. Specifically, as the person at the counter called out next, what appeared to be a father and a son of 7 years old walked up to the counter.  The parental figure, asked the child what he may like and the boy paused for a brief moment or two and then suggested hot dogs for both of them. The line of about 4 people or couples behind them was very interesting to observe. Each set of  people in line seemed to close their eyes in a somewhat disappointed fashion about the pause to order and then what was ordered. Two of the people or couples behind the child and parental figure ordering took a deep breath and just smiled patiently.

One person who appeared to be in his mid-60’s visibly rolled his eyes and the group or teenagers that made up the forth group of people waiting in the same line, deferred back to their phones to keep them occupied. I found the reactions very interesting from the stand point of perceived wrong line choice or even victim-hood. DO not we see this type of visceral response when someone consistently lane changes during rush hour traffic? That response many of us have heard from the driver who somehow believes, “Every lane I pick is the slowest.”  The teens were heard to jokingly, it appeared at least, to say to each other, “How can you not know what  you want to order?” This reaction seems not to be age specific, as I heard it multiple times during my study. The variables of a parental adult teaching a child the age appropriate lesson of ordering on their own or a simple act of a father and child bonding over the ability to make a decision, seems to get lost in the victim-hood mentality that seemed to present itself.

On a different occasion during my study, I observed a very short line of only a group of four female teenagers at the front of  the concession stand line, and a pair of women about 40 years of age. For whatever reason, the teenagers,  seemed to order everything a la carte. This meaning, they ordered a large popcorn, then decided to order a soda, then when the cashier thought to ring them up, they came up with the idea of maybe ordering nachos. This decision was debated a few seconds and then the decision was made, yes on nachos!  The two women behind the four teenagers literally stomped their feet and again rolled their eyes.  One woman said to the other some thing along the lines of , “They are going to make us late.” This may seem like a common response, but if you pause for a moment are they making the pair of women late, or are the time variables specific to the pair of ladies actions prior to entering the movie theater variables that need to be examined as well and the culprit of the potential lateness?  Is this yet another example of “Skinner’s box” being alive and well about automated response int his case of victim-hood?

The last observation I would like to bring up in this article took place at the third theater I visited for my observational study.  It took place during a mid-day weekend. It was the interaction between a child of about 8 or 9 and a parental figure about 40 or so. The child seemed not to be to concerned about the length of the line at all. Holding the female parental figures hand who appeared about 30, the child was singing to her self, and pointing at all the visual attractions a movie theater had to offer. The child was attempting what appeared to be a conversation with the parental figure, but the adult seemed distracted in phone interaction in a text type format and then preceded not to acknowledge the child’s seemingly inquisitive questions, but rather responded with a very short almost stern list of price points the child could not go past when making a buying decision and that the child should be grateful and I am paraphrasing again because I could not hear all of the exchange that, “You should feel lucky you dragged me here.”  The child simply smiled at said nothing and looked away. Is this an example of a precursor to exchanges between these two individuals as the child grows?  I do not know of course, but the question certainly entered my mind.

It is interesting what you can notice while you stand quietly and observe.  Silence can bring l many times, both visually and audibly, a fascinating  story of conditioned responses and insights into the human condition.

Contributing Author: Darren Redmond

Universal Digest Presents A Succinct Editorial With Thanks.

The Human Condition…Where Do You Stand?


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Iran Nuclear Treaty

The recent Nuclear Treaty deal with Iran has many heads turning, fists shaking, and now, saber rattling in social media, of all places! This is an editorial article, at best an author viewpoint of this and other related events in earth history. This article production is not to quantify, qualify, dispute, or support any personal, governmental, political, military stances or positions. It is to support a viewpoint of reality in such a vacillating, subjective and “knee-jerk” climate of actions and speculations. Further, it is to verify the continued stupidity of mankind’s structure of society, as we know it. The answer is simple, yet we make it difficult.

There is a common denominator in this treaty, like so many others: The goal to continued peace is paid by money. All through the turbulent history of war, peace, detente, and treatises there has been but a few reasons for any of these actions. They have been over sex, religion, political gain, financial gain, and out-and-out conquering of land and people. Further, the usual victors of these actions were superior in talent, technology, and strategy.

In today’s world, most antique reasons to wage war and butcher the oppressed has boiled down to just a couple of reasons in developed societies (yes, all the above still occurs in this world of ours): Cultural hatreds (religious doctrines included) and financial gain for a particular society who has nothing left to do, but wage war. Please, bear in mind, those in real power know what to do after so many mistakes of the past in society-building. The bottom line is when a nation is bankrupt and desperate, it won’t mind pushing the “red” button to turn another area into a “sheet of glass”. This is the one most dangerous part of our present history, to date. The little despotic children in the sandbox has access or the ability to produce nuclear buckets and sand trowels, pure and simple.

Hitler Troop ImageOh, did we forget to mention, world domination? Ask Adolf Hitler? He did fall ‘short’ on that one, sorry.

Krushchev and ShoeOh, did we forget to mention, further world domination that resulted in the “Cuban Missile Crisis” of 1962? Ask Khrushchev about that one…he lost a shoe over it.

Castro Cuban RevolutionOh, did we forget to mention a blockade of a neighboring country to the south who grew the best cigars ever created? Cuba was the closest neighbor to have possibly had nukes pointed at US shores when cooler heads prevailed? Has not the US, Russia, and China done the same in close proximity to other world and regional powers over the years? 

Kennedy Russian Nuke AgreementOh, did we forget to mention that the world ‘families’ of all kinds who have power, would like to continue such power throughout the generations? Further, have they not learned how to reward playing nice with wealth?

Has the new treaty with the United States and Iran with a promise of no nuclear proliferation to be produced really secured to make the world a safer place to live? Let us look at the recent history of treaties and agreements with Iran and some other previously sanctioned countries.

Is it such a problematic realization people are powerless to understand? Let us drift not only into history, but delve into real events, as they have and are now unfolding? Please note, many treaties have been made, not just this one over the years. Who are the ones really afraid? Is it the ones in “control” of events on this planet, or are they the general population on earth? I say, to date, with alacrity, it is the ones in control.

The answer is that as long as we can keep a country on a productive, money-making venture with a citizenry that is moderately affluent, the chance of war is reduced. Please bear in mind a number of the largest nations have all been playing the game of backing a government or a ‘terrorist’ organization to maintain balance or to bend countries to the supporting nation’s needs.

Historically, the worst of all wars have occurred out of desperation for survival of the nation or despot of the time, not just over doctrine, dogma, religion, finances, or of a sexual nature.

One huge question comes to mind, today and everyday? What kind of future does each human, rich or poor, famous or infamous, so-called good or evil, really want to leave to our children? Is it one for the elite families to continue to discern, as they continue to control present and future humanity, or is it one where all those born into this life may one day realize a continued peaceful, enjoyable and life-filled happiness environment?

Do you realize, we are killing our own progeny? Yes, that is part of the regional issue of irresponsible governments conspiring for gain and control at innocent peoples’ expense. No one wants a major war because the stakes with nuclear device usage is too high. There will be wars in the future; however, how do world leaders maintain balance: Again, it is all about money.

Could it be that there are extraterrestrial races who are watching, caring, and loving us realize we may be in peril because we must learn to control mass destruction potential? Could we be a “quarantined” planet because of our actions regarding war? Further, may it be that the families and others who are in control, so-called, may be more afraid than ever of losing the same control?

Since the warlike history of mankind has unfolded over the last few millenia, we have not learned very much. We mine precious metals and minerals while not paying attention to pure advancement of humanity, as much as, we could. Hopefully, here, as well, cooler and intelligent minds are diligently researching and working to correct this much needed area of improvement. This author’s opinion is yes, we are.

To this date, in time, we have not learned more than what the forebears of history, in iniquity, have provided? We are not doomed by our own efforts, we are doomed by our resistance to understand the truth of the reality in which we live. To this end, let us take the fact that the treaty between the United States and Iran is realistic and will lower the possibility of war. Of course, there are many who will take issue with this statement. Again, this author’s opinion is that there could not have been a better outcome without one or the other nation ‘losing face’ and respect in the world arena of politics and detente. Is this the ‘right’ path to have taken? Only the future will bear fruit in this area.

In 1980, the US ushered in the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine to make it improbable the USSR and US would begin a nuclear war. It worked. In 1971, when Israel again was at war with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt (after the 1967 war). This time allied satellite photos were shared with all countries to keep a balance in the area. It worked. It seems an at least, similar tactic is being taken regarding Iran.

Let us also look at the reality of everyday life we all enjoy, worldwide. Has anyone noticed whether any country of any origin is starting to see the youth enjoying digital telephone connections in every category? That is, perhaps the one area of latest technology where no one may deny. To this end, worldwide communication continues to be instantaneous. In this author’s opinion, this is good for world affairs. What is not good are the disinformation tactics constantly underway knowing that the ‘informed’ public is still quite gullible.

So, I leave this to you, my friends? It is all good and will be, if you want it to be so. Please, just don’t get so worried about your future, when you are the ones’ in control of it? At each level of existence, this is true. By the way, there are many levels of existence, but that is mead for another article, perhaps?



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Secrets of the Sumerian Tablets

The Secrets of the Sumerian TabletsUrukPriestVessel

In 1890, a group of French archaeologists were exploring the ruins of Nineveh, an ancient Mesopotamian city on the eastern bank of the Tigris River. There, they discovered 22,000 clay tablets with unfamiliar writings and strange symbols. Hundreds of scientists, linguists and archaeologists immediately began putting the pieces together; deciphering and translating. Just in the last ten years, the information has started to become public. And, the tablets show an amazing link to the Christian Bible.

The clay tablets are known as The Sumerian Tablets and there’s been a lot of controversy over them because no one can deny there’s a relation to the Old Testament, in addition, who can argue against the facts; The Sumerian Tablets are dated at 4,500 BCE. The Torah, the Old Testament is 1,200 BCE. The Sumerian Tablets takes precedence over the Bible.

Some may think “So, the Bible is possibly older than we thought. What’s the point of issue?” The matter lays in the extensive details that are contained in the tablets and not in the Bible.

The Sumerian People were possibly the earliest civilization to emerge in the world approximately 5,000 BCE. They built the first city named Sumer, which means “Land of the Civilized Kings.” By 3,600 BCE, they created the first ‘writings’ called cuneiform. They invented the wheel, the sail boat, the first sewer system, agriculture processes such as irrigation and the concept of a city, using actual city-grids as we do today. Artifacts show evidence of their knowledge on the solar system and compelling information about the planet Mars that has astronomer’s and scientists perplexed.

The Religion of the ancient Sumerian’s left its mark on the entire Middle East with artwork; carvings, seals, texts and symbols. It was a complex faith and consisted of four supreme gods; Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursaga. Their names are seen throughout ancient history in Sumeria, Peru, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece. The Sumerian’s called these gods the “Anunnaki.


The Anunnaki, in Sumerian and Hebrew text means “Those who came down from the heavens.” Literally. Per the tablets, their four gods were part of an advanced civilization from the planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X and The 12th Planet, a planet allegedly orbiting our sun in an elliptical orbit every 3,600 years.

The Sumerian’s portrayed the Anunnakias human in form, but giant in size, reaching up to twelve feet tall, powerful bodies and prominent facial features. It’s said they released a kind of luminous radiation that made humans afraid and respectful. In Sumerian artwork the gods have enormous wings. In fact, their description is identical to Archangel Michael.They are an extremely long-lived race, much like the Bible’s patriarchs; living hundreds of years. Even though they are writtenas immortal and almighty, they maintained human traits and the gods could still be hurt and killed.

You can find the Anunnaki described in the Bible; Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 6:2 and 6:4. They are acknowledged as the Nephilim, The Giants, The Watchers and Fallen Angels.

As claimed, the gods “splashed down” in the Persian Gulf area approximately 450,000 years ago. Anu, the god of gods, and his two sons, Enlil and Enki came to Earth to plan their future; making the planet habitable and mining its minerals. Once they settled Anu made his first son, Enki, god of Earth. Within time approximately 200 Anunnaki transported to Earth. The excavating was plenty, unfortunately the labor was greater than the gods could handle. That’s when Enki came upon his theory of bringing humans into existence; to do their work while they ruled.

When the gods like men bore the work and suffered the toll, the toil of the gods were great,

the work was heavy, the distress was much.

The Similarities between the Sumerian Tablets and the Bible are simply too overwhelming. The only ways things are not the same are the names of the human’s, the god’s, sites and settings, but, take note, they are all described alike.

One example:

The Great Flood Vs. The Deluge

As stated in the Tenth Sumerian Tablet:

For days before the day of the Deluge, the Earth was rumbling, groan as if pain it was.”

“For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru glowing like a star was seen.”

This implies that Nibiru’s passing Earth could be seen by man and could also go unnoticed; it looked like just another star.

Before the heavy rains and storms fell to Earth many of the Anunnaki race that had come here to live returned to Nibiru. The remaining are said to have watched the Earth in its devastation from their “Celestial Boatsin the sky, circling and determining the planets condition.

Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed. The Earth began to shake by force by unknown it was agitated.”

“In the glow of dawn a black cloud arose from the horizon. The morning’s light to darkness changed. Then the sound of rolling thunder boomed, lighting the skies lit up. On that day, on the unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar begun.”

Indicating the South Pole’s prodigious ice sheets cracking, crashing and splashing into the waters creating a great tsunami. The giant tidal wave traveled North and submerged the City of Edin. The Bible refers the City of Edin as the “Garden of Eden.” Both located in the Persian Gulf.

Knowing the Deluge would end all life on Earth, Enlil felt satisfied the humans would be gone. To him, they began multiplying too fast and became loud and violent. Polar opposite brother, Enki had a connection with the humans which he created and took it upon himself to save their race. Enki secretly traveled in form of a dream to his son, Ziusudra (Biblical Noah) and instructed Ziusudra to build a boat. Enki provided the exact measurements needed for the arch, as well as informing to use bitumen to waterproof it. Enki also wanted to save the planets animal species which he succeeded in a way comparable to how he made the first man and female.

The great winds and tidal waves swept the Earth for seven days then came to a calm. The storm was over but heavy rains continued for another forty days and nights. Ziusudra released a raven, then one white dove to bring back evidence of land. The dove returned with a fresh olive leaf.

Texts state Ziusudra saw the twin peaks of Mount Arrata and directed the boat towards them but found dry land on that route. (Today’s Ararat Mountains in Turkey)

The end of the Tenth Tablet, which some call The Book of Noah since he is the hero of the story, Noah releases the door to the arch and rejoices to Enki. In return, for saving the human race and animals, Noah is rewarded by living with the gods in the Country of Dilmun; a paradise land. Dilmun has been confirmed as existing. It had evolved into the ancient Indus Valley, which is Pakistan and Northwest India today.

Did Enki Create Humans? How will we ever know? Again, the story of how god made man, mirrors the words from the Tablets.

God Created Adam Vs. Enki Created Adapa

Genesis 2:7
“And the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”

Enki and Adapa 24:37
“The human you planned will really come into existence. Impose on him the work of carrying. You should knead clay from the top of the abzu. Nip the clay and you shall bring the form into existence. We will stand by your side by as you give birth.”

The complete tale of how we, humans came to be is recorded in The Epic of Gilgamesh tablet. For justification, humans were genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, as they developed homo erectus into homo sapiens. Bicameral.

They used a Tree of Life symbol to represent the process, and not by coincidence, the Tree of Life symbol, the double helix of DNA symbol and the Cauduceus (The medical symbol) are uniform.

The Return of Nibiru and the Anunnaki has been discussed but details seem to be suppressed. Researching the topic shows a positive and negative outcome, and there isn’t concrete information to know if The Return is true or not.

At the British Muesuem there are still 100,000 cuneiform tablets which are still unpublished. I don’t know, as of this date when they will become public and I wonder what other secrets we will find out.

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