Recently, we at Universal Digest published a UFO report from our own city of Visalia, California. The article received a lot of attention, as well as, from a number of individuals who had claimed to have viewed and photographed the same or similar events. Of all the incoming reports received, none had any videos of the events and some of the pictures taken were difficult to discern to the extent they were not usable for publication.

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There was one contact made, however, two weeks ago, that seemed promising so I responded and we decided to meet over breakfast to discuss the events of May and June, 2015. Terry Wood, a long-time resident of Visalia, Tulare County, California encountered two UFO events, one each in May and June of this year. Terry Wood had just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone with a 16 MP camera included. A similarity of camera usage in this case like a case UD published a couple of weeks earlier of a February 2015 UFO event was that both operators were new to a recently purchased camera’s video mode. Therefore, only pictures were taken. A striking note in Terry’s case was he had presence of mind to take a landscape view of the craft with a distinct grassy foreground. Not only did he provide nine clear pictures to review, he provided his own essay describing the events in detail. This report is provided, uncut for reader review, below.

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The following is Terry Wood’s report of his UFO encounter. Please note speed and size of craft could not be determined:

Who am I?

My name is Terry G. Wood. I have been a resident in a town named Visalia located in central California (USA) for over thirty years. I have been a maintenance mechanic for a local firm for over 23 years.

The Event:

It was orange in color and not flashing, and when I first noticed it, it was moving from the North to the South when the object just suddenly stopped. This object then made a right angle to the West for a very short distance and stopped momentarily. The object then made another right angle turn and seemed to drop down in altitude for a very short distance, then stopped again momentarily. The object made its last right-angle turn toward the East for again, a short distance, then again stopped. The object started glowing very brightly as it appeared to move in parallel view to where we were standing, at an unbelievable rate of speed, until it disappeared in less than a second. The Pictures: The phone that I had recently bought and used to take these photographs is an S6 Samsung model. I really had not the opportunity to use the camera until this point, and did not know how to zoom in on the object. The pictures I took, I thought would have been worthless, since the pictures were simply that of just an orange dot in the sky. At this point I was ready to delete the pictures, when I discovered how to zoom in on the photos and was completely astonished to discover the pictures it actually took. I also noticed that I took several pictures one right after the other and was amazed at what they showed. At this point I decided to not delete the pictures, but to try to find someone who may have a further interest in these images. Therefore, this led me to contacting you, and writing this report which took some effort due to my very busy schedule.

Recent Updates: 

On June 21st, 2015, another similar and mysterious object was seen at around the same time, in around the same area and vicinity to the original one I witnessed. what is poignant to me is that it was exactly one month from the very first sighting I witnessed. We (four witnesses) were just talking about it as we were standing outside looking up at the stars, and behold….another inexplicable object just like the one before, but this one seemed to be at a much further distance and I was unable to get any real good photographs of it this time, before it too, disappeared into the night sky.

The following images are originals Terry Wood sent. There are nine taken in succession:

Please note from the above pictures taken, I have utilized various sources to diagnose, as well as, trying to scale, re-size, and enlarge images. To be fair to Terry Wood, I have chosen to post the photographs, as is, so anyone who wishes to research and submit their critiques, may do so. This much is certain, after personal testing; these photos are from the Samsung S6 smart phone and have not been edited. The only edited picture is the article’s featured picture.

Other Events and Sightings:

A friend and a fellow employee had seen these pictures as I shared them with him. On July 2nd, this friend of mine was taking a picture of the moon from his backyard from the house he just purchased. There are 2 pictures in which he took one right after the other and showed anomalies after he took the pictures. The first one shows the moon as a white blur with several different colored lights in the picture. The second one shows the moon again as a white blur as the camera picked up another object in the view of the camera. The object looks a lot like the craft as I have seen, and photographed and been seen by several other people in Visalia California.

The following is a picture submitted from the above narration of Terry Wood’s fellow friend. To date, no other picture to corroborate the one submitted below has been submitted to match for comparison. If there is an update, it will be submitted at the end of this article for all to review. I can say that this photograph is unedited and has passed a recent authenticity test. It is just not confirmed what the nearer, orange light may be. The picture taker simply states it was a ‘photo bomb’ when he was taking a picture in the back yard of his new home.

Terry Wood Friend UFO


There has been speculation of what the orange object may be; however, I choose to not comment until more information is provided. In sum, what is most notable to publish regarding the recent phenomena submitted by a number of people in Visalia, California is that it is similar, in nature. I was informed there are no other lights in the back yard that match this picture. Some reports match. Some, do not.

What we at Universal Digest have chosen to do is give an open venue to those who care to share what they have encountered. To date, we have found the persons with whom we have met and of whom we have had contact to be most credible. We hope you find the same in your experiences. Please do contact us, if you wish. We are interested and do care about the human condition.

If there are more who care to contribute to what has been written here, either in written, photographic, or video form, please do make contact.


Universal Digest

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UFO Spotters Nederlands is the official name of a committed group of sky watchers that begin their quest 2012. Dennis LeRoux is the founder of the organization and is also a Universal Digest trusted web research friend (see Trusted Web Sources page). Since operations have begun, Dennis and his team have made some very interesting discoveries and observations.


Dennis LeRoux and I got off to a very good start with sharing of materials in research from ancient history to UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Of his many innovations over the past few years he has developed an effective and decisive digital tool to qualify and prove lens flare and distortions in various photographs where many claim they have photographed a UFO. We tested it on some photographs I had been sent for evaluation. We found not only did it work 100% of the time, he noticed that even in the case of photographic image coding and file compression issues there could be an effect on the results. Since then, when I receive material in question I cannot determine, Dennis is one of my prominent “go to” colleagues to obtain accurate answers.

The website can be located by copying and pasting this link:

The following video is a compilation of the previous six months of filming posted on July 4, 2015. Please note all the graphics, introductions and video credits are of his creation. This is professional, brief, and a six minute video well worth watching:


It is our pleasure at Universal Digest to highlight the positive work and contributions of our friends at UFO Spotters Nederlands (NL) and in a special tribute to Dennis LeRoux – keep up the great work and we, too, will “keep our eyes to the skies” in 2015 and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity to recognize good field research knowing how much time and patience it takes.

UFO Spotters Sign Off

Your friends at Universal Digest


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Between September 15 – 28 of 2015 (essentially, September 23rd) is slated to be the range of days when an asteroid is to appear out of nowhere to strike the earth, causing an immeasurable catastrophic result with so many casualties it would cause a financial collapse and incorporate martial law.

The purpose of this article is to alert the general population of the fear-mongering by a select few groups and entities who are trying to make money, deceive (for idiotic reasons) and gain notoriety. If you want to blame the government, as usual, go ahead, but I wouldn’t give them much credit. They are humans, just like you. This stupid activity has been going on for a few months and recent history has shown a number of these errant prophecies to be the same or similar, as has been occurring over the years of recorded history.

Here is one of my favorite images from the past year or so indicating a must watch video:



This prompts the following statement: “We’re all going to die. I’m going to die, you’re going to die…just not today.” Now, stop for a moment and be realistic, in fact, try a bit of logic? If it is real, all bets are off, right? My opinion is that yes, at some point, something from outside earth will make contact; however, humans are horrible at keeping secrets and those who are in key positions would not be wanting to lie about it. Further, even with our fairly obscured atmosphere, one can see very well past it. There are thousands who are keeping their ‘eyes to the skies’ and something as large as an ‘earth-shattering’ asteroid would be detected. Yes, I understand there will be detractors to these statements, but we’ll talk about that on September 29th, okay?

Asteroid Hit Earth March 2015


Oops, sorry, we missed another date for extinction…doesn’t that just frost you?

So, let’s move forward to see what NASA has to say about this? Please read this (or just view the headlines and pictures) of this good article provided by I like how this is presented and you will understand a bit further down the article.


So, what do you think, now? Yes, the financial market has been hit, recently. Do you think it is because the financial marketeers are protecting assets and holdings because of a cataclysmic situation? Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Interdependent, recent, global financial events have occurred. It is cyclic. Pure and simple…that is mead for another article, but not this one. All financial entities, businesses, organizations and yes, even governments and family power structures want success and growth.

Asteroid Chelyabinsk

There are events occurring all the time, as is the above picture of the recent Russian meteor close encounter event.

In the scheme of things and the totality of time, events have occurred of monumental proportions, they are occurring and they will continue to occur until there is notification we must take action. And, hopefully, that will be a prudent one.

Now, here is the good news, none of us get out of this, alive. Have you heard of the “Fountain of Youth” or an “Escape Space Vehicle” being really discovered and/or being implemented? This, too, is mead for another article.

As promised from an above statement, since, I am sure people can still read? I am really looking forward to the 2015-16 US Football Season, YES! Gotta love life! Just give to those you love the life you like? Truly, it will return to you…

Universal Digest

Thank you… 

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Mayan Statue Hoax!

On Universal Digest, it was revealed on August 19, 2015, the mysterious Mayan statue that had been circulating the Internet and social media sites. Believing this was a hoax, but being fair to ask for assistance in discovering the source of such a contrived fake, we published this article and the responses were overwhelming; unfortunately, it was in liking the post.

Here is the link to the previous article:

Mysterious Mayan Statue

After being directed to an earlier post in April of this year in a friend social media site, the resultant explanations were similar to what had been ascertained, thus far, in the above article, until today!

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With thanks to many for hard work to discover the source of this hoax (and one friend who wishes to remain unidentified-just doing his part), we all still missed one small point about the statue…a shadow below the head. Although, the perpetrator still remains anonymous, the location of the statue has been discovered. It resides in Mexico City. A very slight shadow was noticed by someone just below the head of the artifact.

To this end, Universal Digest wishes to commend and recognize ETS& via HOSTMIDIA for exposing this hoax. Here are the following comments from their article:

UPDATE: I’ve been looking at how more attention to this statue photo and also been, since 17, seeking the original picture and the statue on other web sites or photographs, but found nothing.

However with my analysis below is clear that must be an assembly. Note that whoever did the editing, be looked on rounded shade, a head, protruding on the chest of the statue. In this image changed brightness, contrast and saturation for better viewing.

I would like to put an end to this farce finding the original statue, but still did not get … – Universal Digest – speculates “did not get the original source” …

Still, the above statement in light of research stands out as a revelation as to how the hoax was perpetrated. The following photo with annotation depicts the the photo discovery…well done:


The point of what the actual artifact is…well, it is a mute point. We have an answer and this is a fake. Had some research not continued, would we know now?

We are just committed to reporting the truth and when others find it, we give credit. Thanks to those who have helped this come to pass. We live in a world of those who wish to believe before researching for themselves. We just want to help.

And, in doing so, this was provided by Mick West of, Administrator to debunk the statue, this post comes 8.22.2015 with thanks:

Decoded Statue With A QR Code Head

Universal Digest

Thank you…


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