This is a Visalia UFO update regarding events occurring in Visalia, California in 2015. In short, after much research these cases remain unsolved and will be moved to the Universal Digest “UFO Phenomena – Unsolved” category until more evidence can be produced.

Beginning with the case from February 25, 2015, with article posting photos taken by Debbie Mancini with one witness, please click on the article link below:



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Continuing with the next case from June 21, 2015, with article posting photos taken by Terry Wood and three witnesses, please click on the article link below:



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To date, a total of 10 witnesses have made contact, yet four were unable to produce unedited evidence of the sightings so their stories are not included in this article. What is notable is their observations matched what is reported in the above encounters. Please note, as well, that the photographic evidence reported by the above witnesses has passed photo forensics.

Then, there was this discovery! While Terry Wood was reviewing his smart phone, which was new at the time of the encounters, he noticed he had taken a nine-second video of the UFO before it darted away at incredible speed. Video forensics is still underway from outside sources, yet this author does not want more time to pass without publishing this updated article.

The following is the unedited nine-second video of the object in the distance. Please feel free to scrutinize the video and contact us at Universal Digest. The comment area at the end of this article is available or one may wish to use our private “Contact Us” page to make a report:


Since 2014, there have been numerous sightings of UFOs in central California from Kern, Tulare, and Fresno counties. Some, as have been written in past articles by Universal Digest are to date, still unsolved. Anyone with any further, detailed evidence are welcome to contact us. Just this past week, a report was received here from a prominent UFO researcher and spotter of many years that he and two other witnesses encountered an unexpected sighting in a clear, night sky. Their determination: UFO…

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PS: Within two hours of this publication, four new reports have been received, including one more from Debbie Mancini. One came in from Fresno county, recently. Two weeks ago, from a report above Debbie and a witness had two sightings, inclusive of the last being seen on the way to Hanford, CA in Kings County. This author thought he was seeing things over the back yard area two weeks ago, as well. All those making comment are encouraged to contact the author. Thank you.

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When it comes to how long photographs have been taken since the invention of the camera in the 1880’s that utilized a plate and ultimately a film result, how many times have UFO pictures been taken in past tense?

Camera snapshots have not only revealed unique or extraordinary, unexplained results, could they have been manipulated, changed, or altered to create such renditions over the years? A friend, fellow enthusiast and now a casual researcher to understand what is going on, Michael Gerlach and I have collaborated to help understand why there is so much interest in UFO phenomena regarding older photos. Like this author, he has also viewed UFO activity and cannot be swayed that what he saw is explained away by so many different excuses from official organizations. Around the world, there is an incredible interest in UFO phenomena, yet it is difficult for many to know what pictures are original and what has been tampered with. The point of this article is not to determine what is real or what is not; it is to point out that such pictures exist since cameras have been in use. That being said, let us move forward.

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Please view some older photos from the United States and other countries from sources not of the United States that have released and been circulating the following pictures of unidentified flying objects:


As a short answer, throughout history there have been so many incidents of unexplained activity. Further, in recent times, more people are coming forward to claim sightings of what has been stated as unidentified, by whatever means, and are still unexplained. To this end, we must keep our minds open to the fact that not only are we not alone, not only have we been visited by other races of beings over the millennium or by those who would like to say hello, yet knowing it would be catastrophic for us if they did, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to do so. In my opinion, they do. When one stops to think about the entire reality of the lives in which we live, how can we not want to be a part of such an incredible future that could exist by meeting others who are more advanced? Well, this is certainly being debated in scientific circles with some in agreement and others who are not. There are those who even claim that such a meeting would be catastrophic for mankind. Historical evidence does point to what happens when a more advanced society encounters a less-advanced society.The results of such a meeting has been either, being conquered, destroyed, or absorbed into the fabric of the more advanced society. Co-existence has not been a viable option in most all cases.

There is no reason nor supposition why any of us would ever want our future progeny to even want to enter this world based on fear, war, oppression, hunger, despair, injury, or death, yet, this is the world, at present, it is how so many live. Unless we can properly manage the society of man on earth to rise above such negative events, we will not be enjoying a bright future. My opinion, however, is we will, with or without help from beings from elsewhere. Everything good starts with a first step in a good direction.

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