Yes, people, Santa Claus is on his way via NORAD global tracking! Please inform everyone, especially your children! The time is at hand and now one must recollect on whether one was naughty or nice this past year!

Hey, children and adults alike, everywhere on our earth, please enjoy this fantastic live feed tracking our very own, lovable St. Nick, as he travels the world delivering gifts to everyone!

Please click on the official NORAD tracking website below! This is the latest version that continues the NORAD 60-year tradition of tracking Santa Claus as he treks the globe delivering presents and good cheer to people who really need it. As technology improves, so does everyone’s opportunities to enjoy this cheerful music and video presentation:


Please enjoy the ongoing live feed above. This is a snippet picture of Santa on his way with music included, courtesy of NORAD:



Hey, kids, stay tuned in as Santa’s travels are continuing! NORAD will be tracking his journey of good will all day long!

Santa NORAD Tracking 2015 1


Santa is continuing his travels as we read and enjoy! 

Santa NORAD Tracking 2015 2


May everyone worldwide find the joy in sharing, giving, and recognizing that every moment one can bring a positive word, action, statement and/or gesture in caring for the human condition in a world where so many are not able to find this kind of cheer to bring happiness to others. Let us all take time to not only recognize that negatives exists, let us actively do our parts, in whatever way we can to overshadow sadness, evil, and war with happiness, goodness, and peace, not just today or tomorrow, but every day from now on.

No one says it is easy or there is an immediate solution. Remember, solutions start with a first step and by staying the course, forging ahead to make life better for everyone we can. When we can cherish every moment to care and love, without reservation, we cannot lose. One day, we will look back and see all this positive work has born the fruit of happiness, now and in the future for mankind.

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Kids and grownups alike, there really is a North Pole, in Alaska! Could this be where…ah, who knows?

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Planet Earth” location=”North Pole” zoom=”10″ height=250]


From all of us at Universal Digest, we are wishing everyone, worldwide a very Merry Christmas! May it be one of peace, joy, good will, and happiness.

Universal Digest

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This article is a ‘UFO’ tribute to some hard work by dedicated individuals spearheaded by Mike Truesdell of Visalia, California. Mike is a UFO spotter and long-time researcher in the central valley area.

It has been well known that the central California area has been a hive of aerial sightings for many years…and some of it is not military, commercial, or individual (drone) activity. Many unsolved cases have arisen of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Activity), as well as, UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). Mike has logged many sighting events; however, this is one unique sighting that had grownups and children alike of an entire city clapping and cheering!

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Here are some of the pictures provided depicting the construction process. It started with the “UFO” and the float props, such as wildlife, lighting, and presents were built around it:

As the weeks passed before the deadline loomed, Mike and his friends were quite resourceful in craft and float design, as well as, finding parts and supplies from various sources to make this project bear fruit. Among some of Mike’s friends who contributed with ideas, compressor use, and some cash were Brian, Jade, John, Arlon, Cindy, Brinda, Kim and Mike.

This team effort produced the following spectacular results for the historic Candy Cane Parade held yearly at the end of November when night falls in Visalia, California:

The weather was chilly, yet clear, and the city attendance was outstanding! The next day, social media was abuzz at the unique and a most popular float that stood out among some of the terrific creations and community-involved contributions in the parade’s history.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”California” location=”Visalia” zoom=”10″ height=250]


This festive occasion (and good weather) brought out the best by so many ushering in a holiday season that will not be soon forgotten. Area television and media organizations were very responsible and personable during this event. For this author, living in Visalia, California, it constantly makes me want to brag about how wonderful our community really is, as well as, the people are who live here. Now, and in the future, Visalia is where home is!

When the results were reported by the city newspaper the day after the parade, Mike Truesdell was humble, yet so excited to discover he and his friends had won the first place prize of $100 for the best float under 20 feet in the parade! Congratulations to everyone involved! Since Mike and I began our interviews and conversations, it has become quite apparent how much he cares about this community. His plans are now set to enter the next parade in nearby Exeter on December 31, 2015, and, of course the enthusiasm is the same as it was for the Visalia parade. It is sure to be an exciting event to attend, as well.

In times like these, it is so refreshing to see how everyday folks still take the time to produce results to bring smiles and happy memories to children, parents, and adults, alike. In sum, this is not just an article about a UFO tribute, it is also a tribute to wonderful people who not only understand the human condition, they improve it.

From us at Universal Digest, thank you.


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The 2015 Visalia UFO events have all remained a mystery. To date, with many inquiries to find out more from a number of sources, nothing more has been discovered.

This is the final article of the 2015 UFO events reported in the central California valley area. Unless, something else surfaces that could shed light on what occurred, Universal Digest has completed its investigation.


There were three previous articles posted in 2015 regarding sightings from February through May. Please view the articles as posted on Universal Digest.

After all the pictures from sources have previously been documented, there is one final video to be produced. With thanks to Dennis LeRoux of that is also a friend link site here, the following expansion and detail of the original 9-second video was produced. For the record, Dennis expected nothing nor asked for recognition for this video production. He offered it for further elaboration of the original event, only. His network and continued friendship is supported, here:


Since this time, our local networking has expanded. There are more of us who are continuing to keep a vigilance pointed skyward. Is it not interesting how we become so enmeshed in day-to-day lives we tend to not notice sometimes obvious events?

There are past reports and references that have been received, yet, here in Visalia, California, to be objective, speculation of what is flying around in the skies above us is just that, speculation. We here at Universal Digest refuse to embellish and/or sensationalize anything less than what can be proven. It is not to dissuade others from sending us information, it is just not to produce information based on conjecture.

As far as, interviews and interactions that have been conducted thus far, the sources remain valid and supported. These persons who approached us had no agendas and were actually reticent to even approach us or to divulge this information. In this light of respect to those who have trusted us from the beginning, they, too are most trusted and valued.

My opinion is, there should be more objective persons like Terry Wood and Debbie Mancini who should be recognized for being the humble, honest, and good people they are.

Universal Digest will always welcome and support honest and forthright contributors.



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How about a global thanksgiving on a set date? Happy Global Thanksgiving or Happy Thanksgiving, World may have a certain ring to it?

While taking some time to wish some friends the best for the upcoming holidays it dawned on me that more and more my friends live in many different countries. This did not dissuade me from wishing these friends a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ knowing full well this holiday primarily occurs in the United States and Canada. Why not have a Global Thanksgiving?

What I would like to propose is to consider a global thanksgiving based on the nationally accepted standard of the fourth Thursday of November each year (US). After having completed some research I have only seen one other organization touting to celebrate a global thanksgiving on the Sunday before the Canadian and US official holiday and this does not seem to have taken root. Please, this is just a thought that was actually spawned and recommended by a couple of supporting friends; however, Thanksgiving is known by so many, worldwide, albeit, not celebrated. Hence, I humbly submit my recommendation. I believe, of all times in mankind’s history on earth, this time may have come. Further, could it not possibly benefit us more as we have developed into a more interdependent, global community? In a civilization still fraught with religious and political intolerance, could this become a bridge to span these divides? Could this actually be a start to realizing such a thanksgiving may not just usher in a successful harvest, yet usher in the possibility that man no longer kills man? To this end, just this concept and its movements forward can only benefit mankind now and in the future, would we not agree?

Stop and think of this concept: Instead of harvesting a sea of souls in a celebration of death by war, we could one day harvest a sea of souls in a celebration of life by peace? Of course, many demonstrative changes must occur. To date, there has not been one. I am not concerned so much of how it must start; it is time it should. Period. All of us are involved in this thought train, all of us.

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Here is a brief history of how this started and how this holiday developed: A thanksgiving was celebrated in England in the 1500’s for a good harvest of crops. Although, over the years many areas of the world have celebrated a form of thanksgiving when a harvest yielded bountiful results. The first actually generally accepted thanksgivings had its roots in Canada in 1578. By the time the Puritans decided to leave England and its pagan-based multitude of celebrations, including Christmas and Easter and travel to the then undiscovered country of America in 1621. It was not until November 26, 1789 that President George Washington created the first official observance of Thanksgiving. After this proclamation, Thanksgiving was only loosely observed until President Abraham Lincoln called for a national celebration on the last Thursday of November. Due to the Civil War, Lincoln’s proclamation was not recognized until the Reformation after the war in the 1870’s. It was not until December 26, 1941 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt submitted the resolution to Congress to make the official date to be the fourth Thursday of November, each year.  To note, first official Thanksgiving was observed in Canada on April 15, 1872. Later, the Canadian Parliament made the first Monday of October as the official, permanent Thanksgiving celebration so as not to conflict with the same holiday in the United States in 1957. Ultimately, the United States adopted the Canadian Thanksgiving observance to coincide with Columbus Day.

The iconic turkey was the last to become the main course of a thanksgiving celebration. Although, any main course is completely acceptable, over the years a symbolic turkey has been pardoned as a presidential act each year.

With this being said, what do you think? How about a Global Thanksgiving Day? We here at Universal Digest are more than ready to celebrate.

Universal Digest


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