A St. Patrick’s Day parade encountering its own UFO visitation? Really? Yes. It did. Today, was a time of so much community involvement in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Visalia, CA, the broadcasters of today’s event admitted they had seen a UFO. Mike Truesdell and his friends have done it again in purporting a continued community service presence by participating in the festive occasion. In a hastily reconstructed float from their previous, award-winning appearances in area town and city events since 2015 they managed to provide a crowd pleaser. This time, they accumulated more walkers and vehicle attendees than in those previous events.

It was a cool, clear day on Saturday, March 12, 2016, and the city streets were packed with spectators. As Mike Truesdell’s float and entourage began their drive down Main Street one heard the continued cheers and shouts of UFO’s in our midst. Even the announcers suddenly exclaimed they had just seen a UFO.

The following are some of the pictures taken during the parade:

The passion Mike has, from experience, as I have, is not limited to his continued caring about the human condition. He knows we are not alone. He knows we are all in the same situation; however, please view how many have gravitated to him over the years. His friends have endured the best and worst of times, yet they all continue to be jubilant and excited to give to the community in every way they can.

No matter what condition, infirmity due to accident, or negative life event may occur, Mike and his friends push forward. How many of you could really stand up to be counted in caring for others, as Mike Truesdell and his friends continue to do? My contention is I am honored and continually humbled to report in this fashion.

In fact, if one more person is enlightened to care about the kind and kindred spirits inhabiting Visalia, California, come on down because my being is touched, now and always.

Visalia and its population are unique, indeed, in their view of the human condition. Oh, yes, we are most fortunately blessed, as well.


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Thousands of spectators lined the streets of Visalia, California in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on a fairly cool, sunny day on Saturday, March 12, 2016. After an above average rainy season to put a damper on a four-year long drought in the central valley, spirits were already elevated with the pleasant change of weather. In a long-time tradition, the yearly parade was about to begin.

The organizers, dignitaries, broadcasters, and local police blended in with a peaceful and enjoyable family experience to make this parade one for the books. An area radio station announced the event as each parade participant with a variety of floats, vehicles and marching bands entered the parade start on Main Street.

Please enjoy the following pictures of some of the parade participants and attendees:

The following are some videos to enjoy, including the parade beginning:


Although, this was only some of the parade’s outstanding participation by entries from Visalia and other areas from Tulare County, the city residents and others from the county area were seen to be enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. Cheers were constantly breaking out by residents who appreciated everyone in the parade. All too often, many were heard shouting and applauding family and friends participating in the event.

Visalia is a mid-sized town of around 135,000 in population; however, it still operates and conducts business in a very personable, family-style environment. Visalia is also known for some of the best restaurants and local activities in the central valley of the state.

[themepacific_googlemap title=”California” location=”Visalia” zoom=”10″ height=250]

Located just west of the Sierra mountains, as well as, an internationally known tourist attraction, Sequoia National Park, visited by hundreds of thousands each year, Visalia is the gateway to the Sierras. Daily shuttles are provided for all to utilize in travel locally, as well as, to the parks. For those visiting from around the world, one cannot go wrong by taking the time to visit our fair city.


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An extraterrestrial invitation? In the Las Vegas area? The city of lost wages, sin, and iniquity, as well as, beauty of all kinds? A city located near one of the most contemporary mysteries of Area 51, black ops, covert, secretive military and aerial activity known, to date? Surely not! Well, not exactly when there is plausible deniability involved…

After so many years and adventures visiting one of the most incredible and vibrant locations on earth, I came into contact with one of the most interesting persons of whom I have come to know, to date. It began as a simple, personal invitation to call when next I would visit Las Vegas in November of 2015.

Tina Marie Caouette, who hails from Winchendon, Massachusetts, has led a quite interesting life, thus far. A consummate business woman who became a professional bowler, as well as, a manager of a bowling alley for over fourteen years, inclusive of being a mother of a now eleven year-old son, found herself moving to the Las Vegas area in 2008.

What you are about to read has resulted from personal meetings, interviews, and other venues of communication to the time of the publishing of this article. For the record, Tina Marie does not expect to be believed nor does she try to impress her views upon anyone. In fact, she conducts herself in a most positive, friendly and professional manner. To continue…from the time she was first taken and her first invitation.

Tina was not a stranger to extraterrestrial visitations when she was a child from five to eight years of age where a being named Amii would come, sit and converse with her. She couldn’t remember more details from memory than this. However, the memories she had regarding the visits were as vivid as what follows.

In 2009, her life would change, forever. After having settled into her new locale, one evening while sitting in her living room, a blue light appeared out of nowhere. The next thing she remembered was being met by a human-like female in what she came to know as the medical room. Amii introduced herself and spoke to Tina in the most perfect English she had ever heard. It was almost too perfect, as if learned from a book. They did converse telepathically, too.

This was only the first of thirteen trips to the alien spacecraft over a five year period. Tina disdains to even consider her being taken aboard all these times as alien abductions. The first and subsequent events were an invitation to have contact and it was not without reason. On one of the trips after experiencing the blue light phenomena and then being met by her now guide, Amii, she was escorted to a large area that she became to know as the conference room, which was the best description she could give it. It was there she was introduced to another being named, The Elder. Like Amii, they both were quite well dressed in a striking fashion. Amii wore a blue kind of uniform with a type of triangle necklace. This garb was not unlike some more exotic forms of human attire, yet, it was different in its construction. The footwear was a kind of boot in form.They both wore a similar, if not same kind of necklace with an inverted triangle icon at the center. The Elder was attired in a similar type uniform with a different kind of footwear in boot form.  The Elder wore something else that none of the other beings wore: It was a kind of forest-green cape connected by golden sashes or ties. In addition, his neckline was crowned in a gold trim. Amii’s blouse was also gold-trimmed, yet was situated below the neckline. The hair of the Elder and Amii were quite like what humans wear, today. Otherwise, their bodies were not unlike us humans except for one striking difference: Their eyes. They were a deep, beautiful luminescent-blue and there was no white area nor typical irises, pupils, or corneas. They were also tall. Tina is five-foot-ten in height and while Amii was a bit taller than her, the Elder was taller, yet.

Then, the Elder began to speak. He spoke entirely by telepathy. He made it known in the beginning that speaking by voice was cumbersome and primitive. He also was able to communicate (as they all could) in such a telepathic form that included emotional feelings not unlike spoken speech! It was like an energy transfer. This was so overwhelming for Tina it took a bit of time to get used to experiencing. One most important observation Tina imparted, and I could even sense it, was this overpowering feeling of love like she had not experienced, ever. The sense of love was strong no matter where she walked or visited in the ship.

She saw many other beings on the ship, over time and was even given some limited tours. She also noticed other human contactees wandering the hallways, as well. One thing to note, however, was she was not in a position to speak with anyone else besides the Elder and Amii. Every part of the ship was well lighted and very comfortable to experience each time she visited.

On her very first trip, Tina was administered a kind of injection to her left leg. It did not hurt, yet it was not a comfortable experience. When she asked what they had done, Amii explained to her it was a gift. What Tina has noted, to date was since the time of this injection, she has not been ill or physically uncomfortable, at all. Upon returning home from the trip after the injection had been administered, she went to her doctor and stated that she seemed to have an ingrown hair in the affected area. It was then the doctor confirmed that this was not an ingrown hair, but more an injection of some sort. To this day, she still has that mark and a slight bump in that area of her leg. The contact with these beings appeared more to be an invitation than ever before. This, of course, peaked her interest to where she was looking forward to the next experience.

It came soon enough, when on one of the trips, Tina was ushered directly to the conference room where she noticed the wall was no longer an opaque white, as she had seen before. It was translucent and she could almost see beyond the wall to what seemed like space and stars with the earth below. That is when more of the questions that had been on her mind came to fore. She queried the Elder, as from where did they come and how did they get here. Moreover, she asked why they were here. The Elder responded that she would not have any concept of where they were from, as well as, from where.

One of the more enlightened conversations revolved around religion and why these beings haven’t intervened into Earth’s evolution or, at the very least, made their appearance known worldwide. The Elder seemed reluctant to answer. Upon continued questioning, the Elder became what can best be described as uncomfortable. It was at this time Amii actually entered the room catching Tina as the Elder projected a strong response that actually knocked Tina back into Amii by a few feet. The Elder, “We don’t want to be perceived as Gods!” It was also at that time Amii ushered her away from the conference room area. It was the only time Tina felt a wave of discontent energy resonating from the Elder. It was then it hit Tina that telepathically, she had been given the best answers she could have received. There was no common ground to understand from where or how they were here save one area: Why they were here. It seemed that these beings were actually guardians who were looking after the beings and earth to keep it from harm. Further, she now had the sense that the reason she had been given the invitation was to help her to achieve her path in life; the right and proper path. A path, as the Elder communicated, “We can put you on it, but you must walk it alone.”

Then, the revelation did not become an epiphany, it became reality. On one of her first trips, Tina was ushered into the conference room, attended by her guide, Amii to see the Elder. He did not speak to her, he just motioned for her to view the wall she had seen before. It was transparent! In stunned amazement, she walked past both Amii and the Elder to view the stars, space, and planet earth below. If the term, speechless was telepathically transmitted, she had accomplished this without effort, as it was well received by those surrounding her. It was now that she understood the Elder was putting her on a path. It is a path she firmly believes she is on, today. Tina now felt strongly that she was receiving knowledge that she was once one of their own species at some point-in-time in the past. Now, she felt more strongly than ever, this was one of the reasons she had been taken all these times. She had experienced a close relationship with higher vibrational beings. This would be and is a life-long invitation.

Suddenly, the trips to the ship to see the Elder stopped. Tina did not see Amii, again. She has not been taken or given an invitation in the last two years. Her only explanation is that she is on the proper path and, to this end, no further contact has occurred. It does not mean it will not happen, again, it is just not necessary right now.

Tina realized the Elder had not only helped open her eyes to the possibilities we have in life, she would have to consider to go public with her experiences. She has chosen to do so. This extraterrestrial invitation has not only been a life-changer, it has been a life-motivator. For a time, she became a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigator in Nevada. It was through this career sideline she met some other like-minded people, including other experiencers.

Going public has not come without a price. Tina entered media and began to report her experiences, as well as, continuing her own research. She became so adept at hitting home with such a logical form of what is happening around us in ufology and paranormal activity, she started drawing attention. She became more of a public figure than when she was just a professional bowler. She is a “celebrity” and hates that term with a passion. As she puts it, “I’m just following the path they put me on.” That humbleness is the same reason why she pulled out of most UFO Social Media groups and doesn’t post much about her experiences.

As she broadcasted over radio more of what she discovered, she not only met with friction from other media moguls, she was being watched…by them. Some say they are the “men in black”, but Tina feels what she encountered was nothing more than just CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Since she broadcasted more and seemingly accurate information from her sources (at times not realizing she had hit home), she was approached by some of these “men in black” who said she needed to not continue with some information she was making public. She was told if she continued, severe consequences could occur. “The desert is very large and accidents happen all the time out there.”

One evening, on I-15 north heading to work, she was pulled over by individuals in a large, black SUV. They were also dressed in completely black attire. She was delivered a very strong ultimatum to cease and desist and to be careful divulging classified, secret information. Well, she knew she had hit home, then. This was not a pleasant invitation, but Tina still found a bit of humor in this encounter. Tina is also quick to point out over all these years she has only had a few, what she considers small encounters. She also doesn’t feel she is that important when it comes to the knowledge shared by her inside contacts.

She later learned that when one is confronted by the “men-in-black” or as she prefers, the CIA, wearing white shirts that is one thing, but when one is approached by the men wearing all black, it is time to decide whether or not one wants to continue on a present path.

Although, Tina has contact with classified sources, she saw the clarity of the situation and has since removed sensitive information from her public reports. All she will say is there is much more going on than people would and could realize. Tina began with her slogan after the bumps in the road: Question Everything, Trust No One.

In January of 2015, Tina created her own broadcast networks and websites, KCOR Digital Radio and her own Restricted Airspace programs. They are heard and enjoyed by many in the Nevada, as well as, worldwide. She has grown the Network over the past few months with weekly shows and an array of broadcasters that have now grown to over sixteen. It continues to grow, today. Broadcasters are realizing her honest, reasonable costs, and business acumen is proving to be continually attractive. Now, this is an invitation to not miss, as I have participated and have enjoyed.

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Tina has also written two books, Alien Deceptions and Case of the Missing Sneaker with other great books such as Project Deep Core, and a book about her own personal experiences, We Are Not Gods, coming soon. Alien Deceptions is published and is available on Amazon.

The invitation to meet and carry on a continued connection with Tina Marie Caouette is my pleasure. In short, after all of her experiences, she places others before herself. I don’t know about any of you and I am not one to judge; however, how easily could others follow and support such a selfless path? Well, one thing is for certain, as a fellow experiencer and past regional tournament bowler, I plan to visit Tina this year for a fun-based, bowling match along with other events, hopefully. With well over a 200 average even in occasional bowling and not having bowled for years, I have been informed I do not have a chance. So, when the time nears, may I ask anyone in the Las Vegas area for a little moral support? Oh, we are both left-handed bowlers so it should be most interesting!


By the way, when we first met at South Point Casino in south Las Vegas, we had not seen each other. The moment she walked into the coffee shop, it was an immediate recognition and the first thing I noticed was her quiet, genuine smile. A simple, “Hi,” was all it took to make this history.


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Mars, Miles, Mass and Momentum

During his yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station, Scott Kelly traveled over 143 million miles in orbit around Earth.

On average, Mars is 140 million miles away from our planet.

Coincidence? Well, basically yes.

Scott Kelly with plant-growth experiment

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly took this selfie with the second crop of red romaine lettuce in August 2015. Research into things like replenishable food sources will help prepare the way for Mars. (And the red lettuce even kind of matches the Red Planet!)

There’s nothing average about a trip to Mars; so of course you don’t travel an “average distance” to get there. Launches for robotic missions – the satellites and rovers studying Mars today – are timed around when Earth and Mars are about a third of that distance, which happens every 26 months.

While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, straight lines are hard to do in interplanetary travel. Instead, Mars missions use momentum from Earth to arc outward from one planet to the other. The Opportunity rover launched when Earth and Mars were the closest they’d been in 60,000 years, and the rover still had to travel 283 million miles to reach the Red Planet.

On the International Space Station, Scott Kelly was traveling at more than 17,000 miles per hour, an ideal speed for orbital research that keeps the station steadily circling Earth every 90 minutes. To break free of orbit and go farther to deep space, spacecraft have to travel at higher speeds. Opportunity, for example, traveled at an average of 60,000 miles per hour on the way to Mars, covering twice the distance Kelly traveled on the station in just over half the time.

Graphic showing Opportunity’s trajectory from Earth to Mars

Although Earth and Mars were relatively close together when Opportunity launched, the rover’s trip out was twice the average distance between the two planets.

The fastest any human being has ever traveled was the crew of Apollo 10, who hit a top speed of almost 25,000 miles per hour returning to Earth in 1969. For astronauts to reach Mars, we need to be able to propel them not only faster than the space station travels, but faster than we’ve ever gone before.

But the real lesson of Kelly’s year in space isn’t the miles, it’s the months. The human body changes in the absence of the effects of gravity. The time Kelly spent in space will reveal a wealth of new data about these changes, ranging from things like how fluid shifts in microgravity affected his vision to the behavioral health impacts of his long duration in the void of space. This information reveals more about what will happen to astronauts traveling to Mars and back, but it also gives us insight into how to equip them for that trip, which will be approximately 30 months in duration round-trip. What sort of equipment will they need to keep them healthy? What accommodations will they require to stay mentally acute? What sort of vehicle do we need to build and equip to send them on their journey?

Months and millions of miles. Momentum and mass. These are some of the most basic challenges of Mars. We will need to build a good ship for our explorers. And we will need the means to lift it from Earth and send it on its way fast enough to reach Mars.

An engine section weld confidence article for the SLS Core Stage is taken off the Vertical Assembly Center at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans

An engine section weld confidence article for the SLS Core Stage is taken off the Vertical Assembly Center at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.

While Scott Kelly has been living in space helping us to learn more about the challenges, we’ve been working on the rocket that will be a foundational part of addressing them. Scott Kelly left Earth last year half a month after the Space Launch System (SLS) Program conducted a first qualification test of one of its solid rocket boosters. Since then, we have conducted tests of the core stage engines. We’ve started welding together fuel tanks for the core stage. We’ve begun assembling the upper stage for the first flight. We’ve been building new test stands, and upgraded a barge to transport rocket hardware. The Orion program has completed the pressure vessel for a spacecraft that will travel around the moon and back. Kennedy Space Center has been upgrading the facilities that will launch SLS and Orion in less than three years.

And that’s just a part of the work that NASA’s done while Kelly was aboard the space station. Our robotic vanguard at Mars discovered evidence of flowing liquid water, and we’ve been testing new technologies to prepare us for the journey.

Down here and up there, it’s been a busy year, and one that has, in so many ways, brought us a year closer to Mars. The YearInSpace months and millions of miles may be done, but many more Mars milestones are yet to come!


UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for some of NASA’s projects and work. This article and some others were written by NASA and are mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make them more available to the general public.

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