The solar array is jettisoned to burn up in the earth's atmosphere.

The ROSA, Roll Out Solar Array, is pictured shortly after it was jettisoned from the tip of the Canadarm2. An experimental solar array demonstration was jettisoned while the Expedition 52 crew continued preparing the SpaceX Dragon for its release on Sunday. The three crew members also studied how microgravity impacts their bodies. Following a week… Continue reading ARRAY JETTISON AND DRAGON DEPARTURE

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Cardiac research is underway aboard the International Space Station.

Cardiac research is underway on ISS. Expedition 52 crew members Fyodor Yurchikhin (middle foreground) and Jack Fischer were inside the Zvezda service module monitoring the docking of a Russian Progress 67 cargo ship on June 16, 2017. The Expedition 52 trio worked throughout Friday on human cardiac research studying cardiac biology and the microbes that… Continue reading CARDIAC CREW RESEARCH

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Crew Studies Bone Loss Reversal

Science research, among other tasks underway is for finding answers for the reversal of bone loss.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson checks out new science gear inside the Harmony module. The SpaceX Dragon is attached to the Earth-facing port of Harmony. Expedition 52 is continuing to explore a new drug therapy today that may keep humans healthier in space. The trio onboard the International Space Station also worked on standard maintenance activities to… Continue reading Crew Studies Bone Loss Reversal

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Crew Researching Mice – Human Impacts

Mice and microbe research are underway aboard the space station.

Microbe and mice research continue on ISS. The aurora and the night sky above Earth’s atmosphere are pictured from the space station. A portion of the station’s solar arrays and a pair of nitrogen/oxygen recharge system tanks are pictured in the foreground. The three orbiting crew members living on the International Space Station today explored… Continue reading Crew Researching Mice – Human Impacts

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