Steven Ross UFO craft enhanced views showing contrast, temperature, and x-ray settings.

Steven Ross has experienced a number of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings over the years. His experiences include events observed in Mexico, United States, and Canada. This article primarily covers one particular occurrence filmed in October of 2013. Steven has given exclusive permission to report and elaborate research on his video and personal statements. Steven… Continue reading STEVEN ROSS UFO SIGHTING

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Astronaut Joe Acaba works on wire connections and other maintenance tasks inside Combustion Integrated Rack gear.

Astronaut health studies are on today’s agenda aboard the International Space Station. Among other tasks at hand, training on how to release the Dragon supply ship for its return to earth later this week. The Expedition 54 crew aboard the International Space Station is training for this weekend’s departure of the SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo… Continue reading ASTRONAUT HEALTH STUDIES

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The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship with its dual outstretched solar arrays is pictured attached to the Harmony module as the International Space Station orbited above Brazil.

Packing the Dragons resupply ship is completed and is waiting to be deployed for its return to earth laden with experimentation. Meanwhile, life science studies continue on the space station. Robotics controllers are getting ready to uninstall the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft from the International Space Station on Friday before releasing it for a splashdown… Continue reading PACKING THE DRAGON FOR RETURN

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