A skeptic all his life regarding life elsewhere, James watched as the extraterrestrial female waved her hand and the 'roof' of the craft opened up to reveal the moon, close up!

INTRODUCTION OF SKEPTIC BROKEN Skeptic by self-admission is one of the first things James Thompson told me during our initial interview. How we met is in itself interesting. What you are about to read is what James wanted to get out to the world. He has lived with this for over twenty-seven years. The last… Continue reading SKEPTIC BROKEN DURING ALIEN INVITATION

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Hands in the Community is changing lives for the better. This is a testament to elevating the human condition.

HANDS IN THE COMMUNITY PREFACE Hands in the Community is the hub of five main ministries under AMP Ministries to reach different niches of people. The other ministries include Biblical Counseling, Kids 4 the King, and Senior Care. HNC (Hands in the Community) is a 501(c)3 organization. Funding for projects is always an issue. At… Continue reading HANDS IN THE COMMUNITY

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