Tom Rogan speaks of UFOs near vessels carrying nukes. At least four fatalities have resulted from aerial encounters.

Nukes and UFOs one says has a connection? Well, let’s take another look, shall we? This author was alerted to a FOX News report clip from friend Cornelia Moise of Milan, Italy, today. So, as research ensued, interest peaked. From experience, unidentified crafts have visited military nuclear bases and naval vessels for many years.


After the last four years of researching the Rendlesham Forest Incident, there was something to UFO activity in the proximity of nukes and related nuclear materials near RAF bases. But, that is another, ongoing story.

After reviewing the YouTube video, it was imperative to search for verification. The FOX News website was reviewed, but no news clips could be found. Without speculating as to why, other media sites were searched.

Tom Rogan tweeted his upcoming interview with Tucker Carlson. A copy of the tweet is found below.

og: Rogan
Tom Rogan tweeted his upcoming discussion with Tucker Carlson the same day of the show airing.


What was most interesting to Tucker Carlson, as well as, this reader was the candor from Tom Rogan. But, at the same time, he was concise in his deliberation of what he had learned, thus far. The Pentagon has been lying to the American public. An apt assumption for the Pentagon is they just don’t understand. That, in itself can foster the fear element. The newest ally to assuage the dubious reputation of many in ufology, is the United States and British military.

og: nukes
Both China and Russia have reported UFO activity near nuke bases and vessels. Aerial encounters have occurred.

Whether it is because nukes are the subject or there are other circumstances yet unknown, Russian and Chinese jets have actively encountered UFOs. The Russians have reported at least four pilot fatalities. Rogan goes on to explain he doesn’t have the exact method of how they were killed, but he was told the word ‘encounter’ is a fair assessment of the actions involved.


The following are links to a couple of Rogan’s articles from the Washington Examiner:

Notably, one should click on links he provided, including this one detailing ill-advised engagements of pilots to encounter the UFOs. They otherwise seem quite friendly when not engaged.

This almost goes without saying again, as it has many times, but if these advanced crafts and entities wanted to destroy us and our infrastructures, we would be powerless to resist.

It is becoming more apparent that these crafts and entities are either extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, or both.

Rogan noted that these craft can travel hundreds of knots underwater. They can travel at hyper-sonic speeds almost instantaneously. These UFOs possess anti-gravity abilities, as well.


This author has been an investigative writer and researcher in the areas of ufology for years. This was a must update for the Universal Digest readers and viewers who would not have known about this present situation. There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a very interesting time in history.

See you next decade.

Written By: Ed Smith

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NASA began sharing the images of the Viking Mars missions in 1976. The spacecraft started to send images of the surface of the red planet back to earth showing ancient riverbeds, what appear to be pyramids, and an enormous face. The prospects that Mars once had a modern civilization existing there has sparked the interest of the science community, astronomers, and has caused some to devote their entire lives in researching all evidence they can get to prove that the planet once had a thriving modern civilization and still may have inhabitants living mostly underground today. People like Richard Hoagland who began gathering as much information as possible since the Viking images and published a book “The Monuments of Mars a City on the Edge of Forever” where he uses what evidence available to prove that Mars once had a thriving modern civilization.

Matteo Ianneo has also devoted his life to discovering clues of past modern civilizations, while primarily of Mars, he also investigates all information on other planets in the solar system and of earth as well.

But just how accurate and truthful are the Martian images? In the decades since the Viking photographs, it seems NASA has improved the quality of its images, showing a desert environment, mountains, and even ice. Most NASA images we have seen recently are so strikingly similar to the topography of earth, many question if these images were really taken here and presented to the public as being of the surface of Mars.

og: NASA
Here is an image taken at Devon Island, Canada. NASA published this as actual images of the martian landscape.

It seems that many of them are really from earth, not from Mars at all. It appears that NASA has decided to take pictures of their Mars training spot here on earth and present them to the public as authentic images of the red planet.

Today, way too many NASA images of Mars can be traced to their Martian training site on Devon Island, Canada. Here the topography is exactly a carbon copy of the images they tell us is the Martian surface.

Recently in 2018, the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft supposedly sent back an image of an ice covered Korolev Crater on the plain that surrounds the Martian north pole. The only problem with this, it is actually a photograph of the Haughton impact crater located on Devon Island here on earth.

This little indiscretion isn’t the only image claiming to be from Mars, but is actually a location from earth that can be traced from comparing what NASA says are Martian images. If you visit NASA’s Mars Curiosity Image Gallery and then search the topography of Devon Island, Canada on a search engine, you will find that most images that NASA is claiming to be from Mars, are actually fake, having been taken from Devon Island.

There can be only one explanation for NASA to fake pictures from Mars and that is they discovered a lot more of an intelligent civilization on this planet during the Viking missions than they are willing to admit to. The area where the Viking mission landed was desert, but as we can observe from earth, not all of the planet is a desert.

During the year, large areas on the surface of mars changes color, from a dull reddish tan color in winter, then getting darker during spring, to dark areas during the Martian summer. This constant seasonal color change would not be possible without massive plant life changing color according to seasonal changes.

The modern Martian civilization the Viking mission encountered had to have ordered us to leave the planet and never return, similar to what we were told on the moon, explaining why we never went back.

The failure rate of missions to the red planet are suspiciously high, too high to rack up as coincidences. In the 1990s alone, 4 out of 6 Mars missions failed, and this is nothing compared to the failed Russian Mars missions since the 1960s.

Since NASA began to send images of Mars in 1976, they have to keep up the facade to the public, primarily because they have to show the public that they are making great strides into new discoveries on Mars, as well as keeping the funding coming in. This is now a proven fact, they are lying to the public and faking images they say are from Mars, but are really from Devon Island, Canada.

Written By: Tony R Elliott

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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This is a view of Moro Rock. It is an iconic part of the Sequoia National Park only 45 minutes east of Visalia, CA off Route 198.

Sequoia National Park, located just 45 miles east of Visalia, California provides a multitude of attractions. Today’s article is about the trip to Moro Rock.

We traveled to Sequoia National Park on a perfect day in the central valley of California. In early November, temperatures dip into the low to mid 40’s during the night time and usually the 60’s during the day. Today it was close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the valley. In the mountains, it was around 50 degrees, which was quite pleasant.


Just a forty-five minute drive east from Visalia, California, we ascended the grade incline of CA Route 198 to the park entrance. We had picked an incredibly beautiful, sunlit day to visit the park. There was almost no traffic and all of whom we did meet, especially the park rangers were all friendly, outspoken, and cordial.

og: sequoia
Here is the front entrance to Sequoia National Park. It was the perfect day to go. There was almost no traffic.

There are so many different attractions at the Sequoia National Park this author recommends picking only one or two at a time to enhance the enjoyment of the experience in nature.

Depending on one’s travel schedule and how much time may be available, it is recommended to visit the link mentioned above and plan the trip carefully. From May through September of each year expect high visitor turnout to the park.

From Visalia on east there are various places to stay. There are also many restaurants to visit along the way. In fact, there are hotels located in the park, as well.


Needless to say, there are so many vista points and lay-by’s along the way only a couple will be reviewed in this article for brevity. Do pick a clear day to visit if picture-taking is one of your intentions during the visit. Depending on weather there can be many days where there is haze. Especially, as afternoon and early evening approaches one may find photo sessions to not be very effective. Consequently, earlier in the morning after the sun is over the mountains is the best time to take videos and photo snapshots.

If one has the time, pick one day to just drive completely through the park northward. Some of the roads do get very winding so make sure the driver is able to handle the task. From the CA Route 198 entrance in Tulare County, the road will finally head north until one reaches the park end in Fresno County at Kings Canyon National Park.

For those who can plan for a longer stay at the park, there are vacation rentals where one may stay, as well. Make reservations well in advance to preclude unfortunate outcomes.


As we passed the welcome center to the park, we made the right turn and headed for Moro Rock. The road and the incline became more of an issue. At some points the road had to wind past ancient sequoias, as well as, accommodate some rocky outcroppings. The trees and views were constantly alluring by nature. In a couple of places where curves were rather extreme, one had to take it very slow because the width of the road could barely allow two automobiles to pass, much less any larger vehicles.

Finally, we made it to the parking area. Of course, the rest of the trip was to be made on foot. Certainly, it must be noted that anyone with any respiratory, heart or mobility issues would not be able to continue farther.


Once we parked the vehicle, we looked to the right. Then, we looked up. And up. And up. We were going to climb that thing? Well, it is why we came. It was time to conquer. At the base of the escarpment there were ample signs in sealed displays to educate one on the discovery and history of Moro Rock. Some of it is provided here and in some image captions. It was discovered in 1858. Explorer Hale Tharp, with the help of two native Americans made the official discovery.


Before we started the climb, we did some reading from the displays provided. The history is amazing. In addition, how one who lives nearby can not be moved or at least interested in Sequoia National Park and its attractions.

Notably, above and below are some of the amazing photos of the incredible climb. Yes, the weather can be quite a factor, as mentioned earlier. Notably, one must always be prepared. Always, dress for it and be sure to carry enough water for the adventure.


No, the climb is not a short nor easy one for many to endure. Do pay attention to any health issues. At a few points, there are places to catch one’s breath. But, there are not many. This author did notice a few who may had been pushing it.

Finally, we were getting close to the summit, but not yet.


The arduous trek upward continued, but, without the determination on our parts, we struck forward with a vengeance. We would not be denied our resolve at summit success.

No way. Every time we thought we had made it, we were thwarted. Period. There was not way to see how far we had climbed the escarpment. But, we would soon have our answer.


Truly, there was not way to know our degree of advancement up this granite rock until we got there. No way.


So, we finally made it. And, with only a couple of stops along the way to catch our breaths, the view was incredible!

We took a long look around. It was majestic beauty in the finest! At this altitude one may not notice the air was thinner, but when moving around more than usual, especially climbing, one can tell the difference.


While at the summit, we had the opportunity to meet other visitors from other lands. Notably, we met two outstanding couples. One couple hailed from Israel and the other from Italy. We helped each other take pictures instead of resorting to selfies.

The hobnobbing and taking pictures of such scenic views of breathtaking terrain was really worth the trip. But, then there was the trip back down to the parking area. Rest assured, it was much easier than the ascent.


The trip back to the Sequoia National Park parking area was actually a welcome relief. It seemed like it took no time at all to return. But, it was still important to remember to be careful. One careless trip or misstep could be catastrophic.

Once back at the parking area we bad a farewell to our new international friends. They were on whirlwind trips to see as much of the United States as possible. Both couples were cramming as much in as possible. Example: One couple was heading from Sequoia National Park to Death Valley in the same day!


As mentioned previously, there was more haze about in the afternoon. Therefore, taking good pictures became problematic. However, this was an unusually clear day so please enjoy the following photos.

For those who are new traveling to the park, there are many vista points where one may stop.


For those who have some time after visiting Sequoia National Park, do take a few moments to stop at Kaweah Dam. It is one of the largest earthen dams in the United States.

This author hopes everyone has enjoyed reading this pictorial-based article. One will not regret visiting Sequoia National Park.

Written By: Ed Smith

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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