This dempanic has crossed genetic lines. This comes from a recent report at the New York, Bronx Zoo. Sad.

Dempanic? Of course. Pandemic; yes. Dampanic; absolutely. So, let us start with this disclaimer, please? UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion… Continue reading DEMPANIC-PANDEMIC-DAMPANIC

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SAINT AUGUSTINE AND HIS CONFESSIONS The book that I have just finished that I will review for you today, was written on or about the year 397 AD. Originally titled and meant to be read out loud such as Homer’s Iliad, ‘Confessions in 13 books’, later to be known as ‘Confessions by Saint Augustine’, gives… Continue reading SAINT AUGUSTINE AND HIS CONFESSIONS

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It is novel to see the viral infection underway. This comes via the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Novel-nCOV was one of the original names of the original SARS-CoV-2 designations. Well, matters have evolved much more from the beginning of this outbreak. But, that is not all. COVID-19 has been mutating, which is no surprise to medical experts. That is, medical experts who are willing to state the truth. This article addresses some… Continue reading NOVEL-nCOV ASTOUNDING UPDATE

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In this week's review, Darren Redmond delivers a synopsis of 'The Book Of Five Rings'.

BOOK OF FIVE RINGS In this week’s book synopsis of Redmond’s Review: Written in 1645, ‘The Book of Five Rings’ is written by Master Swordsman, Miyamato Musashi. It is a very brief nugget of a engaging approach to techniques that can help a person focus on themselves; rather than on those things that may be… Continue reading BOOK OF FIVE RINGS REDMOND’S REVIEW

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