Darren cares about the future of families, children, and humanity.


Darren Redmond is the Executive Director for a non-profit organization, P.A.I.N. Parents & Addicts In Need has been helping so many families in central California over the years. His message is painfully clear about the fentanyl-laced Xanax tablets that have been taken by unknowing children.

This article points out the dangers of illicit drugs posing as prescribed medications appearing in the marketplace, unbeknownst by their parents.

Please view Darren’s plea in this supported YouTube video that follows.


Darren Redmond contacted Universal Digest about this dire situation. They have received calls at their offices decrying the death from overdoses. Children have been taking fentanyl-laced drugs thinking they are anti-depressant drugs disguised as Xanax.

Here is Darren’s YouTube video:

Mr. Redmond supplied Universal Digest with his narrative that follows:

A short message and a warning. My name is Darren Redmond and I want to remind you that during these times of stress we some times make really bad decisions. We all get frustrated, we all sometimes feel the need to escape the anxiety or depression we may be feeling. But please NEVER use Xanax that you can by off thee street or even from some one you know. If it was not prescribed to you please leave it alone. To many people are dying from Fentanyl related overdoses. The fact is that many Xanax bars are supplemented with Fentanyl.

Written with Universal Digest support: Darren Redmond

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Darren Redmond is a man who cares about family, friends, and community.

Mr. Redmond is a constant contributing author to the Universal Digest network. His frequent book reviews are read by many. Children, as well as, many parents read his posts.

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