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Simple as it may seem, but as we enter 2021 with 2020 in the rear view mirror, are the following thoughts are more important more now than ever?

Political correctness to me equals control by others to manipulate others disguised as kindness.

Self discipline of speech should I believe should come from self; pure and simple.

But, I do wonder sometimes why do we feel compelled to say certain things.

For example why will we soon see and hear people mock those who make new years resolutions?

Why do we feel compelled to use words like stupid or racist when responding to someone with a different view of the world??

Why do we bond with some one then feel the need to judge them to others when they are not there?

Why do we feel compelled to mock what some one puts on their social media, when that page or pages are theirs and you are the guest?

Why do we feel compelled to yell about privacy but yet mock those who have had theirs infringed?

Why do we feel compelled to judge others quality of life when their time on earth belongs to them?

Why are we so wired to wonder if I am writing about any one in particular rather then just absorbing the words?

Why do we not practice more what we preach?

I have no one in particular in mind with these questions, but rather all of us including me as a collective.

May God as you understand God to be, shine the warm glow of understanding and the courage to put forth grace to others.

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Written By: D. Redmond

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