The abductions of us “Humans” from “Them” is so varied in their time spans and execution that one could make a graph, resembling a family heritage.

The abduction tree branches spread out in lots of directions. Some simply see something and realize they have missing time, and never give it another thought. These people are the little branch on the tree, for they will resume with their normal life, and never acknowledge what happened. Nor will they have nightmares and an anxiety filled, distressing life thereafter. Sort of; “Ho Hum, life goes on!” It must be nice!

The tree trunk goes up and there is a branch for the ones that realized what happened, and the slow recovering of memories, either alone or through regressive hypnosis.

And just to touch on that subject for a second, regressive hypnosis is, in my thinking, for Masochists. It is for me, unfathomable why anyone would want to remember any more than the natural recurrence of memories. Many will argue that they are desperately in need to know the whole situation in which they found themselves in. But are they really happier afterward? I seriously doubt it. I would never want it!

The trunk of the knowledgeable splits and another little branch goes out, for there are some lucky ones sitting on it that would do it again, anytime or anyplace. These people have had pleasurable experiences and encounters with “them” with supposedly caring, exceptional handling. And I reiterate, it must be nice!

The trunk continues upward for the unlucky rest. They return emotionally overflowing with pain, insecurity, confusion and worst of all, shame. Medical procedures are performed during a state of physicalAlien-Medical paralysis and throughout all the contacts, the absence of pain killers. Reading this, one would think that they are so medically and technologically advanced that pain and suffering would be alleviated! Perhaps they utilize some form of anesthesia on their own kind, but we are apparently laboratory animals, to be experimented on with total disregard to our pain. Even we humans anesthetize the lower forms of life when helping them! In our own laboratories here, I’m not so sure. So, there are two types of “them”. Some are caring, and the others are not! In both species, it seems to be the case from documented events.

Sexual experiments are made. Women proclaim they either were impregnated, a fetus was removed, or both. Are they being utilized like In Vitro Fertilization? And what do they gain from having two human strangers conduct sex before them? Like the film “Planet of the Apes”, let them mate and we observe! Affidavit’s from some even contain the fact of the sexual act between human and captor. They also tell of seeing and sometimes holding Hybrid babies.

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So it would seem they prepare themselves for a spectacular event, question is, for them or the both of us.

What I personally find hilarious, is an advanced race of beings capturing us and trying to erase our memories, only to overlook the subtle innuendos. A woman awakes with a shirt she doesn’t own, one awakes driving in the wrong direction, or even putting one back home, where they weren’t at point of contact.

These I believe to be random spur of the moment abductions, for their execution of return is faulty. Sometimes, one is simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

And in the end, they forgot to buckle your seat belt again.

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