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Abilities Expo 2018

Abilities Expo 2018 at the Los Angeles, California, USA, Convention Center hosts a plethora of activities booths covering many different programs and organizations that accommodate people with various forms of mobility issues.

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Abilities Expo 2018

This is the first year OGO Technology will be attending the convention to present and represent a most innovative form of wheelchair technology that has its origins in Segway tech. I have been honored that the principals of OGO Technology has accepted and posted some of the banners to promote their most innovative wheelchair that is revolutionizing the mobility market.

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OGO Technology – Grab Life By The Wheels!

Please join us at the Abilities Expo, LA Convention Center, February 23-25, to kick off the New Ogo Mobility Device. This is the first major showing of the device and Ogo Creator, Kevin Hasall will be there with his good friend and tester of the Ogo mobility device, Marcus Thompson. Also in attendance will be our California Ogo Agent, Gretchen Ryan. They will be giving test rides on the Ogo and answering any questions about the device. They are urging everyone to Grab Life by the Wheels.

Want to add some exciting new activities to your life? Abilities Expo showcases a wide range of events that not only entertain you – they also give you the opportunity to try new things, expand your interests and discover ways to be more involved in the local Los Angeles area. Again, it is February 23 – 25, 2018, Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A.

The convention hours are as follows: Friday: 11 am Р5 pm, Saturday: 11 am Р5 pm, Sunday: 11 am Р4 pm. Below is an image of the floor plan in the convention center:

The OGO booth is number 714. To note, there are hundreds of booths and many activities of interest occurring during the three-day event.

I am excited to be a part of this new, innovative business venture becoming established in the United States, originating from New Zealand. OGO Technology can also be found on Facebook. Their latest video can be found here for review. Thank you for reading this article.

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck

Editing By: Ed Smith




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