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The creators of this website listened to many different people, worldwide, who displayed interests in more areas than just about UFO phenomena. Some stated they were interested in UFO’s and others would ask about information in both related and unrelated areas over many years, not just recent events. Therefore, work has ensued and is an ongoing process of providing a multi-subject oriented website to accommodate those varied interests.

As the site develops, comments are most welcome to help ‘tweak’ the various menus and subjects of interest in order to supply the readers and viewers the information they request.

The purpose and direction of Universal Digest is not to bring just breaking news or fad articles to the public. It is more apt to state this site is bringing more relevant, poignant and credible information persons can read, view, and watch that covers many times, years, and eras of human history one may find not only enjoyable; it is educational, informative, and useful for all ages from around the world.

As the site develops, it is being set up to invite authors and contributors from various areas of subject interests who want to provide credible information, which includes featured articles, science, history, mysteries, for-your-information, and yes, UFO phenomena. These menus will be expanded over time to allow for the pertinent contributions by those who join in the site quest and goals. Views and opinions may be presented by contributors that are not the views of Universal Digest.

Timely reporting is desired; however, there are times when it is important to collate, import, and delay some articles in the interest of clarity and accuracy. We will not sway from this view in the light of truth in communication.

Reader discretion is advised.


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It is of keen interest that this website is enjoyable, educational, informative, and relevant to view for all who care to visit here.


The Universal Digest Team

PS: Enjoy!


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