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Jim Andre of the Alien Connection Truth Network poses here with his two daughters, Brittany and Alexia.

The Alien Connection Truth Network on social media’s Facebook is the creation from Jim Andre of Acushnet, Massachusetts. As an experiencer with many years of research, as well as, UFO sightings and paranormal events, he was inspired to be the founder of this group. Jim is also a spiritualist and healer. What makes so much of his efforts very special is what follows next.

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Jim Andre of the Alien Connection Truth Network poses here with his two daughters, Tiffany and Alexia.

After beginning the social media group in 2013 it seemed that as such groups go, the growth rate of membership was pretty much like the mainstream groups on Facebook. It was a little over three weeks ago when there was an incredible surge of membership requests from the ‘four-corners’ of the earth, to use the term in a glib fashion (hence, be forewarned, no flat-earth material allowed). From around 65,000 members joined at ACTN (Alien Connection Truth Network) in July of 2017, there are now over 101,224 members and the pace of membership requests have only fallen, slightly.

Jim Andre of Alien Connection Truth Network in the early days…

This author has been an active member since July 30, 2014. It was my pleasure to become the most recent of 20 administrators to help with traffic, post approvals, and membership requests over two weeks ago. Therefore, I can personally attest to what is happening. Jim and I are mutually scratching our heads to determine the origin of the present phenomena. Frankly, it is rather exciting to experience. After a number of Skype sessions, including incorporating some measures to insure a more seamless membership experience, Jim is still rather perplexed at what is transpiring. With such an influx of new membership, we have made sure to update the list of ‘banned’ groups and websites that tend to post and publish hoaxes and other faked information.

Jim Andre of the Alien Connection Truth Network in a recent Skype session collaborating for this article creation.

One thing for sure that can tax even the most experienced of administrators is moderation of post accuracy and authenticity especially for educational purposes. With the preponderance of false news occurring these days, Jim Andre and his administrators are determined to provide membership with the best of viewing and reading experiences. To this end, Jim has a ‘pinned post’ that includes an open offer to consider those who may wish to become administrators at ACTN. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only group I have seen that posts this request. I find this to be refreshing, as it opens the door for the serious-minded, as well as, like-minded individuals to not only participate, but to also contribute. As an added area to enhance administrator communication and participation, Jim has created his own ‘secret’ group for administrators to communicate and discuss whatever issues may arise in the main group operations. They are also free to bring up new ideas to enhance the membership’s viewing experience.

This is the YouTube video interview with Jim:

In sum, I am honored to be a part of Jim Andre’s group phenomena. This article is a tribute to the ongoing process of the educational value of UFO, alien, and paranormal research that is so prevalent today. We don’t always get it right; however, it is not for lack of effort.

All who are reading this article are invited to join ACTN. There will be a couple of questions to answer since we do invite those who are serious about participating in this group experience and have something to contribute for everyone’s benefit. No disrespect or negative/unrelated posts are tolerated. Those interested will also be screened as to relevance of interest and sincerity in the membership process. Further, all posting requests will be scrutinized for authenticity and relevance to the group’s subject foundation.

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At the time of this publication, Jim Andre has posted an upcoming event of which everyone is invited to attend. It is called a Collective Consciousness Summonsing Event on September 19, 2017. This same Tuesday is the same day when the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction event occurred on September 19, 1961. Could the rapid growth of membership in the group be due to what Jim Andre states here?

“We here @ The Alien Connection Truth Network are dedicated in the pursuit of full UFO/Alien disclosure… Recently, our group has been rapidly & literally growing by the thousands which provides a solid & excellent foundation for this event. The more participants, the better the results may be. It is a Collective Consciousness UFO Summonsing Event, meaning anyone can join this event where we will simultaneously, collectively meditate from any location we are at, & consciously summons, (spiritually will) & welcome the appearance of UFOs within a pre-determined time frame & over a specifically targeted area. The time frame is from Tuesday evening, Sept 19th 9:00 P.M. to Wednesday, Sept. 20th 12:01 A.M. EDT. The targeted area is over The Statue of Liberty (New York Harbor). PLEASE, serious participants only with positive energy, no negativity needed. Join us.”

From so many personal experiences, of which one as recent as today has occurred, I am not one to judge. In fact, for all intents and purposes, I believe. It is more important now to support the elevation of the human condition with positive energy than ever. At the time of this article publication, membership stands at 101,524.

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