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Are Older UFO Photos Hoaxes?

Recently, there was the claim that all government microfilm, picture, and document files had been released to the public. Much of this work was accomplished by the diligence and persistence of John Greenewald. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has made most of these files public for years. John Greenewald has put together a complete file in his Facebook and website, The Black Vault, thus making files more easily available to the public. Further, John is constantly updating his sites with the latest information available. He is actively researching for any documentation missed or not divulged, previously.

In light of such progressive actions undertaken by individuals that aliens and their machines do exist, can the goal of governmental disclosure occur? Many say emphatically, yes. It is only a matter of time. Of course, opinions exist, as well that no disclosure will occur unless the government can no longer hide or deny such existence.

For ease of reader viewing of Project Blue Book archives, the federal government via the Air Force has moved their original website from the Freedom of Information Act web page to the National Archives. Please click on the link below:

National Archives – Project Blue Book

Do you think it is possible, many years ago, there would be people who could possibly conceive a hoax providing pictures, slides, and even videos? Of course, it is true. Billy Meier, and his preposterous claim with his UFO visitations by the Nordics who could travel hundreds of light-years to reach earth in just eight hours?

Now, let us take a look at someone who took the time to help his daughter with her photography project at school. Randy Wyrick was asked by his daughter, Krystal for help with her photography project.

What is so notable, they took the time to set up a “real” UFO by utilizing standard techniques. Randy, who is a good ufologist, helped Krystal with a contraption they decided would be most interesting to anyone who saw the picture. They hoisted a fishing line of the finest (small gauge) type to avoid being noticed when photographed. Next, they used a vegetable strainer (noted upside down) to be the object. Then, it was hung from above and set in motion. The photo¬†was properly “enhanced” so the image would be thought as older, authentic and something to consider.

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The efforts of Randy and Krystal proved to be successful. She received and “A” for the project!

Well done! Yet, how often are we deceived by those who want to make money and gain notoriety by publishing fluff, hoax pictures, and out-and-out fake information that continues to infect our world society? There are more charlatans than there are realists.

What Randy Wyrick has shared for the public to know and understand is how easy it is for so many to be mislead.

Just remember, it might be a good idea to use the fishing line to catch fish and the vegetable strainer to fashion a nice meal, which is more healthy and useful than trying to ‘create’ a UFO?

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