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    Yes, they finally showed themselves out in the open. For everyone to see and to accept the realization that the extraterrestrial arrival phenomena is a reality. What happens then?

    Okay! It hasn’t happened yet but what would be the ramifications on our world when they show themselves? Well, for starters it would obliterate our mindset of being unique as far as intelligent species are concerned. The pure fact that the Visitors possess superior technological science as compared to ours would be a depressing blow to our ego. Making us look like cave men in comparison. But the critical time period is when they make personal contact, be it with the entire civilization or one of our governing regimes. Automatically it would be assumed that they also possess a higher form of psychological and sociological intelligence, but when one looks at our world, that doesn’t necessarily have to be.

    When they arrive, will we be able to somehow come to a co-existing agreement should they decide to stay on this planet? Will they conform to any of our laws? The first thing is that it would depend on exactly where they call “Home”, for every country has its own style of laws. The second thing is that they really have no need to obey our laws. For if they are of such a higher intelligence then they will not see us as equals, and in the end we would be the oppressed. A species that is capable of transiting the vast distances of space would have more technological means to defend themselves, should we have the audacity to force them to conform to us. They have apparently been watching us for a very long time. During their observation of our species, they would have come to the conclusion to definitely not assimilate their civilization with ours. In all seriousness, no species would! If by chance they would stay and conform to our rules, would they end up like in the film ‘District 9’? More than likely because the Governments around the globe would do anything for the technological prowess they would possess!

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    At the very least the religious factions would be in an uproar. For it would disprove almost all that they have taught us since the beginning. What if the Visitors inform us that they are only checking up on us, after seeding us here on this planet long ago? That would be for all of the religions the final slap in the face. Society would be in chaos, the Stock Markets would plummet due to the fear and insecurity of the future of mankind.

    For if they are only looking at their experiment of creating a new species on this planet and realize that it went wrong, then we are definitely in big trouble.

Let’s wait and hope we get ourselves in order before they arrive.


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