Ed Smith - Founder - Universal Digest

Have spent a lifetime of learning, education, and experiencing only to find we are all the same. We are all we have. The human condition is my precept to understanding and applying the truth to life. There is nothing more than to understand we are not alone. We were created for a grander more loving purpose. Enjoy and revel in the fact we can communicate in so many ways. Believe, also, our destinies will be fulfilled. For all mankind, Our Father, YHWH, Jehovah, God, and all ways to speak the Truth exists. Who wants to join in something so simple, it cannot be denied? Jesus is my Advocate and Savior to God. one in the same. You are all most welcome and revered, in life and eternity. So, enjoy life, enjoy communication, and just be yourself. Do not just give 'lip service' or 'just scan' what you read. Do it!

Author: Ed Smith - Founder - Universal Digest