Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Something that we take for granted in a land governed by democracy is slowly being taken from us. It’s called freedom of speech. You’ll understand after reading. Reason being is that here in Germany, the government and Facebook have coerced to stifle any Anti- Muslim or generally speaking, any and all Anti-Refugee comments. Facebook/Government put a veritable Dog Muzzle on all commentaries pertaining to the catastrophic refugee situation here in Germany. Overnight, one Facebook group lost 600 members. Due only in part to making expressions and utilizing their freedom of speech. People who make simple commentaries on Facebook against the refugees, (and not all comments were radical to the tune of “Kill them all” or such), have or are waiting to see a Judge to be fined. One was fined €5000 for simply expressing his opinion. Even if you simply say; “Send them back!” Come on; take an educated guess where you will be spending the next paycheck? Correct! Foreigners could probably loose their permanent residence permission with such comments, and then it’s back to the homeland!

It appears that the German government, naturally due to its historical past, is apparently so scared to say no to the refugees, that they are willing to let the country figuratively, and literally, go down the drain. That and the fact that the government is so slow in making any decisions pertaining to the deluge of refugees. As stated before, he who would start making comments about the refugees will automatically become categorized as a “Nazi” in the eyes of the Media and government.

So not only are we being literally overrun with refugees from Syria, but now they are coming from other countries as well, to soak up the social system good life here in Germany and a few other European countries.

The problem of the near one million refugees, who wish to reside ONLY in Germany, is the fantastic social system, which by the way, said German social system gives more monthly sustenance money for a refugee than a disabled German born citizen. This is one of the points that really aggravate the German citizens. Another point is the sudden willingness of the Government to provide tutorial assistance for the refugees to learn German. And what about the entire native born citizens (be it the disabled children or simply the slow learners) which don’t receive assistance, or whose parents fight an everlasting battle with the system to achieve any sort of retribution for the cost of “Special Teaching”. There are lots of other little things which are aggravating the average citizen. To me, it seems that the media purposely brings reports about refugees who; are not satisfied with their living accommodations, want money instead of food, want to go to a specific town of their choice, and refuse to be fingerprinted. Of course, shouldn’t they be grateful that they’re no longer in a war zone where one can (literally) loose their head over nothing, simply being thankful for a roof, food and (most important) safety for their children? Another really big question is why do so many refugees absolutely refuse to be fingerprinted? What, or from whom are they hiding?

We also need to differentiate between those coming from the war zone and all the others (the majority) coming from other economically weak countries. The German citizens can assimilate with the refugees fleeing from the “Syrian Slaughter State”, but not those from weak economic lands.

German Free Speech 5

It is simply amazing when one watches the daily news reports on television, just to what extremes the government will (figuratively) bend over backwards to help all the refugees. Many people pay attention while watching the news reports, and I’ve heard many exclaim to the fact that they come with only the clothes on their back, but now are in possession of new Smart Phones! And then they wonder why the normal citizen is becoming angry? The local governmental agencies are requesting that if anybody has apartments for rent, that they take in refugees. And “Forced Rental to refugee families”, (meaning you have to rent to the local government without any knowledge of just who will move in, or for that matter, how long) is still being talked about from various politicians. Which sounds like Political Suicide to me! This is a BIG problem, should it become law. Many houses here have a second apartment which they would rather not rent anymore, due to bad experiences from former times. I am one of those persons. But many will do it out of greed, for they receive the rent per person, and not per apartment, for the square meter requirement dictated by law is less for refugees than for normal citizens. Ergo, one can rent and become almost 3 times the price one normally could achieve by normal renting. Lucrative, but no thanks! By law, when a house is sold, those who are in a rented apartment do not have to move out. They come as a package deal with the house. So who would buy a house with refugees? No one, period!

These are just a handful of things that only the normal citizen realizes, and I’m fearful of the oncoming revolution of our citizens, (which already started with the muzzle on our freedom of speech) for it will most definitely happen. If it doesn’t happen this year, then wait till next year.

Fact is: The Americans are seriously worried about approx. 10,000 Syrian refugees (and the question remains if they actually are all from Syria) from here being imported to the USA. Now I seriously have to ask; only Ten Thousand? In Bavaria, the land of the BMW, they are coming over the borders by the thousands, every day. The expectation of refugees was continually raised each month until the Government quit calculating how many would arrive. So, ten thousand seems to me a small number, compared to well over one million expected till the end of this year, and this year only.

But irregardless of where all the refugees go, be it Germany, Sweden or even America and Canada, there is now lots of free land in a country which is nice and warm. And with a beautiful ocean with sandy beaches, maybe we should all start building retirement homes in Syria!

Tommy Jensen

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In the dead of the quiet night, as I lay so deep in the serene darkened well of my sleep, I suddenly take notice of his presence in the room, an entity standing there absolutely still and silent at the foot of my bed.

I’m afraid.

And now through my unopened eyes I can start to feel this entity staring directly at me, ominous and surely with those big eyes of his, he will have a searing penetrating look on it’s face, and I think; “No! Please simply go away and leave me alone!” My only wish is to remain deeply in my own little Nirvana. My tranquil state of peaceful dreams.

I’m afraid.

As I very slowly start to arise out of the foggy denseness of my mentally incapacitated state of sleep, I can now feel his presence on the blanket by my feet and I start to become very nervous. And I then think; “I did not do anything to you to deserve this, so please leave me alone, I don’t need this!” I’m afraid.

All of my attempts at wishful thinking, or praying or pleading will be to no avail and have no effect against this awesome entity which is now pressing heavily down on my blanket. Making it difficult to breath with his constricting weight as his body now slowly starts to come towards the direction of my face. Still keeping my eyes closed in the hope it will go away, I think; “Why does it always have to be me?”

I’m afraid.

I can now hear him as he slowly breathes in and out and I decide to face up to the cold hard fact that I simply will have no say in the matter, for I have no other choice. For he is a relentless, persistent and persevering entity.

And I’m afraid. So slowly opening one eye just enough for me to see, I realize that he is now staring me directly in the face!

I’m afraid.

As I gather enough courage to open both of my eyes and face the truth of what will transpire with me, my entity begins to speak;


I’m afraid that I simply have no other choice but to get up out of bed, feed him, and then let him outside.

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Suicide and children

Well, what good is it all for?

When ones child makes the decision on their own to depart from this world, before their life has even gotten into second gear. Parents that do their best to provide a good home for their child as it is in their growing stages, and still, somehow they missed the signs of their child in need. Children do not need financial security, a big house, or prestige in the community. Children have two simple basic needs, love and understanding. Someone that will help them to find their own way in life, to subtly watch over them and guide them into adulthood. And still, to give them all the freedom they may need to mentally grow into their own form of person, their very own explicit personality. So why is it that there are some children that decide to end it all, and pass away before their time? Sometimes parents can give all they have to give, and still, with all the love and understanding, a tragic occurrence happens. And a child takes his own life.

The parents will naturally start to blame themselves. And to embellish the flames of the hellish time after the death of ones child, when the parents are torn, mourning and constantly questioning themselves if they missed a sign, other family members will start to question who was to blame. As if it really matters. For the child is no longer among us, but still, will always be in their hearts, no matter the outcome for the parents.

The act of self-euthanasia is always traumatic, for everybody who had close contact, and those who have gone their own direction in life. For all except said person. There are hundreds of decisive catastrophes which can torment one to seek a way for eternal peacefulness. But for all the bereavement, questionable theories from others, and the possible condemnation from other family members, it comes down to one simple fact.

No one knows and would truly never understand, what had mentally transpired in the thoughts of the deceased. Maybe a small thing in life, which like a snowball rolling down the mountain, eventually becomes an avalanche, to bury one in its path.

And still, the old song adage goes; “And suicide is painless, it brings on many changes.”

So true! For the parents will never be the same again.

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They say that it was abolished after the North won the Civil War. Yes and no. The slave owners were not allowed to own slaves anymore and that was a great win for the American civilization at the time. Lots of slaves stayed with their former owners on the farms, due to the fact that many owners were social thinking people and had a heart for the Black slave labor which worked the fields for them. Basically said, they were more or less Bosses and secondly, owners. They handled their slaves with respect, and when the war was finished, they paid that respect back to the him. By not leaving him in a clinch with lots of crops and nobody to harvest.

Slavery has been around since the civilization of mankind, they were simply called by different names according to the land and language used. But slaves none the less. And it continues to this very day. For slavery is not only when one is owned like a piece of furniture. Slavery is also when one has no other choice. Child and adult slavery is still very popular in many lands, because it is human nature that when you can, you tell others to do your work, ergo you enslave them. Bukowski-Modern-Slavery

Slavery takes on many different colors. Work slavery is the simple fact that since the industrial revolution we have become increasingly enslaved to Big Business and the names of the slave owners has also taken on a flair and style. With such fancy names as Manpower and the rest, we, on our own accord, are enslaving our selfs into low paying jobs (maybe even picking cotton!) while the conglomerates become increasingly wealthier.

Debt is another form of slavery, especially when the companies loan you money at exorbitant rates. Remember the man sang; “I owe my soul to the company store!” One only has to read the Credit Card statistics for the USA to realize just how enslaved some poor folks have become.

And what about the woman who would want to get a divorce, but knows that her man will kill her if she would even breathe a word about it? Marital slavery!

But one day it will cease to be, when we cease to be!

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