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Are there 3 lookalikes for Joe Biden? The ears and nose may give it away that there are. This image shows a present image of an attached earlobe while he originally had a free earlobe.

Biden, who is now president of the United States, is not appearing in public, as previous ones did. Why? Tony Elliott presents this thought-provoking article with some startling insights. Who is running this country?

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Are there 3 lookalikes for Joe Biden? The ears and nose may give it away that there are. This image shows a present image of an attached earlobe while he originally had a free earlobe.

Since the presidential primaries, we continue to constantly hear from a variety of people that the person we currently have as President of the United States is not the same person as the man who was Vice President during the Obama years. From nationally syndicated and local talk show hosts like Sean Hannity, Houston-based Michael Berry, to Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer all mentioning the drastic change in Joe Biden.

“Not the Same Joe”: Former Stenographer Says Biden’s Cognitive Ability Has Declined Significantly

Of course, the change they are referring to is regarding Biden’s drastically declining cognitive state where he can’t give a single speech or public announcement without losing his train of thought, forgetting what he is talking about, or having to ask for help to get through them.

President Trump’s remarks on Biden during last year’s campaign sums it up better than anyone else ever could by stating he acts different than he used to and looks different than he used to.

Yes, Biden seems to have become more frail physically along with his stark decline mentally, however, there is a lot more to his changes than most realize.

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Here, Biden is pictured with an earlier image of a free earlobe while his latest one shows an attached earlobe.

By analyzing some of Biden’s physical features of today against those of a few years ago, we find some anomalies that would be virtually impossible to be shared by the same individual.

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There are two kinds of earlobes. They are either attached or free from the face. Courtesy: Henry van Dyke Carter

The earlobes, for example, the Biden of today has attached earlobes, whereas the Biden of a few years ago had free earlobes, a physical impossibility to occur at all, not to mention over the course of a few years or during the time of a campaign which is the case here. The Biden we see presently has different ear lobes than the Biden whose eye filled with blood during a presidential debate.

Aside from the ears, Biden’s appearance has changed in many areas from his nose, for example, today Biden seems to vacillate from having a more aquiline nose shape as he did when he was VP to having a straighter Grecian nose presently.

The bottom line is, a person doesn’t change in physical appearance almost on a daily basis as Biden does without raising speculation that he really isn’t who they want us to believe he is. Given Biden’s clear decline cognitively, it comes as no surprise why the people who are really in charge in Washington would use stand-in lookalikes. Judging from observation, I personally believe there are three Biden stand-in doubles and the real Biden still remains in his home, being cared for by a staff of nurses 24/7.

The biggest indication that Biden isn’t in charge of anything and lookalike props are being used to make us believe he is, is the recent push by Democrats to have the President’s ability to launch nuclear missiles removed and placed in the hands of a panel. This action in itself says that the real Joe Biden is not POTUS and that both he and Kamala Harris are nothing more than props being used for those who are actually in charge of running things behind the scenes. As for who these people are, it assuredly has to be Barack H Obama, John Kerrey, and Susan Rice to name the main characters.

Interestingly, these three continued to jet around the world during the Trump Administration making deals and acting like Obama was still in charge.

Obama Regime Still Making Deals & Meeting World Leaders Like They Are Still In Charge

The entire 2020 election process from the primaries to the general was impossible, from Harris dropping out due to lack of support even before voting commenced, Biden’s lack of enthusiasm from Democrat voters in the face of a very popular Bernie Sanders, to a voter turnout in the general elections so huge that it would have meant that not only everyone who registered to vote voted, but more votes were cast than registered voters.

According to the US Elections Project, some 150 million Americans voted in the 2020 presidential general election, yet we are supposed to believe Biden got 80 million votes against President Trump’s 75 million votes. This is impossible given that 80 million and 75 million add up 155 million votes, 5 million more votes than voters. This, on top of the fact that many who registered to vote did not vote.

The 2020 US Presidential Election – Venezuelan Style

We only have to look at the present state of the White House surrounded by troops and barricaded behind razor fencing, etc. to realize that this is not the picture of the most popular president in history, as he would be given the number of votes, he supposedly got.

Written By: Tony R. Elliott

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