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Bigfoot goes by a number of various names such as, The Abominable Snowman, Yeti or the little known word Sasquatch, which was introduced into our language in 1929. I have big feet, so we’ll utilize the word Sasquatch, and hopefully more people will learn it.

Now, supposedly it’s a hairy or furry human bipedal creature with a height span ranging from approximately six to fifteen feet. This will be written in the “If” form, because I personally don’t believe in it and till yet, nobody has produced any tangible absolute proof or evidence of any existence of these so called elusive creatures. So then, that would make the average out to be ten to eleven feet in height, which would mean they have really big boys and also some midgets!

Okay. If they did exist for so long, and they apparently have been around a long time, why haven’t we at any point in time managed to discover a deceased body? I find that somewhat strange, or on the other hand, rather normal if they seriously don’t exist. Or perhaps they take care of their own deceased, burying them somewhere, much the same as we do. Some groups and individuals have reported that they run in groups and that would suggest a civilized way of thinking, especially when they are in the vicinity of humans. If they really do exist, it is apparent that they would posses a higher intelligence. My reasoning for this is that for all the “Bigfoot Hunters” around the world with high-tech traps and equipment, not one has been captured, clearly filmed or photographed. Furthermore, no fur (hair) samples with strange DNA have ever been presented.

I recently watched a show about a group of men who spent their whole time (attempting) to hunt down this elusive myth. And, their totally perverted viewpoint was their repetitious acknowledgement of their usage of “tranquilizer dart guns”, and meanwhile, in the background one could clearly see the normal rifles and quite a few shotguns! Not overlooked by me was also the fact that they didn’t mention the heavy calibre pistols hanging from their belts. Should they by chance and a stroke of luck actually manage to see one and have the chance to photograph it in High Definition, do you seriously believe they would continue to play tourist, and be content with simply take pictures? Nope! These professional hunters will have a tranquilizer dart in its fur in a heartbeat! But are they veterinarians with the experience of body weight to chemical ratio? Perhaps, one of them took a weekend “crash course”, but a true hearted veterinarian doesn’t go hunting myths in their spare time. So, in all likelihood, the Bigfoot or Yeti troopers will make the mistake of too little or too much tranquilizer in the dart. Too much, it falls over dead in its tracks, and they’ll have their trophy for over the fireplace! But what kind of a horror scenario will take place, if it’s too little? Naturally, its reaction to being shot, (and these hunter boys better pray that it was alone in the woods), would be to attack its aggressor. Again, very much the same as we would do if attacked. It would be fighting back for its self preservation! So the brave Sasquatch hunters would instantly be scared witless as this thing starts running towards them to attack. They know it is more agile and faster in wooded areas than they are, so in their fright, they will hit it with everything they have at their disposal!

In an action of total overkill, when they are finished, they might be lucky to find meat and fur blown in every direction of the woods. And after all, the lying on television about how brave they battled against it, what will then be their prize? Maybe some scientist will be able to confirm that it has a different unknown DNA, but not much else!

That is the scenario of if he was alone! As the main “head-hunter” proclaimed, these creatures are very intelligent and they run in packs. So, shoot one! And similar to when one kills a single hornet, when he goes down you will have the rest of the gang coming at you from all different directions.

If they actually exist, they are morally smarter than humans, for they aren’t hunting us, are they?

My closing thoughts are: Didn’t these guys ever watch and learn from the classic film Planet of the Apes? When one is caught, afterwards there will be a flurry of people out there to get “their very own Sasquatch!” Also a thought, after the first one is caught, how many years will it take, until it is put on the endangered species list? And what would be the penalty for poaching?

I truly hope they remain a myth for a very long time! At least, until we as humans start taking care of this planet, instead of just taking from it! It would keep them safe from the most dangerous animal on this planet, and keep it interesting for us who cherish nature, not destroy it.

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