Jim Poushinsky observed a UFO similar to one reported by James Thompson from Arkansas just four days earlier in Ottawa, Canada

JIM POUSHINSKY ON UFOS AND PAST LIVES Poushinsky posts in social media just after a KCOR radio broadcast on “The Strange Truth” with show host, Dave Emmons. He interviewed Edward James Thompson about his four hour extraterrestrial invitation event on June 30, 1992. This article is about Jim Poushinsky who elaborated on not only seeing… Continue reading POUSHINSKY ON UFOS AND PAST LIVES

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Annie Williams

ANNIE Annie walked in silence along the street until she was noticed by Officer Ted Darling… When you are a security guard you see a lot of unusual and interesting people in your duties. A particular person at any particular time may or may not grab your interest, and in as much as guards are… Continue reading ANNIE WILLIAMS AND OLORUN SMITH

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Bill Savard and I discuss his latest contribution to his sphere experience in 1961. With his brother, Gene, it was a momentous and historical event.

SAVARD RECALLS SPHERE ENCOUNTER WITH CLARITY Savard, William (Bill), contacted me this last month with a keen desire to update his article of March 18, 2018. Bill Savard wants to reiterate to the public his experience with an intelligent sphere from almost 60 years ago. He believes it will help others who have had events… Continue reading SAVARD RECOUNTS SPHERE ENCOUNTER

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Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

Wizards of Deception

Wizards of deception have arisen from many areas of human history over millennia. They have arisen from religion, government, military, and political arenas.  So, what about these wizards from the latest generations from the 20th and now the 21st centuries? Most have heard the wizards names before: George Soros, the Rockefeller, the Bilderbergs, (Bilderberg Group),… Continue reading Wizards of Deception: Fact or Conspiracy?

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