This dempanic has crossed genetic lines. This comes from a recent report at the New York, Bronx Zoo. Sad.

Dempanic? Of course. Pandemic; yes. Dampanic; absolutely. So, let us start with this disclaimer, please?

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website. Further, none of the prescribed, advertisers, assigns, and any affiliates are part of this publication; nor will they be.

Thanks to good friends who send me information regarding my requests for accurate, objective, and honest reporting; it helps so much with the research at hand. Muriel Perkins, a good friend of many years who is a savvy news hound, has sent over the ‘smoking gun’. The COVID-19 virus is no accident. Further, the present coronavirus could not have occurred in nature. We write about this later in the article. Because, most of this article has been written, to date.


This author has become weary of the political and news media rants, posts, publications, and social media irresponsibility! Truly, only a very few radio and television networks are responsible in reporting, accurately the true nature of the coronavirus outbreak. Only a few. But, the mainstream media continues to spew vitriol and total garbage to a human audience who just wants the facts. And, most people are not being fooled by this.

og: dempanic
This dempanic is messing with the paperwork.

Hence, the heading of this being a ‘dempanic’ is accurate in this writer’s perspective. It has gone from one being ashamed of their profession to justifying same. Despicable, to say the least. Political parties are constantly wrangling on who is telling the truth. Whether it is a Republican or Democratic stance; it is a stance, nonetheless.

Now, let’s view this a bit deeper, okay? Having been done with such fake news over recent years, dealing with this present pandemic is completely and utterly unique; in every sense of the word. So, please enjoy the next rants based on actual interviews. The protection of the innocent is ever present on one’s mind. And, God love them all.


Presently, the COVID-19 crisis is still upon us. News reporting has not only been lack-luster; it has been pedantic and misleading, at best. It is like producing an icon of purpose in a stage of no light, at all. For those who read this, it is simply put; fear-mongering deceptions. People are being played and depending on their political views; this is quite damaging to our society.

Also, many huge corporations are playing our genuine and loving citizens for all they are worth. This is patently evil, in my humble opinion. Ideally, it would be wonderful to see this come to an end. However, it could be a pipe dream.

Over the past few months, many personal interviews were conducted. These included chats with persons from different walks of life, as well as, different generations. Indeed, there was an uncanny congruence and continuity in the responses received. We’ll cover this in the next segment.


As mentioned, let us cover the responses that were so consistent from interviewees. People interviewed were well-to-do, average income, and below-average income. Also, people interviewed ranged from teenagers to elderly.

Now, looking at whether the coronavirus outbreak is natural or artificial; respondents were almost 100% sure the virus is artificial. Next, almost all commented it was man-made. But, this writer contends the virus came from nature, but was recombined. An older term used is spliced, but we’ll see shortly that RNA strands were recombined with other existing bat coronaviruses.

Then, we covered whether or not news media was being transparent in reporting. In other words, were they being honest? Further, were they reporting without agendas or opinion based on facts? The resounding answers were no!

When asked about how good a job politicians were doing; it was split pretty much down party lines. This indicates how terribly divided our views are in the United States. Therefore, there is almost no common ground where people may discuss issues or compromise on the same.

Could it be that the COVID-19 outbreak created a new foundation for people to get along? Indeed, it is no in some cases, but it is also an incredible yes in others!


While there has been a certain amount of fear resulting in people hoarding and trying to take advantage of the present pandemic; others have been working hard in understanding to help others. First of all, let us thank so much the front-line medical staff, nurses, doctors, and caregivers who work tirelessly to aid the ill. Next, let us thank law enforcement who must contend with criminal elements. These individuals seek to break the law and some of them have COVID-19. Finally, let us thank the military who protect our citizens, borders, and interests abroad.

og: dempanic
This dempanic shows the deplorable degradation of society from hoarding sources. Toilet paper? C’mon, man!

In the past month, people who are not in essential jobs have been asked to stay home. And, they have been asked to not leave unless they must obtain essential goods, like food and fuel. In short, this came about to help the medical community and hospitals not to be overrun with a non-sustainable number of cases. This has multiple benefits. First, there are enough medical supplies and ventilators available. Second, there are enough medical personnel to treat and help the infected individuals recover.

As mentioned before, this is a bad virus. At article’s end, we’ll learn more of the mechanics of the virus and its danger to human life.


Recently, it was discovered that this virus can be transmitted from humans to animals. So, not only should hygiene be applied to how humans protect themselves, but it should be done the same when around animals. Because of the nature of this virus, social-distancing and facial covering must be utilized to protect animals, too. And, stay home.


Again, thanks to Muriel Perkins giving me the heads up of the latest research completed from well-known and reputable professionals; we can bring the viewers the ‘smoking gun’ information of how and where the latest COVID-19 outbreak occurred. Of course, the viewer should take the time to watch this 55-minute video, testimonials, and brief documentary summary, courtesy of The Epoch Times. This author found it to be spot on in its findings.

Touched on by previous Universal Digest articles on COVID-19, the short answer is this pandemic was caused by the release of a recombination of two bat coronaviruses. In other words, there was a recombination of the two different RNA genetic strands. Because of the nature of such a recombination, researchers demonstrably proved this could not occur in nature. Yes, it is not a natural virus. It is the combination of parts of two different viruses.

In sum, the Chinese Communist Party’s military arm had been experimenting on bio-warfare research and the darn thing was released. This author believes it was released inadvertently through improper work techniques. It was not released on purpose. So, there we are.


The real danger of the virus that has cause the present dempanic, or pandemic is multi-faceted. Of the three proteins found in this virus is the S-protein. It is otherwise known as the ‘spike-protein’. Simply, it fools the ACE-2 receptors in human lungs. The ACE-2 receptor thinks the cell is benign so it attaches to the spike-protein. Then, the virus enters the healthy cell membrane and attacks the nucleus and replaces the DNA there.

But, another interesting fact was found. Fully, 1/3 of the coronavirus cases were discovered to not have been near the Huanan Seafood market, not could they have been. Also, no bats were found there and none had been harvested anywhere near the market. Ultimately, researchers discovered this was a Chinese government cover up.

They were so hasty to cover up the outbreak they hoped the case discrepancies would be missed. Please, take the time to view the video by clicking the link above or here. The answers supplied are conclusive. This was no accident. It was most likely a terrible mishap. Yes, this is a mishap that has changed the world.


There have been many disasters made over time. Lately, it seems human-made disasters have been able to climb the ladder of causing the most recent ones. Remember 3-Mile Island in the United States? How about the Chernobyl Incident that occurred in Russia? Most recently, we endured the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

In the past, who is to say some of the viral outbreaks in the 20th century could have been from bio-warfare research?

There are those who have stated that Africa is a great place for experimentation. Of that, only speculation results.

What is interesting today is this: We live in an information age, now. We travel globally, daily. Communication is almost instantaneous. This is why trying to cover up or hide things, especially those that cause death and/or destruction of any degree is not missed. There is a global communication network that works 24/7. So, would it not be more prudent to be transparent and not devious?


Let us hope with the stall in the economies in the world, we don’t wait to long to get back to work and regular living. We do not want the cure of distancing to be worse than the incidence of this prevalent virus.

Keep the immune systems up and running!

No doubt, there are good forces working beneath the radar, as well as, those devious ones. It is a mute point on which forces most of us want to win?

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This dempanic has crossed genetic lines. This comes from a recent report at the New York, Bronx Zoo. Sad.

Remember, this day will pass. We are about to return to normal business. Let’s do our parts to bring more peace, not war.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. And, the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

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A mission 9-11? The south side of the Pentagon burns after it took a direct, devastating hit from an aircraft Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001, in Arlington, Va. (AP Photo/Tom Horan)

Mission 9-11 is an apt title in the third of the series on Nazism and the NWO (New World Order).

It did not take long after George H W Bush’s son George W. became President in 2001 before it became apparent that the Nazi core Bush vision of a New World Order was being implemented. Just 9 months into his first term as President, the largest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor took place on 9-11.

Without going into great detail on the morning of 9-11, two commercial airlines were hijacked by terrorists and flown into the World Trade Center or Twin Towers buildings in New York City. Both buildings collapsed in a demolition style free fall shortly afterward. Building 7 which was in close proximity also collapsed in the same demolition style as the Twin Towers, even though it was never hit by an airliner.

On the same morning, the Pentagon was attacked in the same fashion, supposedly by a hijacked airliner.

A 4th commercial airliner Flight 93 was also hijacked, but was crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

The only problem with the official story by the US government on the events of 9-11 is, it makes the wildest conspiracy theory out there look more believable in comparison.

We are supposed to believe that 19 international terrorists hijacked 4 commercial airliners using only box cutters, escaped scrutiny by the FBI and CIA, and were able to board these flights undetected.

We were also supposed to believe that all this planning and execution of these attacks were orchestrated by Osama bin Laden using a laptop from some cave in the mountains in Afghanistan.

No plane parts or bodies were found at the scene of any of the attacks or the crash site, a physical impossibility in the laws of physics. This on top of the claim to have found a wallet belonging to one of the hijackers, completely undamaged in the Twin Tower rubble.

The Twin Towers falling in demolition free fall style and building 7 which was untouched collapsed in the same manner.

We are told an airliner was flown into the Pentagon, yet physical damage was initially inconsistent with what damage an airliner would have caused. In a CNN report made shortly after the Pentagon attack, we see street lamps still standing and absolutely no sign of plane parts, yet another physical impossibility. Also, before the collapse of this part of the building, no damage is seen on either side of the hole which would have been impossible with the wingspan of a commercial jet.

With all of the inconsistencies and physical impossibilities of the events of 9-11, the only viable explanation that actually answers most of the questions is that it was an inside job, perpetrated by the US government itself. In an inside job, the Twin Towers and Building 7 would have been rigged with explosives placed in key areas within the structures to create a free fall when detonated. As for the physical impossibilities with the Pentagon, the only explanation for initial damage seen would be that it had to be hit by a missile, not a commercial airliner.

Under a viable explanation of 9-11 being an inside job, just how was such an intricate plan carried out, since it had to take quite some time to plant explosives in the World Trade Center buildings? Unknown to most, it was easily done under the guise of elevator renovation. Here, a fake company known as ACE Elevator Company began planting explosive devices in all three building of the WTCs in 1994 and continued to do so until the actual events of 9-11 happened.

Rigging the the WTC buildings was an easy task since Ace Elevator Company was a front business run by the CIA and had plenty of explosive experts on their team. Such a plan was put into action by George H W Bush who was affiliated with the CIA since the 1950s and was Director of Central Intelligence from the mid 1970s to 1977.

Getting past security at the WTC buildings was also a snap since Marvin Bush, the younger brother of George W Bush was in charge of security in the towers. MB served on the Board of Directors at Stratesec, later known as Securacom.

Everyone involved got ridiculous amounts of money from their contribution to this covert operation from the beginning, to the destruction carried out on 9-11.

Larry Silverstein owned the lease on the WTC and collected billions in insurance money after the 9-11 attacks.

With the events of 9-11 finally carried out, the Bush plan to implement NWO Nazism in the US and the world was finally being conducted. Here in the US, the constitution was shredded when the Patriot Act was implemented. Now the government would be able to watch and listen to virtually everything every single American citizen did, from monitoring all telephone calls, internet activity, banking, surveillance cams at every street corner and intersection, some equipped with audio capability, and transform a state driver’s license into a National ID card, via the Real ID Act of 2005.

The US now has its own version of the Gestapo in the form of the Transportation Security Administration- the TSA which checks everything from luggage, to personal pat downs and running people through X-ray scanning equipment.

The Department of Homeland Security which was founded shortly after 9-11 resembles the SS of Nazi Germany in policing every aspect of the unconstitutional Patriot Act. What most US citizens do not realize is, it is American citizens who are scrutinized, more than any foreign entity from these two organizations. We are the focal point of the War on Terrorism, not international terrorist organizations.

Like Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the US was now beginning a process of world expansionism where we could invade any country, take out their government, and install a new regime whenever we deemed to do so, all under the guise of fighting terrorism and the governments who support them.

The War on Terror has been fought since 2001, beginning with Afghanistan and has expanded throughout the Mid-East and Northern Africa where we still have troops stationed and combat operations ongoing.

The NWO Bush plan can be considered nothing but a modernized version of Nazism. It does not fit the definition of Communism or any other version of a tyrannical Strong Man Regime, or of that of a religious based oppressive government such as what is in control of Iran today. This is a mission of deception.

It is Nazism, pure and simple, not surprising since George H W Bush’s father Prescott Bush was heavily involved with Nazi Germany both financially and strategically. Prescott Bush was involved with getting the Nazi movement off the ground, into power, and maintained.

Today, we experience the same political mindset that was imposed on German citizens during Hitler’s time in power. For example, in today’s America, the neo-Nazi Left constantly reminds of us to eat less meat, or cut it out of our diets completely. Some Democrat candidates running for president in 2020 have even proposed banning red meat altogether while in some cities such as New Your City, red meat is banned from public school lunches two days a week. NYC has also proposed to make it a citywide law.

What does this have to do with Hitler and Nazism? A virtual unknown fact is, Adolf Hitler himself was a vegetarian, at least he presented himself as such from the late 1930s on. Nazi Germany also did public service announcements to discourage citizens from eating meat and to consume more vegetables for better health.

Hitler also hated tobacco smoking and also ran announcements on the drawbacks of smoking.

Written By: Tony R Elliott

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

The question here; however, was this a mission of terrorism from the outside? Or, was it a mission of planned terrorism from the inside?

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George H W Bush shaking hands with George Wallace. His vision of Nazism in the US would be threatened. Bill Clinton was in attendance.


Nazism, which is part of the New World Order (NWO) agenda for Socialism as it is today is covered in this article.

Following George H W Bush’s neo-Nazism vision of an NWO, Bill Clinton seemingly took office with a 180 degree turn in political policies. Yet, Clinton not only continued the Bush Nazism, he drastically expanded it via implementing NAFTA trade agreement which drastically reduced US industry and trade for foreign goods and services.

og: Nazism
This meme depicts Bush’s vision of the NWO based in Nazism.

Vice President, Al Gore vehemently began pushing global warming which also continued the Bush NWO Nazism in that we would have to make numerous sacrifices in the way we lived our daily lives to combat it. Such a green lifestyle would require us to use less automobiles, switch to renewable energy sources, adjust the way we eat in having less meat, and move away from all traditional energy sources. Of course, such drastic changes were designed to destroy the US economy and weaken the nation as a whole making us dependent of a central government outside of the country, mainly the UN. What many do not realize is President George H W Bush signed Agenda 21 at a climate convention in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. This was the beginning of the Bush plan to use climate change as the basis for de-industrializing the US and the gradual loss of sovereignty for the country, making the US an example to the world in hopes most countries would follow along.

Agenda 21 – Road to the New World Order

The Global-warming ideal is just a tool used by the far Left to create a situation of fear and urgency to combat a problem, which threatens to destroy humanity if left unchallenged. Global Warming is nothing more than a created crisis designed to brainwash the public into believing the urgency in getting laws passed which will regulate the Greenhouse Gasses responsible for it.

Articles and news about Global Warming/Climate Change and the dire need to change our way of life before our world becomes a living Hell of heat and extreme weather are coming at us almost on an hourly basis. With this constant landslide of news telling us that sea levels are rapidly rising, glaciers and Polar ice packs are disappearing, and the Earth’s overall temperatures are rising astronomically, it isn’t surprising that the preoccupied minds of the public automatically believe this to be true.

On the surface, it sounds iron clad that human industrialization and use of fossil fuels is causing a drastic warming of the planet and the only way to avert catastrophe is to change our ways of life to a more environmentally friendly society of renewable energy sources. However, none of this is true. With each article in the news, claiming fantastic changes in climate and geophysical features the actual scientific evidence and physical proof doesn’t exist upon investigation into the subject.

The fact that those propagating the lie have changed the term Global Warming to Climate Change, is because no actual overall warming of the planet has been detected. It is much easier to present it as Climate Change since extreme weather events, which occur naturally every year, can be used as examples of a changing climate when in reality, they are not.

The whole ideal of Global warming/Climate Change/Cap and Trade is to dupe the public into accepting it’s dogmatic like credo.

The Global Warming lie is designed for complete government control of the masses and was born out of the decades old idealism of Politically Correctness. (It is almost hard to believe the roots of all this came from a Nazism foundation).

The nucleus of Politically Correctness began in the 1960’s at the University of Wisconsin as a way to neutralize differences among people in society. For example, the term used for anyone with a physical deficiency before the dawn of PC was crippled which was an accepted term used at the time. This was replaced with handicapped when this too, was judged as degrading to such individuals and was later replaced with the word disabled.

og: Nazism
GHWB knew his vision of Nazism and the NWO with its Socialist policies would flourish in the next years to pass.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s PC slowly crept its way into all areas of American society’s daily life and really took off in the 1990’s with the Clinton Administration. Since then, American society has allowed this form of Liberalism to permeate all facets of conduct in our lives. This would not be a problem if PC was just a tool of bridging the gaps between our differences as individuals but it has become an instrument used by Liberals; both in the academic and government fields to concrete their fascist agenda.

The very idea of PC being a correct way to identify individuals themselves and their differing life styles is in itself creating differences among the population.

Racial differences among American society are today as fictionalizing under PC as they ever were before. Labels are still being used to identify differences such as African Americans for blacks, Mexican, Spanish Americans, or Hispanic for most people south of the border, and identifying countries of those of related descent.
This sort of identification still labels individuals as being different from a center majority and is in itself, flawed because in order to fully be PC racially? One would have to dissect a person’s origin from hundreds of possibilities.

Race is made up of huge regions of the globe, which encompasses many countries having the same race rather than one country in particular for each racial origin. Therefore, the PC ideal for labeling people of different races here in America by country is absurd.

The absolute correctness of racial identification of individuals is not to label them at all. For example, we in the United States should not be considered anything else but Americans. The very idea of labeling people by country of origin rather than considering them citizens of the country they either were born in or gained citizenship in is a blatant attempt by the Left to further degrade the glory of the U.S. as a country and move us toward a border-less global community.

This idea would not be so bad if everyone else in the world were going along with it but the fact of the matter is only a handful are willing to. The rest of the world would rather die fighting for the sovereignty of their country, rather than become consumed into a region without an identity. PC is only an ideal of the American Socialist Left and years away from being recognized by most countries of the world.

PC is only a part of the overall agenda by neo-Nazi Socialists in this country. The Green Movement is designed to break American industry and reduce the country to a Third World category. Created for the purpose of degrading us to a level, where we will have to rely on other industrial countries such as China and India for products and energy, necessary for the survival of our population. If we have to rely on imported products and services for everything we need, we will have to accept the ideal of integrating into a world body because we will not be producing anything.

The PC way of fighting wars has been in place since the 1960’s, where we lost the Vietnam War and every one since then. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars shouldn’t have been started in the first place because we will lose them too. In the end, we will have nothing to show for being at war in these countries. What will we have left when we are done over there? A large number of dead and disabled soldiers, who fought them under restricted circumstances.

The open border situation we have now and have had since the 70’s is also part of the Socialist Left Agenda which GHWB played up on to further the Nazi agenda. To bring in so many people into this country, it will force us to change the very face of our society culturally and burden the job market to the point that legal citizens of the U.S. are dragged down to accept a standard of living as low as those who are here illegally.

It’s a sad situation in this country today, where Border Patrol Agents and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the U.S. are prosecuted for doing their jobs. It is only because of PC that this situation is allowed and praised by our elected officials.

Under PC, it is considered Unpatriotic to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools because it might offend someone who is not Christian. The word God is unacceptable in any government place of business for the same reasons.

It all played into GHWB’s neo-Nazi vision of an NWO. Bill Clinton personally has known the Bush family for years, having attended many Bush gatherings.

GHWB has been planning his NWO vision for the US since he was groomed to do so by his father Prescott Bush.

This Nazi vision and the Clinton connection was the reason for the hanging chad dispute in Florida during the 2000 presidential election.

Since GHWB’s son, George W was chosen to carry on his father’s NWO vision and Al Gore was a candidate who shared many of the Bush ideals, but just in the race for a staged show of the voters actually having a distinct choice for president.

The hanging chad incident in Florida where Gore challenged the Bush win was a planned event designed to show the people how inaccurate paper ballots were and the necessity for computer electronic ballots to replace them.

The Hanging Chad incident was never about the accuracy of paper ballots, but for the introduction of electronic computer ballots. This was because having all voting in the country done electronically would be so much easier to rig future elections.

The first test of government influenced election fraud via voter manipulation came in the next presidential election in 2001. Here George H W Bush’s Democrat rival John Kerry was ahead in every exit poll just hours before the polls closed. In every general election previous to this one, this was a clear indication that Kerry was going to win. However, Kerry ended up losing the election, thus state sponsored voter fraud, and manipulation was a success.

From here on, we have not had a fair election since and it will continue until we return to paper ballots. (Nazism and its evolution would preclude this occurring).

Written By: Tony R Elliott

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. Some editing was provided. We do not claim credit; we simply want to make it more available to the general public. The opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinion or stance of this website.

Article additions in parentheses regarding Nazism were added for keyword clarification.

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P&C Automotive of Visalia, California

P&C Automotive deserves special recognition in this exclusive interview with Rich Domenici who is the owner of this establishment since 2000. He and his team are experts in complete service and repair of foreign, domestic, diesel, and recreational vehicles. Universal Digest is glad to provide the central California valley area with the following article.

P&C Automotive Center

Have some of you had automobile, SUV, or truck issues that required mechanical and technical assistance? Well, this is rather a rhetorical question because almost all who own motor vehicles have at some time or other. Rich is committed to the finest of light to comprehensive automotive repairs with an accent on quality, performance and work guarantees. Not only are his prices reasonable, he takes the time to be available to the customer and answer any questions that arise.

Rich Domenici purchased this business, which is originally known as P&C Automotive or Phil and Cindy, as past principals. Rich hails from a vast experience spectrum of automotive expertise with experience in automotive maintenance and technical service. When he was employed by Merle Stone of Tulare, he ascended well in his career. He wore many hats at this facility. It was Rich’s aspiration to become an owner of his own business, so when he gave notice, he was offered more to stay. He declined. In our interview, he maintained a very positive and complementary position regarding his employment in the Merle Stone, but he knew he wanted to make it on his own.

He traveled to the west coast of California where he was employed by Trans-King of San Luis Obispo, California. He considered entering into a purchase agreement to own the franchise; however, the complexities during this experience were not acceptable, so he moved back to Visalia where he agreed to the purchase of the original P&C automotive firm. During the purchase process, the principals of Merle Stone offered him more incentives to be involved with their firm. He was already in escrow to purchase the present firm of which he now owns, so he again declined and moved forward to be where he is today.

He has maintained amicable employee and customer relationships over the years. The first time I used his services was during a coupon issue to friends and family a few years ago. I thought to give it a try and I have been here ever since for most of (and now all) my automotive needs. Again, because of his thoughtful, yet professional demeanor, I found a new acquaintance and friend who cares about others, as he does his own family and friends.

I certainly found out in my latest venture to obtain repairs to my vehicle that even the most public information sources were unable to properly diagnose. Being a tech guy and finding vehicles are now pretty much controlled with onboard computers, Rich and his team of technicians were very positive and responsive to my own assessments. Eric used the analyzer to obtain the error codes we were seeking. It was smooth sailing from there. We not only solved the problem, we discovered some avenues of vehicle maintenance to correct situations that would drain resources of customers pocketbooks at other facilities.

Not only did we solve present issues, Ronnie immediately noticed and pointed out some other things that required attention. I said yes to it all and Rich gave me an amicable quote in minutes. Today, I am here to say I have a vehicle I know is road-worthy and dependable.

P&C Office Banner

One who decides to utilize the services of P&C Automotive cannot only be assured of excellent, professional service, they can also be assured of reasonable and honest prices.

It is reassuring to know one is safe when starting a vehicle and embarking on a trip of any reasonable length with vehicles that are not new, but very dependable.

Thank you, P&C Automotive

P&C Window

Happy days; an honest and efficient vehicle maintenance, repair, accessory facility!

Universal Digest

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