Wave clouds have not been seen for a while. Could this be part of the HAARP project?


HAARP, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been around for many years. Has it been found to create beneficial weather effects in regional areas? This writer says yes, it may. Also, it can and has been used by nations to adversely affect weather patterns in other regions of earth. Some wild theories abound and one is that it is a mind control device. So stated Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, at the time.

Originally, the H.A.A.R.P. project that began in Alaska, and it was a military project. Reports came in that its amplifications were ‘frying’ the motors of wind turbines near Ridgecrest, California. They were generating electricity for sale to electric company grids, there.

Under the guise of being an educational project, it has remained there until this day. The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, owns it now. However, recent reports indicate it may be closed down soon.

This author’s educated opinion is that it may have served its purpose in the evolution of exact science research. Or, has it? The United States Air Force transferred HAARP over to the university in August of 2015.


Who knows where this will lead? From a military inception to an educational, college-based dogma of application, it will reveal itself over time. Whether, what is exact science, military classified applications, or a matter of public scrutiny, one may not know until it is to be revealed one day. Please, don’t hold your breath. Pun intended.

What this writer has discovered over the years is most interesting. From the past to the future is where we go from here.

Viewed over a few hour period, the HAARP project from Alaska could be in play.

Remember, the earth’s atmosphere is only a breathable 3 miles up from the surface. From 20,000 feet, the atmosphere height averages 7.5 miles; 39,000 feet (12 km). The range of heights are around 5.6 miles; 30,000 feet at the geographic poles (9 km) to 11 miles; 56,000 feet (17 km) at the equator. The heights can vary due to weather changes.

HAARP and its future of ionosphere research perhaps other applications are not going away any time soon. Further, discoveries may be found to positively affect weather patterns, thus improving the human condition.


First of all, let us understand the various layers of the atmosphere (stratiphication): 1) Troposphere, ground up to 7 miles (0-12 km). 2) Stratosphere, 7 to 31 miles (50-80 km). 3) Mesosphere, 31 to 50 miles (50-80 km). 4) Thermosphere, 50 to 440 miles (80-700 km). 5) Exosphere, 440-6,200 miles (700-10,000 km). The ionosphere (consisting of electrically charged, [ionized] gas particles) is located in the thermosphere at 37 to 190 miles (60-300 km). Jet streams occur in the ionosphere.

For example, the International Space Station orbits in the exosphere at 254 miles (409 km). This is considered the outermost part of earth’s atmosphere, which is a micro-gravity environment. Therefore, the space station must make occasional thruster boost upward to maintain orbit. Also, it increases its altitude at times to receive manned and supply ship deliveries.


The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) was established in 1993. As mentioned, the United States Air Force and U.S. Navy managed the project. Also, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) were involved. And, BAE Advanced Technologies built the HAARP facility.

Consequently, it is no small wonder how and why so many conspiracy theories have abounded over the years while noting the big name military and research organizations that are involved. One book written in 1995 covers many aspects and theories considered regarding the HAARP project. This image is from the author’s library. Here is a link to the book that was provided in 1997.

Written by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning in 1995, they address advances in Tesla technology, artificial auroras, and possible NSA (National Security Agency). They call it the new “Star Wars” program.

The following is an image from a search regarding atmospheric patterns created by the project:

This image indicates HAARP generated atmospheric cloud patterns.

We have more to learn from both theories, as well as, from official sources. Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide from what is written with links provided what is true. Who may determine what is true or not with so much disinformation thrown about.


What can one decide from experiments, as well as, where atmospheric science is applied? Again, what is the truth and what is not? Comments and queries are most welcome. Others who wish to do so may shed more light on what is written here.

This was another view of the wave cloud event from central California.

In sum, it is this author’s opinion that it may be possible to move jet streams further south to temper warmer climates. Reports of possible rain in late May could occur. It didn’t, but temperatures did lower, dramatically. So, can the HAARP project be an experiment for good, too? Who knows? But, we did observe this for the first time in sky-gazing in this area for over 20 years.

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OGO New All Terrain Wheels

New wheels from OGO are in production! Recently, Universal Digest published an article for OGO whose innovative mobility devices with wheels are being set into production in the United States from New Zealand. They have now established representative agents and are continuing to improve the product line. The following details the latest in adapting their machines to different terrains for use by anyone with mobility issues.

The latest innovation has come in the form of new all-terrain wheels, which allows its mobility-challenged users to be able to actually travel ‘off-road’ in certain land areas. This also provides for flexibility in where the users can go to enjoy being outside in areas where before they could not go.

OGO – Grab life by the wheels!

Kevin and Marcus are hard at work bringing their newest devices for the sitting community to production. While ongoing research continues, their goal is to bring into ultimate production an active, power wheelchair with upgraded wheels that not only allow for more terrain mobility and a smoother ride, it also is designed to leave a softer ‘footprint’ on the environment, as well. Team OGO is  dedicated to improving an already award-winning mobility device. They are also providing a truly life-changing experience for all who use it. Please view the following video that provides the upgraded OGO in action:

Certainly, as the devices continue production and distribution in the United States, the benefits to the users will be immense. The following is a message received from the inventors:

We have been trialing a number of different tyre options for our off-road kit to find what performs the best on a variety of different surfaces. Out of the options, it was these turf tyres that we have decided to go with for a few different reasons:

•    Apart from providing an overall smoother ride, they give much greater
     flotation and grip on the soft sand. 
•    The larger contact area with ground also means they can provide a bit more
      torque to get up slopes and hills. 
•    In comparison, these tyres are also designed to generate a larger, flatter
     footprint, which means when it comes to grass and soft surfaces, they cause
     much less damage.

We remain committed in making sure that you will get the best performance out of your Ogo. 

Larry with Ed at Universal Digest

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Kevin and Marcus pose with their invention. The Ogo production came from the most humble and altruistic of origination.

OGO has arrived in America. With its origination and invention in New Zealand, it has now made it to America with ten agents. Worldwide, OGO now has 22 agents in six countries: New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe.

I have been following the development of the mobility devices for some time. What I have found is that there are many out there but, Ogo is one at the top of the list in terms of its unique design and attention to detail. With the active seat control system and joystick options, it will provide the sitting community with a hands free experience over all terrains and precise movement in tight areas.

The work the Ogo team has put in has won them the Innovate award in 2017 and the Innovation Award for Design and Engineering in New Zealand in 2016. With their first production run in the fall of 2016, the Ogo will provide a New level of Independence for the sitting community, and greatly improve the quality of life for many.

og: image
Kevin and Marcus pose with their invention. The Ogo production came from the most humble and altruistic of origination.

Kevin and Marcus met when Marcus was teaching Kevin’s daughters at Otaki College. They found that they both shared a love of field archery, and it was over this common passion that their friendship really grew. Their local Kapiti Archery Club offers a particularly unique experience, incorporating native bush trails and other forested areas as well as open grassland.

Kevin saw that Marcus, a paraplegic since 2003, struggling through the rough terrain in his conventional wheelchair, sapping his energy and stamina. Just wanting to make it easier for Marcus, Kevin, a product design engineer, set himself a challenge; to develop a device that would increase Marcus’ mobility and give him freedom of movement so that he could compete as an equal.

Kevin’s extensive research led him to proven, self-balancing technology. Through several years of development while still doing design work for his regular clients, Kevin has utilized this technology to create an active, moving seat control system. Using upper body mobility or core muscle strength, the driver can lean forward and the Ogo moves forward, when he or she leans back the Ogo stops or reverses. When they lean to the side, the Ogo moves in the new direction – including turning on its own axis.

Kevin has overseen three major prototype designs, making changes as he came to understand the restrictions that comes with limited movement and mobility. Marcus, who has a background in engineering, has been our eager test pilot from the beginning. He has been pushing the Ogo to it’s limits, providing Kevin with valuable feedback on performance and design ideas.

Many folks with varying abilities and disabilities have tested the Ogo with instant delight. Just look at their smiles in our videos. A smile of new possibilities, freedom, independence, job and recreation opportunities.

Here are some more images:

Marcus on the Ogo…
Ogo Comes to the Western US!

Our testing so far has been very emotional and rewarding. We have met so many wonderful and determined people and our team has been really impressed with how the technology works for differing levels of ability. Early on in our testing phase we realized that with a few design tweaks, it can help many, many others. Now, with our final prototype, we are excited to have the ultimate machine for production in 2017.

It doesn’t stop with the Ogo! The more he gets immersed into the world of personal mobility the more Kevin realized how under-catered it is. This has given him more innovative ideas to help change people’s lives. Kevin aims to develop these ideas by creating a range of other products and accessories to make life easier and more exciting in the world of mobility.

Here is a picture of the present Ogo team:

The production team…

From a personal and involved perspective, I support this incredible venture. In fact, I was invited to meet Kevin and Marcus in Los Angeles. Although, the trek was most arduous, it was successful. I thank Gretchen Ryan, the California agent for Ogo, for completing this process to become part of the Ogo technology revolution. In continued contact, she has been most accommodating. I look forward to further contact.

The future is brighter for those who are mobility-challenged, thanks to OGO technology.

Written By: Larry Hollenbeck – Universal Digest Contributor

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to be a conduit for our contributing authors. This article was produced being mostly unedited. We do not claim credit, we simply want to make it more available to the general public.

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World Ag Expo Display

It is time for the 50th annual WORLD AG EXPO for 2017!

og: image
World Ag Expo Display

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families arrive to experience the 3-day event from all around the world each year. Since 1968 the county of Tulare, nestled in the heart of the breadbasket of the United States, and the world, has hosted this event.

The exposition is spread over two million acres of land, just off Laspina Street east of Tulare city proper. Here are some snapshots of the preparation process. Please click on any picture below to start a clickable slide show:

Well, here is a little nugget for all to enjoy. Although, when I was more active in the area community, I had visited the Heritage Center, as well as, the previous World Ag Expos. With some errant information received, we arrived at the center a week early! This, I now consider a boon for the public and me, because I had not seen the updated AgVenture Learning Center and Museum for years. I was totally surprised at the professional displays donated (some recently) by area farms, farmers, and notable families who have been so generous.

Please remember, as I mentioned before, these farm and ranch families have been dedicated to providing quality staples to the world. They are venerated in many of the museum displays seen below. Also, please understand, these families have been instrumental in supplying much of the people of planet earth with the best and freshest of food and clothing known to man. Yes, it happens, right here, every day. The cotton farming alone is known for the best quality grown in the entire world.

Another most important thing to know is we residents, government officials, and staff members in this locale, understand and know how important these activities are for our survival now, and in the future.

The following photos can be viewed in a slide show, clickable gallery above and below with one click of a picture:

There is so much more to come in a future article…after I get it right and arrive on time and on the right day for this awesome event. Chuckle and a slight guffaw is in order. What a wonderful place it is in which we live. I cannot say enough how much I love this part of the state and its people. Notwithstanding, I get the best produce from strawberries, plums, fruits, vegetables, milk, and beef right here in the central California valley.

To all farmers and ranchers, some of whom I know, you are so appreciated.

Stars and Stripes Display standard outside complex


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