Sphere of influence recounting from Bill Savard on Messenger today.

Sphere of influence was the major point of this article. William (Bill) Savard is a retired business owner whose daughter has taken the reigns of company. Bill is a humble, yet proud man who loves his family. He also speaks so positive of an incredibly good family situation, over the years. It is an honor… Continue reading SPHERE OF INFLUENCE FOR LIFE

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Standing at the east gate to Woodbridge AFB (MoD) at Rendlesham Forest, Ed Smith explores, questions, and finds interesting information regarding the Christmas season, 1980, UFO incident and activity reported there.

RENDLESHAM REVISITED Since April of 2016, I have restarted this article several times regarding what happened and now, some of what may not have happened at Rendlesham Forest on the outskirts of then Bentwaters Air Force Base in 1980. I was there, this past year. In fact, I have been informed that I am one… Continue reading RENDLESHAM REVISITED IN 2016

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VISALIA UFO UPDATE This is a Visalia UFO update regarding events occurring in Visalia, California in 2015. In short, after much research these cases remain unsolved and will be moved to the Universal Digest “UFO Phenomena – Unsolved” category until more evidence can be produced. Beginning with the case from February 25, 2015, with article… Continue reading VISALIA UFO UPDATE

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UFO OVER BANGKOK Recently, I was contacted via social network from Michael Gerlach who has been monitoring and participating on Facebook. We began a dialogue and subsequently, developed an online relationship. We became Facebook friends and with some of my work regarding UFO sightings and experiences, he decided to trust me and share his observation… Continue reading UFO OVER BANGKOK

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