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Here is the featured picture of a microscopic view of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 in reports and the news has taken some interesting new turns, lately. This author has attended some online seminars in an effort to understand some of the complexities of the situation. The point of this article is to provide a realistic view of what is happening, globally.


Recently, President Donald Trump with a cadre of business, government, and medical experts is trying to manage an incredibly complex situation. But, for many involved know the COVID-19 outbreak is terribly hard to understand.

Utilizing models of logic, leaders from government, industry, and medicine are trying to handle the declared pandemic. This virus has traveled the world in just weeks. But, it doesn’t mean handling COVID-19 is impossible.


The Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. No longer is it important how it started; it is important on what to do about it. The Chinese government was slow in admitting the outbreak. And, there were attempts to cover it up. Remember, we in the United States place a very high value on protecting its citizens. Other country leaders (and customs) do not view the value of life the same way.

With the models presented of recent events recorded in a number of countries; two countries mentioned previously at Universal Digest’s last article are important to view. They are South Korea and Italy. Although, two contrasting actions were taken to combat the virus, it still hasn’t helped in knowing what to do with the economic considerations.

The world has become an interdependent economic colossus with the United States being the leader with China being the second largest economy. As of today, the global economic boom has been all but wiped out. What can be done to protect our economic future? That is the question on everyone’s mind.


A good friend submitted an excellent ‘heads up’ on the historical aspect of viral pandemics on earth. Courtesy of Visual Capitalist, they posted an excellent article detailing the history of pandemics. In the past, the death toll from the Black Plague to the present Coronavirus outbreak are detailed.

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Courtesy of Visual Capitalist is this report of the historical death tolls from the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) to other viral outbreaks to date.

The present COVID-19 outbreak (so far) is minor in comparison. In fact, the death toll is only .7%. Yes, it is less than 1% of the cases reported, which is fairly in line with the death rate from other viruses, including influenza. But, that doesn’t mean it is no less important. We here in the United States value the sanctity of life above material belongings.


What we do now is the big question. This is uncharted territory. Right now, the future of our global economy is at stake. With the impending danger that millions could die from the virus, there are some very good signs that they won’t. Some people do not agree; however, in Wuhan, China, no new cases have occurred, to date.

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Here is a microscopic view of the coronavirus, as it appears under a microscope.

Let us hope this news remains a constant. But, again, we just don’t know, yet. So, where do we go from here? Leaders in the United States have decided, thus far, to implement ‘social distancing’. However, the blow to independent businesses is beyond brutal.


Rest assured, the infections from Coronavirus in the United States is beginning to rise, dramatically. The efforts to keep the outbreak to not overrun the existing healthcare system is working. But, it is still unknown how fast the present uptick in viral cases will occur. If it does exceed the ability for healthcare to cope, all bets could be off.

As mentioned earlier, this author has attended seminars on critical thinking and how to view our present situation in a positive, yet objective matter. It is more complicated than many know. Personally, I have faith in the human condition and am praying for our leaders to make the right decisions.

Along with some of the societal irregularities and negatives, there are also some incredibly positive acts of generosity and kindness occurring, as well.


So, that being said about the present coronavirus threat, let us all pull together. Have confidence in our leaders to make the right decisions. Also, if anyone has a better idea of how things should be done, participate!

The next few weeks are going to tell the tale, so to speak.

As the old adage dictates, ‘You can be part of the solution or be part of the problem.’

What decision will you make?

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