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As COVID19 spreads across the United States, the government incorporates drastic measures to limit infections.

COVID19 has been in the news every day since the outbreak in Wuhan, China. This article addresses some of the issues presented for the reasons to keep countries ‘closed’ for business.

Note to reader: This author has contracted the term COVID-19 to COVID19 for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) recognition.


One-by-one state governors in the United States have issued requests for restraint in public gatherings. They have also declared that all persons who are not working in essential positions stay home. Many people are working remotely from their abodes so that form of employment is staying viable.

People are allowed to get groceries, fuel, as well as, travel to get other essential items. Gatherings of more than 10 people are discouraged. Also, everyone is requested to maintain a personal distance of at least 6 feet. Social distancing is recommended at all times.

President Donald Trump has been giving open press conferences almost every day. He has with him a number of medical professionals who are experts in their fields. They give COVID19 updates that include case and fatality updates. Notwithstanding, leaders in other countries are doing the same for their citizens.


As mentioned so much in the news, it is always good for repetition. If this helps just one person it is worth it.

  • Wash hands frequently (especially after touching hand rails, door handles and the like), use hand-sanitizer
  • Do not touch face, eyes, or nose with bare hands (especially if not washed after touching rails, etc.)
  • Use the N95 mask when in closer environments or if infected with any illness
  • Maintain self-distancing of at least 6 feet while in public getting groceries, fuel, or prescriptions
  • Unless one is in an essential vocation (i.e. grocery), shelter in-place (stay home)
  • Stay hydrated and take vitamins (especially antioxidants like A, B, C) and those that boost the immune system
  • Get plenty of rest

Even though the fatality rates for the Coronavirus is around 1% or so in the US and it is about the same for standard flu infections; it is important to follow these measures and keep immune systems up.


Here is the ‘sticky wicket’ to consider. As mentioned in the previous articles, from March 17th and March 20th,  something unusual has happened. For the past 3 weeks, this author has researched while placing other projects aside for now. What was stated before still stands. It is not so important how or why it started; the fact is, it is here.

Yes, there are accusations emanating from countries like China, as well as, other nations regarding the advent and outbreak of the COVID19 virus. It ranges from from the virus starting in other countries or even the US. Further, scientists have claimed the bat Coronavirus has been bio-engineered with small parts of the HIV-1 virus. Nothing natural could have spread so fast, so it does seem this is a bio-engineered virus. Or, that many people move that fast, now?

There are even discrepancies in how the virus reacts with climate changes. This writer has global contacts and in some of our mutual communications, we had to chuckle when one hemisphere says the virus will abate in cooler weather, the other states it will abate in warmer weather. So, let us not stir up the mess; let’s band together to get rid of and/or combat the virus and save lives.


One of the individuals who gives daily press briefings in the US provides detailed information. She is Dr. Deborah Birx who is the White House Coronavirus Coordinator. Successful testing is underway. She noted that the testing for antibodies used on AIDS patients has been successful in testing for COVID19. Interesting. Am leaving this up to the reader to assess.

The good news about testing is that the US has ramped up and tested more individuals in 8 days than South Korea has completed in 8 weeks. Depending on location and origination of outbreaks beginning in Washington state, as well as, New York the infection rates vary. The bad news is many of the population of New York (especially NYC) have moved away. There is no way to track individuals traveling to other locations, including Florida.

og: COVID19
Courtesy of Statistica, here are the latest stats of the top 20 countries of confirmed cases, fatalities, and death rate.

The above table of statistics by country are provided via Statistica with thanks.


Pardon the above header with a pun? It was intentional. Here is more a personal note of recent experiences. The bad news is the negative side of life with people taking advantage of our God-given freedoms to buy so much for themselves (sometimes to resell on media) that others have no chance to get the items they need.

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Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, panic buying has occurred in many locations. Efforts to contain hoarding is underway. Stores have created rationing limits so there is more availability.

That is right. Toilet paper. C’mon man! In so many conversations of late, some seniors recounted that in World War II the only toilet paper many people had was newspapers that had been read! Think about it? How far we have all come in this marvelous, technological age with electronics, transportation, and games to not be able to get toilet paper? Wow. It’s not even a conundrum; it is a sadness.

Some more good news is this: Overall, the humanitarianism and kindness of those recognizing the value of the human condition has waxed eloquently! In trying to obtain needed supplies I saw more people thinking of others instead of just thinking of themselves. I am elated in the most trying of times.


The Coronavirus is a RNA construct. So, whether it is transfer or messenger RNA, it will mutate. Because the virus, as it travels around the globe with human-to-human contact, developing an effective vaccine is problematic. This doesn’t mean it is impossible. As with past pandemics, a solution is in the making.

Unlike other existing viruses, this one is quite predictable. The viral coating, known as the meylin sheath is the housing for RNA, as well as, those with DNA strands. Being able to compromise this shell will destroy the virus.

There are ‘compassion’ drugs available to combat COVID19. But, do not self-medicate. Always contact your primary physician for treatment. A number of experimental drugs are being utilized. Some new ones are being developed and should be made available in the first week of April. Don’t worry, help is on the way.


One of the older and effective giants for fighting viral infections is the anti-biotic, Erythromycin or the Z-pack. It has been helpful in staving off the negative effects of the present coronavirus threatening our health.

There is an older medicine used to fight malaria infections. Two of these have a positive effect in fighting COVID19, as well. They are hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. There have been reports of individuals trying to use drugs themselves with disastrous results. Please, do not self-medicate. Consult your physician.

Thus far, however, the success rate of utilizing ‘compassion’ drugs to fight this coronavirus is only 1 in 5. Remdesivir, a failed antiviral drug to fight Ebola, has been used to combat other corona-viruses. Experimentation is underway to see how it could be made effective in fighting COVID19.


This author has interviewed quite a number of people regarding the Coronavirus situation. In sum, how the leaders of countries affected with the outbreak; they should be applauded. Especially the leadership of the United States and Great Britain. President Donald J. Trump is a businessman turned politician. On purpose. For no money. His heartbeat is on the heartbeat of this nation.

Mr. Trump wants the people to succeed. He also knows for the people to succeed, businesses must be able to conduct a profitable scenario to engender employment for all. No, there are many things that are not right about how the economy works. But, he knows it cannot be done overnight. And, he is open to valid ideas to make all our lives better.

We must get above petty differences. Drop the egos for a minute; stop and think, please. All of the leaders should heed this. This writer has encountered about as many conspiracies that anyone could believe in the last few weeks. Being honest and objective does come at a cost. It is to be responsible and not let small-mindedness take over.


It is not so much that we should hunker down and blame others for what should be one’s reality. Just accept the fact that reality is here and we must learn from history. That is right; there have been atrocities of all kinds occurring in human history. Again, we are not alone and we have not been, ever.

If we don’t start living the part as responsible citizens with love and caring in abundance, we are going to go down the same rabbit hole, over and over again.

So, is that a cool thing to accept? Let’s be the mature, loving kind of people we are supposed to be. We have had some wonderful teachers, as well as, some really bad actors. Where do you want to be in time?

There is a lot of love out there. It is time to recognize it, revel in it, and embrace it. Please?

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