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In this digital technological age the inventions, improvements, and innovations continue at an evermore rapid pace! With Google Earth, there came such innovations as being able to ‘virtually’ visit areas and earth landmarks in such detail right from one’s own computer in a home environment. It is not only free, but educational and enjoyable and Google has taken a lot of time and investment in this venture.

Now, thanks to NASA, we can enjoy a similar, ‘digital’ visit to Mars without being there! How many of us would like to actually visit Mars? NASA JPL is now providing a Mars Trek similar in nature to Google Earth, but the agency has provided their own digital version for everyone to enjoy from a computer desktop, laptop, or smart phone. This program provides 2D and 3D (2 or 3 dimensional) imagery for all to enjoy. This program is spectacular, to say the least. With just a little time taken to take the tour provided in this program, one can enjoy some of the actual sites and landmarks that before now were only viewed in text or picture format, notwithstanding, Google Mars.

Please click the following link to “Mars Trek” where one may learn and utilize this digital tool. Courtesy: NASA JPL

NASA has performed an amazing task in bringing this information to the public. They should be commended in their diligent work, striving to understand our own solar system and include the general population in the process.

Please click on the following YouTube ‘tutorial’ video courtesy of Ktm X:

As our knowledge grows in understanding our solar system and our place in it, future missions, as well as, current missions underway will no doubt bring us this understanding and we have NASA to thank for such hard work and an ongoing effort to continue space exploration to where, one day, we will actually make our way to the stars.

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