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Could earth’s destruction really occur? Yes, it could. Evidence of planetary destruction has been noted, even in the past of our own solar system. However, it would not be from us. A large asteroid hitting earth could be a game changer, but it still would not destroy the planet. So, please rest comfortably because nothing has been observed near us that could be a planet killer. This is just a hypothetical situation with a humorous twist at the end.

We now live in a nuclear age. How strong a civilization are we? Not very…not, just yet. To reach the level of development where we can really protect this planet, we must work to change many different ways our society operates. There is enough research and scientific information that points to energy being free for all, if we can free ourselves from war, greed, power grabs, and most of all (and most apparent) abject stupidity (not genetic). If being stupid was genetic, we would all have been dust, by now. This is a deliberate aberration in our human development and we should pay attention to this phenomena.

Try this thought train on for size? Why can we not protect a planet, when we cannot protect ourselves? It is because we haven’t had a human recognition of who we are and how important it is to love, not hate, for everyone born to this planet! We can do so and all things are possible. It can be done, but how? It won’t be found in the following mysteries. It will be found in knowledge and science. It will be found in regarding each other in love, as we love ourselves. Again, it can be done. We have the ability to communicate like no other time in ANY history. As they said, in the 1960’s it is the same, today. Love is the answer.

There are some who claim there are planet-sized ships now stationed inside our solar system that may even be drawing energy from the sun. Well, if it came to be a time for our planet’s demise, we might all want to hope we are not alone and could be saved be some benevolent race or races of beings ready to swoop in and deliver us from the impending doom!

Whatever the historical documents may state for the record; whoever or whomever may state, categorically we are going to be saved, visited, purged, cleansed or whatever, one thing is most apparent: We are all we have, here. Whether here or on some other planet in the cosmos, we are it, for now. The faith humans have to believe and grow in such knowledge is simply beyond the grasp of understanding; however, it can be done. We must either get with the ‘program’ or at some point in time, we will become extinct like 98% of all life on earth throughout history, unless we reach a new level of understanding like no other time, ever.

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Now, for a little bit of fun. You are an astronaut on the moon and you witness the above event. What is the first thing you would say?

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