In the dead of the quiet night, as I lay so deep in the serene darkened well of my sleep, I suddenly take notice of his presence in the room, an entity standing there absolutely still and silent at the foot of my bed.

I’m afraid.

And now through my unopened eyes I can start to feel this entity staring directly at me, ominous and surely with those big eyes of his, he will have a searing penetrating look on it’s face, and I think; “No! Please simply go away and leave me alone!” My only wish is to remain deeply in my own little Nirvana. My tranquil state of peaceful dreams.

I’m afraid.

As I very slowly start to arise out of the foggy denseness of my mentally incapacitated state of sleep, I can now feel his presence on the blanket by my feet and I start to become very nervous. And I then think; “I did not do anything to you to deserve this, so please leave me alone, I don’t need this!” I’m afraid.

All of my attempts at wishful thinking, or praying or pleading will be to no avail and have no effect against this awesome entity which is now pressing heavily down on my blanket. Making it difficult to breath with his constricting weight as his body now slowly starts to come towards the direction of my face. Still keeping my eyes closed in the hope it will go away, I think; “Why does it always have to be me?”

I’m afraid.

I can now hear him as he slowly breathes in and out and I decide to face up to the cold hard fact that I simply will have no say in the matter, for I have no other choice. For he is a relentless, persistent and persevering entity.

And I’m afraid. So slowly opening one eye just enough for me to see, I realize that he is now staring me directly in the face!

I’m afraid.

As I gather enough courage to open both of my eyes and face the truth of what will transpire with me, my entity begins to speak;


I’m afraid that I simply have no other choice but to get up out of bed, feed him, and then let him outside.

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