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Falcon9 rocket liftoff.

Falcon9 of SpaceX lifted off for its final launch mission of 2017. The main reason in writing this article is in response to the plethora of conspiracy enthusiast around the world thinking this was some sort of exotic UFO situation. It was not, in the least.

SpaceX stated that this was its eighteenth launch of the Falcon9 vehicle, sending another number of satellites into orbit from Vandenberg AFB (Air Force Base) from the central California coastal area. The 10 satellites launched are for communications and the Iridium NEXT group will be stationed at 388 miles above earth.

I was contacted from a number of friends who were wondering what was going on. Then came the conspiracies from around the world. Amazing how people can jump to conclusions and create something out of nothing without conducting any form of research first.

A very good friend of many years, Greg Mancini of Mancini Productions alerted me to his friend, Vernon Wagner, of Bakersfield, California who sent him some photos of the launch from his own camera. For the record, Bakersfield is at the same latitude and Vandenberg AFB so he had the perfect view. With appreciation, both Greg and Vernon have given me permission to mention them and share the photos submitted below. The featured picture is one of the ones taken. I wanted to share this from direct contacts and not from media sources to give even more credibility that this was simply a rocket launch. From here in central California, we see such missile tests and launches on occasion.

Then, a little later yesterday, another good friend of many years sent me the following photo she took from southeast Arizona.

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Here is a view of the Falcon 9 SpaceX launch all the way from southeast Arizona.

Thank you all who took the time to help me get this information out to the global public. I do recommend taking a responsible stance when viewing some of the ridiculous publications and/or posts trying to portray this as some sort of exotic UFO event. It certainly is not!

As promised, Greg and Debbie Mancini of Mancini Productions have been operating ‘A Bridal Odyssey‘ in Visalia, California two times a year. They have celebrated and made so many thousands of newlyweds happy as they embarked on their lifetime ventures and husband and wife. So, whoever may be able to utilize their services in central California. Anyone interested can use Google search and click on the link above. If one has trouble doing this, please feel free to contact Universal Digest for assistance. Thanks, again, Greg, Debbie, and Vernon for helping get the truth out about the recent launch from a personal perspective.

Mancini Productions has provided the central California community a wonderful show that has made thousands of newlyweds happy as they begin their journey of matrimony, hopefully, for a lifetime.

Please remember everyone, an ounce of common sense and doing one’s homework far out-ways careless speculation and embellishments.

Written By: Ed Smith

UNIVERSAL DIGEST is pleased to present this recent launch event for education of those who considered this to be an exotic, possibly UFO event. With the preponderance of publications being produced worldwide, we consider this to be important for the global public to understand. It was a rocket launch. That is all, nothing more.

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By ED S.

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