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Universal Digest has received a report of UFO activity from Farmersville, just six miles east of Visalia in Tulare County, California, USA. The following is a post-interview accounting of the incident viewed and photographed by two eyewitnesses.

UFO phenomena, now becoming more widely known as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) events in the central California area have been reported by multiple witnesses in multiple sightings in 2015, especially in the Visalia, six miles west of Farmersville. These UAP sightings are continuing in 2016.

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The witnesses produced a summary of their observation on social media. The following is their original statement:

At 11 pm I was heading down RD 156 in Farmersville with my fiancé going south. Just crossed over the railroad tracks and started slowing for the light. At Visalia rd/Caldwell when I looked off to my right and seen a bright orange light like street light color. I asked my lady see that. Is it blinking or moving? She said no. At first I thought helicopter or drone. From those houses west of Santa Fe. But then it dimmed still no blink. Revealing the star it was in front of and moved north at a shall pace. Then went south again at the same pace. I seen a faint red light going faster appear from the south end of it. And the orange one started going north again. Then dimmed more and started going north-west till it disappeared.
This pic is off that light no flash and from my phone. Look at it in the dark. Freaked her and I out seeing this whole thing.

Jason, the photographer of the craft, has given Universal Digest permission to use his first name and original, unedited photo (featured below):

Jason Avila UFO

As promised to Jason, Universal Digest consulted some experts for their opinions of the above snapshot. The results and comments were quite interesting.The featured picture was sent courtesy of Scott Browne. One of the most interesting comments was, “…the black upper and lower parts were weird…” produced by one of the photo diagnosticians. There are obvious structures just above and below the orange light, noted by all. The following are some enhancements we derived from the original photograph:

During the interview, Jason was quite glad to mention more details of the craft observation. What follows is a brief question and answer session:

Q: Could you estimate a possible size of the craft?

A: Size no idea all we’d seen is the orange light.

Q: Could you estimate a possible distance you were from the craft?

A: Cause at first I thought it was the helicopter light then realized it was moving wrong to be that. I was going down RD 156 going south. It was to my south west. Kinda over the Costco area of Visalia from where I sat and watched it till it disappeared (Insert: Relative distance according to this comment is two miles – pretty large craft).

Q: Could you estimate a possible altitude of the craft?

A: And coming up with a altitude is hard as well being all I seen was at night (Insert: Impossible to determine since no landscape was in the picture field).

The same day as the interview was taken, a gentleman commented that around the same time and day (on social media), he had observed two helicopters flying in close formation in the same area, but he was too far away to say for certain the crafts were military.

Jason was further candid in commenting his first sighting had been in a town not too far south in the central valley. He estimated he was around ten to twelve years old, at the time. Here are his comments:

…my friend asked if I wanted to see something crazy. (Well it was evening sun was down but the sky still glowed from it and stars were just starting to show.) I said sure. He said look up and was describing a star to look at without pointing and told me to not point at the sky. Once I found the star he was wanting me to find. He said point it out. As soon as I did it went from stationary to moving and gone in a second. He said he had don’t that a couple of times before same result. I’ve never been able to repeat it though.

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We at Universal Digest wish to point out to all how difficult it is, so often, for persons to come forward to share their experiences regarding unidentified flying crafts or other phenomena that is unexplained because of the possible ridicule or accusations that one is delusional. In Jason’s case, we applaud, appreciate and accept his accounting for exactly what it is. It is a truthful summary of an event that was quite unsettling. Had it not been for his friend, Mike Truesdell who supported Jason’s getting in contact with us, one would not be reading this article. Mike is a reputable UFO researcher in the area who has also had many experiences over the years. A sincere thanks goes to all those who helped with this publication.

Central California continues to be a hotspot of aerial activity that cannot be explained away as commercial or military. As always, you, the readers are free to make your own decisions; however, please be reminded Universal Digest has received similar accounting’s from over ten witnesses in 2015, alone.

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