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The famed Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed in an apparent new years eve prank, shown here.

Hollywood becomes Hollyweed to usher in the 2017 new year over the Los Angeles, California, USA, basin. Rather brave pranksters have pulled off a late night New Years Eve alteration of the famed Hollywood sign overlooking parts of Los Angeles.

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The famed Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed in an apparent new years eve prank, shown here.

Pictures were taken and local media has supplied these images along with network video that can be found online. Other images were photographed by quick-thinking individuals in the Los Angeles area. Discovered this morning as the sun rose over the Los Angeles basin the changed sign was noticed by many.

Frankly, to many California residents, this is quite hilarious. It should be noted the perpetrators must not have “over-smoked” to complete this task. This is an elevated and rather rocky area, so some astute initiative and planning was involved.

The following photos were taken courtesy of ABC, CBS and other photographers in the area. Thank you all for the quick thinking…must not have been stoned, in a manner of speaking:

2016 was the year of many ballet initiatives and one was placed to the voters to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. It passed and now lawmakers are scrambling to modify local ordinances to measure and protect the public from indiscriminate use of the drug in certain sensitive situations, especially in the area of motor transportation and automobile/truck use on public roads and highways.

Suffice it to say that, at least in Los Angeles and including the coming new year in 2017 events and activities to be labeled as interesting may be an understatement.

Hilarious YouTube video via Hae Zee:

Thanks, again to all contributors of images utilized in this article.

Cheers…no, am not going to go any further with this. Happy New Year!

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