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How may one be honest when they steal the joy from others?

If you are so honest, why do you go out of your way to steal joy?

Honest, don’t let my title fool you. Hopefully, it will make sense in a matter of moments.

For the purpose of this article, contemplate if you can, if somehow you purposely (or not), try to steal others joy. Upon that reflection meditate then on why do you think you do this? Why do we, as a society, feel the need to label people and cut them down. We often we do this under the veil of humor for example around others who know that person. I am NOT referring to watching what you say, but rather for a moment ask yourself, ‘why do you say that in the first place?’ If somebody is happy as a child about a toy, or somebody as an adult is happy about something that’s happening in their life, why feel the need to criticize that? Are we in some measure making a conscious effort then to rob them of their joy?

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Someone who believes in being honest may not realize their actions are stealing the joy from others.

Whether we want to believe it or not we do not have a crystal ball that can read into peoples minds or intentions.

A personal ‘joy’ factor?

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Being honest is a form of giving, not taking. The joy of association is damaged when it is hurtful or taking from others.

A person who might want to share something that gives them joy, might be that person who was trying to hold on to feeling good about themselves or the choices that they have made. They may be looking for affirmation in some way as an attempt to share and belong. Why then, steal that moment of joy from them and what purpose are you truly serving? If a person’s joy is little more than an inconvenience to you, I suggest leave it alone and let them smile.

A better world?

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When can being honest take away from the joy of the sport? Teaching with negatives takes away the positives.

How much more loving would this world be if we just allowed people who are harming no one, to smile and feel joy? The truth is, we most often because of their close proximity to “our”daily life, go out of our way to steal this joy from those who live closest to us. If you don’t think you fall into this category sometimes, ask yourself to audit your actions in a supermarket parking lot. Or, when was the last time when you were in a group of people where you did NOT feel compelled to talk negatively about a common associate to all in the group?I humbly ask, make a conscious effort not too unconsciously steal someone else’s joy.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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By Darren Redmond

Darren Redmond has a Master’s Degree in Education and for over 22 years has worked directly in the field of Marketing , Advertising and internet products. Daren Redmond has also coached on the Collegiate level Division One and Division Three Athletes. The author is also a contributing writer to the Online Magazine, Universal Digest.

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