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Stephen Erdmann is a writer and social media advocate for freedom of speech and values.

Human viruses are becoming better known. Here, Stephen Erdmann delivers his review from his research of David Icke, who is a most controversial writer.


When the coronavirus revealed itself in early 2020, who would have thought that none other than the world-famous New Age connoisseur and provocateur, David Icke, would also expose a worldwide, major Virus in his book PHANTOM SELF where he also talks about a deadly virus that is much more insidious, vicious and widespread: The Human Virus—-Human Beings.

(PHANTOM SELF, David Icke, David Icke Books, LTD, 185 a High Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight P0332pn, UK, [email protected] UK, 2016, 458 pages, $10.28 -Kindle, $22.00 – Paperback – Barnes and Noble.)


Icke’s works are usually very exhaustingly detailed voluminously and part of a vast library of his books going back to the 1980s. Partly based on his realization of facts and on-going reality, his books do this in stages over a period of time But Icke has never withheld his discoveries about what is occurring, speaking about it in book after book: he was quite convinced that mankind has been deliberately blinded by what the Christian Gnostics of the Nag Hammadi (the Essenes) Dead Sea Scrolls called the Demiurge – a self-aware Virus – the Archons – which are as large as the totality of mankind. A lifetime of personal experience, says Icke, confirms this.

The ‘Virus’ that Icke has persisted in explain and exposing as a “Lie” which does not want to be discovered, referred to as The System, The Program, The Matrix, The Hoax, but also as “The Virus,” “so total and all-encompassing that the Lie is perceived as universal truth…the collective human mind has been hijacked, manipulated and structured to download the Lie.” (pp. 6-12)


Morpheus exemplified Icke in the movie THE MATRIX when Morpheus said: “ These people are not ready to be unplugged…so involved, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protest it.” We are all suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, says Icke, and defend our capturers: lawyers, bankers, politicians, Royals, academics—-all are in the grasp of an illusory “Mainstream Everything.”

Icke tells his readers that in order to deal with the underlying reality of quantum, geometric and mathematical “sequences” of waveforms and electrical “information” that has been put into a holographic computer simulation (an energetic sea of information), we must revolutionize our thinking.

Philosopher and mystic Allan Watts said: “The whole genetic and body structure is involved in the reality– decoding process and this includes the receiver-transmitter system known as DNA ( deoxyribonucleic acid) and the central nervous system.”

Scientists, says Icke, elude to our DNA as our waveforms and its electromagnetic-energetic state—-its “information fields.” In the words of Anita Moorjani “the greatest truths…lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind and soul.”


Icke has many ways of expressing and detailing exactly who the Archons are—-ranging from “an energetic distortion,” “a self-aware ‘computer virus,’” “psychopathic Soulless Ones,” that have no contact with the Heaven No. 1, the Infinite Awareness. The Archons , he says, are our “Phantom Self,” a construct of fear, psychopathic “empathetic-deleted” Law of the Wild as operations of The Program as if we were animals and insects fighting their own species over food and territory.

The face of the Demiurge Virus has grown through the language of “symbols” and the challenging history behind them—the influence they have on our lives.

The planet Saturn has had a particularly critical influence. At one time Saturn dominated the night sky and was called Helios (Greek) and Utc (Sumerian). Many planetary objects such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter were worshipped as gods, and there existed legends of a Biblical type Great Flood involving legends of Atlantis, MU, and Lemuria. Saturn became a vehicle for the Demiurge Virus and the Fake Reality: Satan, The Dark Sun, Black Sun, Star of the Sun, SOL, Ninib, Ty Atum and others. There were legends that eluded to Saturn’s dramatic “orbital” and “location” changes (not to mention planetary happenings of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter).


One of Saturn’s “symbol mysteries” is the hexagonal storm at its Northern pole which demonstrates precise synchronization with Saturn’s cycle of radio emissions . The storm can also be seen as a flattened-out cube, and it has been realized as the “black cube Kaaba,” The New Jerusalem, the 64- hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching and the 64 nucleotides of the human genetic code.

“I have said that the House of Rothschild is a major Archon-Reptilian bloodline that has done so much to expand the Demiurge Virus,” says Icke, “in the fields of finance, government, and wars. The hexagram, a classic symbol of Saturn, is also the very origin of the name ‘Rothschild.’’’

Israel was established in 1947 by a Satan-worshipping Rothschild hoax to cause the conflict and mayhem (divide and rule) that we have seen ever since.” (p. 146)

Through the centuries the Archon-Virus revealed itself through the symbols, legends, codes, and religions of the past: Diablo, Baphomet, Chronos, The Moon, Ishtar, Lucifer, Ouroboros, Saturnine (sardonic), Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithra, Black Sun, Archon Bloodlines, El-ites, and a continuous plethora of names and allusions; for sure, the Archons are the human race.


A revolution is in the making of rejecting the Phantom World by using the element of “Love” and raising mankind to a higher vibration of the Infinite Super Consciousness. Getting to that point will take a complete reorganization and rediscovery of history.

“Humanity was, and is, both in the world and end of it,” says Icke, “until awareness is expanded to insight beyond the Matrix.”

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David Icke is a controversial conspiracy theorist who has written and purported incredible theories during his career.

Written By: Stephen Erdmann

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