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"Intellectuals and Race" is the subject of this REDMOND'S REVIEW. Thomas Sowell is the author.

“Intellectuals and Race” is the subject of this week’s Redmond’s Review. The author is Thomas Sowell and was published in 2013.


We all have those that we admire for diverse reasons. Some, for innate talent, some for athletic prowess, and some for the way they form opinions based on research. For me one such individual for decades has been Thomas Sowell. I would love one day to sit with him, light a cigar and just talk.

With the present day bumper sticker yelling (my opinion) that is laced with regurgitated talking points from whatever opinion shown is presented as news one prefers. It is topped off by blaming what ever politician you and your friends prefer to blame. It is enjoyable for me to absorb myself in the writings from what I consider to be one of the top economists and philosophers of any era.

In 2013 Thomas Sowell published “Intellectuals and Race” while the conclusions drawn are his own, his documented evidence to support his hypothesis are thorough and pass the rigor of examination.

What you have been taught about “race” in America and the world will be put to the test in this book. Assumptions based upon what was taught in schools will be questioned. In addition the next time some one with half a snarky inflection tells you to “Follow the science!” Be prepared to answer with some thing like, “Are you sure you want to do that?”


What you think you know may be turned on its proverbial ear. The banner of progressive and scientific thought when put under the proverbial microscope as Sowell points out led to Jim Crow, socialism, anti-Semitic polices at Princeton and Yale. And, Presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were behaving and writing on subjects we are not made aware of in schools. For example, while we tear down statues, we send our kids to public schools named after a president that thought it important to segregate the Post Office.

Sowell also writes on the real and generational harm that “fairness in results policies” bring. The numerous examples given may cause many concern who read this book. One may not agree with Thomas Sowell and his conclusions but I can assure you, this book will make you think.

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Author Thomas Sowell conducted thorough examinations of race in our culture. His findings challenge how race is taught in our schools.

Written By: Darren Redmond
August 2, 2020

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By Darren Redmond

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