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In this installment of REDMOND'S REVIEW, Darren delivers his synopsis of 'The Gallic War', Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar and ‘The Gallic War’ is discussed in this week’s installment of REDMOND’S REVIEW. Darren Redmond gives the audience his synopsis of this classic book. It is available to read free in the public domain.

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REDMOND’S REVIEW covers commentaries on: The Gallic War, Julius Caesar.


Ever wonder what it was like to actually hear or in this case read, firsthand assessments from some of the legendary figures we learned about in school? Conveniently found free in the public record, written in the third person, Julius Caesar’s notes, which when put together, became the book titled, ‘Commentaries on the Gallic War’. It offers us such a rare experience.

This book I found as interesting to read as the autobiography of Ben Franklin which also is free in the public record. In it, we learn about his strategies of war, we learn a lot about the Germanic and Gaelic people and some of the thriving communities back then that simply do not exist anymore.

We learned about Druids and about how, even way before World War 2, crossing the Rhine was considered a huge advancement.


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This is the book mural of Commentaries On: The Gallic War, Julius Caesar.

We learn about how the use of hostages as a negotiating tool for peace was standard practice back then. Also, we learn that as a strategic military move after burning a village, it included burning all the crops, too. Julius Caesar would advocate, in some circumstances, the replanting of those crops and the rebuilding of those villages. This was not so much to show mercy on the people, but rather so that they would have allegiance to Rome. It would dissuade another party coming in trying to convince the people of why they should align themselves with their realm.

If you are a student of history and are looking forward something to read or listen to while sheltered in place, I highly endorse this book.

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In this installment of REDMOND’S REVIEW, Darren delivers his synopsis of ‘The Gallic War’, Julius Caesar.

Written By: Darren Redmond

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