A meteor has fallen over Bangkok, Thailand to the south in the last 24 hours. Reports and videos have been streaming in social media networks. The local authorities and news reporters have been perplexed at the events and the search is on for strike locations and more evidence. The following information, pictures, and videos have been provided to alert everyone of the recent situation. In the United States, few, if any sources have yet to report this in mainstream media…well, it is barely one day old.

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Michael Gerlach, a social media friend who lives in Bangkholeam in one area of Bangkok, alerted me to the huge meteor fireball event in the past day and he stated although, he did not personally see it because his home faces north not south of the city, the news media is abuzz, as well as, authorities have been mobilized to locate a possible landing point. There have been pictures taken, but what is most incredible, which is indicative of our technological, communications-oriented age, very clear videos were taken from moving vehicles, none-the-less that showed the event in real time.

The following video was taken by Pin Porjai while driving in Bangkok:


This video was taken from a separate source in a different location:


Michael further reported that the meteor location was, “Over Kanchanaburi, 122 km south of Bangkok the pics were taken.” Thanks to the growing network of people like all of us who want to get real news to everyone, it is most appreciated when acquaintances, friends, and responsible individuals want to participate.

Here are some pictures recently taken, inclusive some clips from videos…


I want to give Michael Gerlach special recognition for taking the time to supply immediate and pertinent information, as it happens to us at Universal Digest. Most importantly, this author is so appreciative of so many who take the time to make contact.

In real time, in a real world, it is so reassuring that caring, intelligent, and critical thinking individuals want to continue the pure growth of the human condition. There is hope, after all.

Universal Digest…and the quest continues. 🙂


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