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Today, around 1:30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time US) over New Jersey at Barnegat-Manahawkin, reports began of eight or nine mysterious sonic booms occurring as far north as New York state. Within one hour the speculations were rampant! Even Twitter noted reports of earthquakes, alien invasions and other possible exotic phenomena.

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Universal Digest began following events as they transpired from whatever was available from news reports, as well as, social media. Interestingly, in this day and age of news information, reports from friends and contacts in social media proved to be less speculative than some other media sources. First reports online were recognized on our Facebook fan page and reported as reviews came in. Those who live in the areas effected reported tremendous shaking, loud sounds, and even snow being shaken off the roofs of buildings. To all friends who took the time to share their experiences, we cannot thank you enough.

NORAD (North America Aerospace Defense Command), USGS (United States Geological Survey), McGuire Air Force Base, and other area authorities were quick to respond to the sonic boom events. The first response officially noted was from McGuire AFB that stated they had nothing flying in the area. USGS stated there were no seismic activities indicating an earthquake potential. NORAD responded they were not tracking any kind of aerial activity that could produce such results. Of course, area authorities were quite busy responding, as well as, dispelling any type of dramatic events, but they were active in working to find answers.

[Tweet “Sonic booms were reported over New Jersey. What really happened?”]

At the time of this article’s publication, it has been speculated that off-shore Naval aerial activity is what has caused the regional disturbance. Can this happen? Please read the following brief documentation to explain why the answer is yes. Further, please understand that no military operation is at liberty to divulge anything regarding activity performed in the interest of national security. Have situations occurred where the general population is aware of unusual activity? Again, that answer is yes.

Please do note this report, as well from a number of interested persons contacting Universal Digest. How come we had the same, recent events in South Carolina? This does not seem to be an unrelated occurrence, does it? What is going on? We are working to use common sense, here. Is there military activity going on to protect us, or are we being approached in some other fashion? Could it be from other international entities or from somewhere else?

Now, in retrospect, let us view and review what the “sonic boom” phenomena is. In an effort to accommodate the reader, this will be written in as brief a fashion as is possible.

Historically, such “boom” related events occurred as early as 1953. The result of the fly-by over the air force base damaged every building:

Sonic Boom Hyperbola - Sonic Boom Curve

In the early 1990’s over a wide range of the south-western US, especially the Los Angeles County basin an number of boom sounds were reported. This was attributed to the experimental, classified Aurora project, at the time:

Sonic Boom 7

In the 1980’s NASA made sure people knew that returning space shuttle flights would exude a “twin-boom” event, whether it returned to Edwards AFB or Cape Canaveral:

Sonic Boom Shuttle Twin

Even in the 1980’s the SR-71, now known as the “Blackbird” was a classified aerial event even for active enlisted personnel who were sequestered and not allowed to see the landings and takeoffs of the craft during refueling:

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To finish with the best possible explanation of today’s event, Universal Digest wants the reader to consider the following factors: First, if something is falling out of the sky and/or entering the atmosphere, it is going to burn up and make an “aerial” mess. Second, if it is an earthquake, it will shake you first, not make a sound and/or make a sound with related land-visual effects, but not an above-heard sound. Third, if it is simply a sound from the air it will be something passing very much faster than the speed of sound and you will not see it. Fourth, if it is an alien invasion and the military has not warned everyone, yet? It is much too late to make such a consideration.

Respectfully submitted from Universal Digest.

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