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NASA Video of 3 UFOs

The NASA live feed video from the International Space Station was interrupted shortly after 3 fast moving objects were noticed leaving the earth at great speed, as they headed out to space.

Of course, conspiracy theorists and some YouTube video makers were challenging and pointing fingers at NASA saying they deliberately stopped the live streaming video because of this event. They also claimed this was absolute proof that we are not alone and are being visited by extraterrestrials. After two days of observing and reviewing some of these statements and videos claiming this is proof that aliens exist, as well as, NASA information, it was time to create this article. My concern is the apparent source of one of the videos. And, yes, many are now claiming disclosure is definitely not too distant in the future.

Well, that may be so, but there is concern that in the rush to make all this news, some other factors may have been overlooked? One of the most important things that comes to mind of late is that we had quite a coronal mass ejection (CME) that washed over earth this past week from the sun. This is different than a solar flare. There have been Internet and satellite relays that have been affected, albeit, temporarily. To be fair to NASA in this case of possible ‘bugs’ in the hardware and software, worldwide, should be considered. They did have more than one live feed failure. Now, on the objective side, with the present technology we have improving and upgrading now, daily, could this not really be an observation of actual space-faring craft leaving earth for space? This author’s opinion, from experience is, perhaps. The objects behaved in no way like any natural phenomena, hence, possible spacecraft.

Please click on the link below to view this video of NASA tracking an object leaving earth at great speed courtesy of the Mirror, London, United Kingdom:

Please click on the link below of the 3 objects leaving earth to space at great speed, also courtesy of the Mirror:

Please note the disparity of the two videos. What now, is the observation? Is it possible, noting from the different trajectories of one of the ‘objects’ of three in question, could it not have been missiles launched into space by some country(s) from earth? 

It is no secret that the International Space Station (ISS) has had numerous UFO sightings over the years and so many have been explained away as debris floating inside the space station in front of the video to debris outside the station that has been left as space debris (from previous launches) or something that was emitted from the station structure, whether accidental or not. Now, we may have actual proof of intelligently-driven space craft leaving the earth to some unknown destination? And, it may not be that far away?

The recent polls taken from around the world over the last few years have shown that more than 50% of people believe we are being visited, have been visited, and will be visited, again. This percentage is increasing, yearly. It may now be approaching over 60% of those polled, which is a significant majority. Is there the possibility of real disclosure in the near future?

What do you think?

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