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In this Redmond's Review, Darren covers two different levels of thinking.

Never believe? Then, you never will.

Remember, you have already proven you are so much better than, “you never will.” Heard any of these things in your life before, “Look at all those showing more talent in what ever activity you participate in, they are better than you, you will never pass them.” “I’d rather be honest with you than build up your hopes.” “How can you dream of a better life you can not even pay the mortgage.”

Do the above comments sound familiar? These are many times words of negativity presented by coaches, teachers, friends and sometimes family happen. They are presented as well meaning advice but often are cloaked in negative energy. What benefit is it to destroy ones dream? To murder ambition?

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If you never believe, you never will. Even the oldest of homes are built on strong foundations.

I want to remind you that you are not to old to go back to school. You are not too broke to one day be rich. You, my friend, are talented enough to have that job, that school, or that significant other to pursue you! Do not let well meaning negativity rationalize your dreams away. Give no one that power.

Want proof of how terrific you are in beating the odds ? I will not go into the biological details, but when you, the you that is reading this was created, the essence of matter in constructing you, literally beat out thousands of others looking to become another version of you. You beat tremendous odds back then and did it on biological determination.

Think about it, with all you have learned and received since that time, what you can do when you are hyper focused. Let no one stand in your way. I believe you can.

Written By: D. Redmond

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By Darren Redmond

Darren Redmond has a Master’s Degree in Education and for over 22 years has worked directly in the field of Marketing , Advertising and internet products. Daren Redmond has also coached on the Collegiate level Division One and Division Three Athletes. The author is also a contributing writer to the Online Magazine, Universal Digest.