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Yes, people, Santa Claus is on his way via NORAD global tracking! Please inform everyone, especially your children! The time is at hand and now one must recollect on whether one was naughty or nice this past year!

Hey, children and adults alike, everywhere on our earth, please enjoy this fantastic live feed tracking our very own, lovable St. Nick, as he travels the world delivering gifts to everyone!

Please click on the official NORAD tracking website below! This is the latest version that continues the NORAD 60-year tradition of tracking Santa Claus as he treks the globe delivering presents and good cheer to people who really need it. As technology improves, so does everyone’s opportunities to enjoy this cheerful music and video presentation:


Please enjoy the ongoing live feed above. This is a snippet picture of Santa on his way with music included, courtesy of NORAD:



Hey, kids, stay tuned in as Santa’s travels are continuing! NORAD will be tracking his journey of good will all day long!

Santa NORAD Tracking 2015 1


Santa is continuing his travels as we read and enjoy! 

Santa NORAD Tracking 2015 2


May everyone worldwide find the joy in sharing, giving, and recognizing that every moment one can bring a positive word, action, statement and/or gesture in caring for the human condition in a world where so many are not able to find this kind of cheer to bring happiness to others. Let us all take time to not only recognize that negatives exists, let us actively do our parts, in whatever way we can to overshadow sadness, evil, and war with happiness, goodness, and peace, not just today or tomorrow, but every day from now on.

No one says it is easy or there is an immediate solution. Remember, solutions start with a first step and by staying the course, forging ahead to make life better for everyone we can. When we can cherish every moment to care and love, without reservation, we cannot lose. One day, we will look back and see all this positive work has born the fruit of happiness, now and in the future for mankind.

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Kids and grownups alike, there really is a North Pole, in Alaska! Could this be where…ah, who knows?

[themepacific_googlemap title=”Planet Earth” location=”North Pole” zoom=”10″ height=250]


From all of us at Universal Digest, we are wishing everyone, worldwide a very Merry Christmas! May it be one of peace, joy, good will, and happiness.

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