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OGO New All Terrain Wheels

New wheels from OGO are in production! Recently, Universal Digest published an article for OGO whose innovative mobility devices with wheels are being set into production in the United States from New Zealand. They have now established representative agents and are continuing to improve the product line. The following details the latest in adapting their machines to different terrains for use by anyone with mobility issues.

The latest innovation has come in the form of new all-terrain wheels, which allows its mobility-challenged users to be able to actually travel ‘off-road’ in certain land areas. This also provides for flexibility in where the users can go to enjoy being outside in areas where before they could not go.

OGO – Grab life by the wheels!

Kevin and Marcus are hard at work bringing their newest devices for the sitting community to production. While ongoing research continues, their goal is to bring into ultimate production an active, power wheelchair with upgraded wheels that not only allow for more terrain mobility and a smoother ride, it also is designed to leave a softer ‘footprint’ on the environment, as well. Team OGO is  dedicated to improving an already award-winning mobility device. They are also providing a truly life-changing experience for all who use it. Please view the following video that provides the upgraded OGO in action:

Certainly, as the devices continue production and distribution in the United States, the benefits to the users will be immense. The following is a message received from the inventors:

We have been trialing a number of different tyre options for our off-road kit to find what performs the best on a variety of different surfaces. Out of the options, it was these turf tyres that we have decided to go with for a few different reasons:

•    Apart from providing an overall smoother ride, they give much greater
     flotation and grip on the soft sand. 
•    The larger contact area with ground also means they can provide a bit more
      torque to get up slopes and hills. 
•    In comparison, these tyres are also designed to generate a larger, flatter
     footprint, which means when it comes to grass and soft surfaces, they cause
     much less damage.

We remain committed in making sure that you will get the best performance out of your Ogo. 

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