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PARENTS WITH PERSONAL GUIDANCE Parents are noticing child warning signs at restaurants. I want to start out by conveying to you that I agree with these two points: First, hearing and seeing a child running willy-nilly around a restaurant can be a bit of a distraction. Second, a screaming kid running up and down an… Continue reading PARENTS – READ BEFORE ENTERING

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Roswell mystery continues. Reports of crescent-shaped crafts were reported.

ROSWELL MYSTERY CONTINUES Persistence is one word that best describes the previous books by UFO investigators Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, authors of WITNESS TO ROSWELL and INSIDE THE REAL AREA 51. Persistence is also a watchword in their book THE CHILDREN OF ROSWELL. “We now know that the American government stooped to… Continue reading ROSWELL MYSTERY CONTINUES

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Darren cares about the future of families, children, and humanity.

UNIVERSAL DIGEST SUPPORTS DARREN REDMOND’S EFFORTS Darren Redmond is the Executive Director for a non-profit organization, P.A.I.N. Parents & Addicts In Need has been helping so many families in central California over the years. His message is painfully clear about the fentanyl-laced Xanax tablets that have been taken by unknowing children. This article points out… Continue reading DARREN REDMOND – FENTANYL WARNING

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This week on REDMOND'S Review, Darren discusses "The Power of Concentration," written in 1919. Theron Q. Dumont is the writer.

Power of concentration is the subject of this week’s REDMOND’S REVIEW. Darren highlights the fact that people, more now than ever are distracted by so many situations in their living environments. THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION Written in 1919 and free in the public record, “The Power of Concentration,” by Theron Q. Dumont is as important… Continue reading POWER OF CONCENTRATION

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