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Nancy Pelosi in this photo during an interview.

Nancy Pelosi’s Days Now Numbered as Alcohol and Drug Addiction Takes its Toll

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Nancy Pelosi in this photo during an interview.

A few days ago, President Trump walked out on Democrats who were at the White House for a meeting on infrastructure. Supposedly, he did so because he says he refuses to work with them until they stop their probes. However, given the fact that Nancy Pelosi was extremely drunk during a press conference only minutes later, the president more than likely stormed out of the meeting because she was drunk.

It would have been almost impossible for Pelosi to get as obliterated as she was at the press conference in the short amount of time between it, and the White House meeting. Thus, she had to be drunk when the president took a walk. Which is probably why he got angry and left abruptly in the first place. The president has no sympathy for drunks or drug addicts and never touches either, since losing his brother Fred Jr. to alcoholism in 1981.

Pelosi and History in Congress

Pelosi has a long history of being drunk, high, or both during public speeches, slurring words, having long periods of silence where she blankly stares into space, forgetting names, stuttering, etc. During her last press conference, she would have not been able to answer anyone who may have simply asked her what her own name was.

Pelosi is mentally deteriorating at a rapid pace from years of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as age related afflictions such as dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. It seems she is getting worse by the day and her time in office is clearly coming to a close.

Soon, both Democrats and Republicans will be calling for her to step down citing her inability to do her job and the embarrassment to Congress she has become. Clearly, Pelosi needs to enter rehab for her addiction and get the help she desperately needs. There is no place in Congress for someone who is mentally obliterated 24/7 and can’t handle her own personal responsibilities and problems, much less be expected to sanely conduct herself and make decisions as a lawmaker. She has become a poster woman for term limits.

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Always obliterated.

Written By: Tony R. Elliott

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