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Poked on Facebook and beyond has a new update. If it were not from my friend, Jim Andre, I would not have known any more than I do, now. He had tried to poke me, like so many friends over the last two months, without response. We spent over an hour working over the nuances of what Facebook not only provides, but still does make available; although, not so pronounced or apparent. This is an update from the original article inception, just over two days ago. Thank you, Jim. So, here is the truth of is all. How much more can one be impersonal in applications, when one should be personal in a social networking venue? I trust one may see where I care to tread in the ‘lack’ of communication?

For the record, what follows is only a reporting of what I have experienced, over time. It is, in no way, a prescribing to the Facebook network, in any way. Yes, I participate, only in the fact I have been provided a free venue from a reputable source in social media. Bear in mind, without question, that I am not on their payroll, nor do I plan to be. In fact, I find some aspects of their actions not acceptable in some areas. However, pure and simple, I am on their site, for as long as that exists.

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Poke sidebar deleted.

To the end of being completely transparent (as it always should be), I was incorrect in stating Facebook had eliminated the ‘poke’ application. I was fooled when my little sidebar app was mysteriously removed. And, it is removed, to date. Poked, no more, lol.


Yes, Facebook no longer adds the app to the sidebar, because, apparently, there were complaints that pokes were too easy to do. Bam, that was it. From what I wrote below, I stand to purport further, this article, not retract it. Communication is everything and when it is not met with exact correction, it causes more problems for many people. Therefore, please read on, as I hope you see my point in all this monotone continuation.


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Pokes Lead to Communications

Before I continue this article, be it known, Facebook has decided to end being poked (pun intended) without reservation. In other words, they got rid of being poked and didn’t say a word about it. For whatever reason and I will not speculate, being poked is no longer available. Frankly, with logical introspection, they did the right thing. Most comments were negative and the ones who were poking became an elite, select crowd going to nowhere. Nowhere means, it wasn’t helping FB and it’s marketing and members, overall. Some people may not get this, but I do. The following article is one I posted as a pending article over a year ago. The spirits are kind in allowing me to wait. Opportunities abound when one is patient.

By the way, I did contact them about this issue and I was not only rewarded with the standard thank you for contacting us, as we are working to improve Facebook, I was rewarded with ‘no more comments, lol.’ To be fair, they have included me in forums, groups, and assurance they appreciate my involvement to help make Facebook a better place. I appreciate this. You see, my friends, if you want to be a member in Facebook, please bear in mind some fundamental understandings: 1) You are being provided a venue to now communicate with others in the world you would not otherwise have available, so be nice and do not ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’ so to speak. 2) Facebook likes your involvement, too. It builds their member and search engine base to be viable in the stock market. 3) They do try to sell to you, but you are not under any obligation to purchase, if you are so business inclined. 4) If you don’t like it, get out. They provide this option, as well. 5) It is a fallacy to think they always keep your information. Just ask to delete your Timeline and after two weeks, you can permanently delete it. They keep a database, but no one can see it. You are in control, here. I can think of many other organizations who do share your private information, where Facebook tends to protect it. So, there you are.

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The following is the original start of the publication. Am just being transparent from when I started this article over a year ago:

Being poked on Facebook has many connotations. Social media in its finest, Facebook has not only taken the lead, it has set a worldwide precedent for global communication. One of their innovations is the ‘poke’ as a method of communication.

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Poked in finest fashion.

This article is not to endorse or disparage the efforts of Facebook in any way. It is to note the incredible history and progress this firm has made in the light of technological communications achievements since the advent of the Internet, itself. C’mon, Al Gore, you didn’t invent the Internet in 1995…it came before you in some very interesting, militaristic venues. The real birth of the Internet came from three individuals who were instrumental in operations in a US military agency created for these purposes: Advanced Research Projects Agency. Well, this is substance for another story, but for now, it is Facebook of which I find great interest. Since before the beginnings of the ‘world wide web’, Facebook stands out as incredible in application, innovation, and implementation since Bill Gates, who started out working at IBM (International Business Machines) until he created Microsoft (Windows).

Taking a brief look at the development and history of this phenomena of Facebook, I am constantly amazed at its continued progress. Facebook was originally set up to create a local service for Harvard students by Mark Zuckerberg and four of his classmates. Zuckerberg wrote a program called “Facemash” to provide a venue for others to meet socially to date, among other things, ultimately.

Since that time, please take a moment to ponder at the development of Mark Zuckerberg’s innovation. His firm has become the number one social media network in the world. Even though, recently, Facebook participation from members, globally, on a decrease, his network grows.

Please, from a layman’s standpoint, with some IT superlative status, let us see how he has developed his empire. It is not only amazing how this has come to pass, it is amazing how the techs, monitors, and innovators keep up.

Now, after over a year, and after over fourteen years of introspective research, I must say that Mark Zuckerberg is more realistic. His innovative approaches to creating a social media venue where millions of participants can make themselves available for communications is a phenomena in itself. Until anyone can top this, you are all on call to think about it.

Do not think for a minute that the creativity of the human mind has come by accident? No, look into each and every one of you to seek the creativity from within. It was a gift given from so long ago, or was it just yesterday? Do not sell yourself short. The time is soon coming where you can all speak, share, and communicate so freely, even the previous authors could not keep up.

Thank you all so much for reading this long overdue article. Again, I did sit on this one for about one and one-half years.

Only you all can keep searching, believing, finding, and caring more now than ever there is a time to reach out to your family, friends, loved ones, and yes, even your enemies to show how much you all understand about life, liberty, and the real pursuit of happiness. Facebook is part of this. So, enjoy it. Be responsible and accountable in your own actions.

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Sincerely, thank you, everyone at Facebook for providing a free service to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.


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